Attacking The Church

08 May

That seems to be the normal attitude alternative believers have when the topic of church comes up. Now we will admit that the church has its problems but we probably and do have different reasons than the alternative believers have. So when we say we agree  here, we are not agreeing with the Progressive Christians and their ideology but that we recognize that a problem exists.

For example the post we will analyze in this post

starts off with talking about inviting people to church and then asks the question:

Why should I invite someone to church?

We can agree that that question is an important one as we have struggled with directing people to church because of the many problems that exist in modern churches today. BUT we do not agree with that author’s reasoning. For the most part all of the arguments made by Progressive Christians and other alternative believers boil down to the simple statement: ‘we do not like the way you are doing church so you must stop and do it our way.’

This is said regardless if the progressive christian’s or other alternative believers’ ways are heretical or inline with God’s word or not. Usually their ideas are heretical and contradict and disobey God’s word. While we struggle to figure where to invite people to attend church, we do not alter the church to fit the subjective and selfish desires of those who do not like the way church is.

Then when we analyze the complaints made by people like that author we find that their dislike of church is basically personal preference and are not founded in the word of God.The unrealistic criticisms are baseless and sourced in assumption not fact. Take for example the criticism of the church sign that author photographed and place din his post. Here is what he said about it:

So when I drove by this sign stuck lazily in the ground y the side of the road, insisting I “invite someone to church this month,” all I could do was shake my head in wonder and dismay.

How does he know it was stuck lazily in the ground and by a church member? he only drove by it and leapt to a conclusion based upon assumption and nothing else. he doesn’t know if it was planted there by a lazy church member or if someone found it pulled out and simply did the church a favor by sticking it in the ground. Why falsely accuse someone when you do not know the exact details of what went on prior to seeing the sign in its present condition?

This unrealistic attitude towards churches the author does not like influences his whole argument and make his points invalid. He uses that sign as a jumping off spot to air more unrealistic and over-generalizations about the church and its members but he does so by using faulty definitions of his favorite Christian words. That author supports his point of view with unrealistic attitudes about help, as if giving out McDonald’s gift cards is going to solve a person’s homelessness problem.

But this is the way it is with those who do not follow Jesus yet want to claim membership in his kingdom. They like to complain and point the finger instead of following what God actually taught. Complaining is easy. So is distorting the definitions of certain Christian terms to fit what one wants to believe instead of learning what they actually mean and putting the truth into their lives.

Invite someone to church this month? No thanks. At least not until the church we’re inviting them to is actually doing something outside the building on days other than Sunday. Not until we who go week after week are actually being changed, transformed, by those good words. Not until we show that we actually care about the people around us, until a little light actually shines from us in this dark place we call urban America.

So he appoints himself judge against God’s direction and condemns the church even though he is not privy to God’s instructions to each individual congregation. He is also forgetting the fact that God did not place him in authority over each church. God has other people he placed in charge of those congregations so we must ask where does he get the right to lambaste those he has no authority over and where does he get the right to demand anything from them?

Who is he to judge where visitors to church go? I do not recall his replacing anyone of authority including God. But that is the problem with Progressive Christians and other alternative believers. They think everyone else is at fault, including God, and only they are the perfect ones. We know this because they keep criticizing God and attempting to alter his instructions to us.

But until we have it, please. Please. Don’t invite someone. We’ve got enough church-goers in this country already.

So he decides who gets to hear the gospel and when. I guess it must be nice to be so perfect to conclude that only he gets to say how people and where they get to hear the good news.This is typical of those who do not believe in God. They do not have the right picture of Jesus and the church but they assume that they do and act upon that assumption instead of following the Holy Spirit to the truth.

Getting back to that sign we must ask, why didn’t he stop his car and plant the sign more firmly into the ground for the church? Instead of being a Christian and doing a good deed, he opts to act contrary to biblical teaching and judge and condemn the anonymous planter.

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