The Transgender Issue

07 May

We had a reader recently who accused of us of having a transgender/homosexual obsession because we wrote on that issue more than we did justice or something like that. Well we write on the transgender/homosexual issues more frequently than other issues because one, there are more stories about those problems; two there are more misguided points of view on those two issues some of which we will address here through a few stories that have hit the news in the last day or so.

Transgender and homosexuality are not normal behavior and we feel that those who think they are the wrong gender or attracted to the wrong gender need counseling when they are young to help them see the truth. They do not need nor should have support to follow the alternative thoughts they have in their heads about their gender identity or sexual alternative preference.

#1. Discrimination

The letter argues that H.B. 2 is discriminatory towards transgender employees because they are not allowed to use the restrooms that correspond with their gender identity, while non-transgender employees are allowed to use the restrooms that correspond with their gender identity

This is terrible logic on the part of the Obama administration and shows that they are not thinking this issue through nor have the concerns of those who are not transgender at heart. Those of us who use the bathroom corresponding to our physical gender evidence do so because we have, one, accepted who we are. We have looked at the physical evidence and have come to the conclusion no mistake was made; and two, we obey the rules of society  which state that men are to go to men’s facilities ad women go to theirs. We do so not so much because the government is meddling in our personal affairs but because that is what is right.

Transgenders do not accept who they are but want everyone to bow to their wish to be someone other than what they were born to be. They have rejected their real identity and placed upon themselves their own personal choice of what they want to be.They do not follow the rules of society but want to break them or have special rights accommodating their personal preference..

we cannot reward those who reject reality and want to break the rules.

The regulations ensuring that the two genders go to the correct facilities are not discrimination but an attempt to keep right and wrong, and what is proper and decent intact.The people who reject the physical evidence declaring their birth gender are the ones who need help not those who reject their assumption that a mistake was made.

Gender identity is not based upon what one feels but on what the indisputable physical evidence shows. And no matter how hard men try to convince the world that they are women, and no matter how much mutilation they do to their body, they do not have a womb thus they were never and are not a woman. And since women have a womb, no matter what they do to themselves, they will never become a man, no matter how much they whine about a mistake being made.

This is the cold hard facts about this issue. Those who reject their physical birth gender have the problem and the rest of the world i snot obligated to enable those mental problems. They are responsible for giving those confused people the correct help before it is too late.

#2. 10 Myths?

Transgender issues have become a major front in the battle over LGBTQ rights. But there are still many misconceptions about trans people, who identify with a gender different from the one assigned to them at birth. For LGBTQ advocates, debunking these myths is vital not just for getting Americans better acquainted with trans issues — but to actually solving them, as well.

We will agree that some people, especially Christians, do have some misconceptions about the transgender issue. That can’t be helped as people are misinformed  by their church leaders or people they trust.Yet, to call them myths is just as bad as some of the misconceptions are not actually myths. Something is not a myth just because those who opt for the transgender alternative declare it a myth.

Myth #1: Transgender people are confused or tricking others

The most pervasive myth about transgender people — and the one myth that underpins much of the discrimination they face — is that they’re somehow confused or actively misleading others by identifying with a gender different from the one assigned to them at birth.

This is not a myth.They are confused because they think that a mistake was made at birth even though they cannot prove a mistake was made.The reality is that they refuse to accept their birth genders and the responsibilities that go with that real identification. Transgenders are pursuing a myth not solving an actual problem.

Myth #2: Sexual orientation is linked to gender identity

Equal rights battles and advocacy efforts have brought together gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and genderqueer people over the past several decades. But that doesn’t mean that the basis for these identities is the same — in fact, sexual orientation and gender identity are very different.

Their explanation may be true in some cases but not all so they cannot call this a myth. They can say stop generalizing because the truth doe snot apply to all transgenders but they cannot dismiss this part of the issue because they do not like the association. We can say that gender identification can lead to alternative sexual orientation.

Myth #3: Letting trans people use the bathroom matching their gender identity is dangerous

Transgender people generally prefer using the bathroom that matches their gender identity, not the one that corresponds with the gender they were assigned at birth. But critics argue that this could expose others to sexual voyeurism and assault in bathrooms — even though there’s no evidence to support this claim.

This is not a myth either as dangerous is not something that is limited to only physical behavior. There is psychological dangers that arise when the people who deceive themselves enter the wrong bathroom. Restricting the word ‘dangerous’ to only physical actions is distorting the issue and also deceiving oneself about the nature of the transgender bathroom issue. This also shows that the transgender people and its supporters do not think of anyone else but themselves.

Myth #4: Transitioning is as simple as one surgery

Transitioning is a long, complicated process that involves far more than medical procedures. Trans people also have to go through personal, legal, and social changes — and some may go through some of these changes but forgo medical procedures entirely.

Some may call this a myth but it is really only misunderstanding the issue surrounding the transgender  problem.People just are not informed nor they may not care about the extensive work that needs to be done to mutilate oneself in pursuing their self-deception. If one cannot accept their gender when they have stared at themselves in the mirror for years then the problem is not with those who accept the physical gender of the person rejecting their real identity.

Myth #5: All trans people medically transition

Not everyone who is transgender prioritizes or desires procedures, such as hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgeries, required for a full medical transition. While some undergo medical transitions for cosmetic, psychological, or health reasons, many won’t because they can’t afford it, face some other obstacle, or simply don’t want to.

But then why would we think that they do when such information is classified as personal and most people do not feel comfortable in asking if the transgender they have met has had surgery.

Myth #6: Transgender-inclusive health care is expensive

The cost of health plans doesn’t increase much, if at all, if they include transgender-inclusive health benefits.

Don’t know and do not care. as long as I am not paying for it, it can be as expensive or as cheap as the medical professionals want it to be.Health insurance should not include transgender benefits costs if non-transgender people are part of the plan. That should be an extra add-on for those who wish to have it.

Myth #7: Children aren’t old enough to know their gender identity

Some children genuinely identify with a gender different from the one assigned to them at birth at a very early age. And some others won’t conform to gender norms — but won’t necessarily grow up to identify as transgender.

This statement shows a complete misunderstanding of the issue on the part of those in favor of transgender identification. They reject the fact that transgender is a deception and consider the faulty gender identification as a normal option when nothing authoritative anywhere throughout human history has ever declared it to be normal. They are basing their normality conclusion upon subjective preference and opinion not established & objective fact.

Children may be genuine about their ideas that they are not the gender they were born as but that does not mean that deception and confusion are not part of their thinking. Children need to be taught that their conclusions may not be correct and led to the truth. They are not to be encouraged to go with mistaken thinking. Those parents and others who encourage their children to accept their alternative identity are doing more harm to the child than telling them the truth will do.

Telling the child the truth will give them the advantage in life as they will know that there is such a thing as right and wrong and be able to do something about it when the wrong appears.Keeping them pursuing what is wrong only handicaps the child and keeps them trapped in sin and what is wrong. That is not good parenting or is it being a true friend. A good parent and a true friend lead people away from enslavement and erroneous thinking

Myth #8: Transgender people are mentally ill

Major medical organizations, like the American Medical Association and American Psychiatric Association, say being transgender is not a mental disorder.

Sorry but we will disagree. There is some mental illness present when one rejects the indisputable physical evidence that they can see and touch and go for something that is imaginary. Those two organizations may consider themselves the authority on the issue but they are secular and as deceived and blind as any other secular person or organization is.Their status and experience do not change that fact and believers should not listen to what they conclude..

Myth #9: Transgender people make up a third gender

Most transgender people explicitly identify as male or female. They aren’t part of a third gender — they are, by all intents and purposes, men and women.

As far as I know, no one has ever said that they did.

Myth #10: Drag queens and kings are transgenderAlthough commonly intermixed as part of LGBTQ communities, transgender people and drag queens or kings aren’t necessarily related.

True but this generalization disallows for that to take place and that is mistaken thinking as well. Some may be but we wouldn’t know because we do not know all the drag queens or kings in the word nor do we know any so we cannot say for sure.

#3. Will This Solve The Issue?

he U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Justice have been sued by over 50 families for forcing a school district to allow a male student who identifies as female to use the girls’ locker room at his local high school.

“It’s a massive step backwards to force women to give up their inherent right to bodily privacy,” said Thomas More Society attorney Jocelyn Floyd in a statement. “To impose such a rule on still-developing teenage girls, as they’re already struggling with puberty’s changes on their bodies and social pressures to look a certain way, undermines their dignity and tells them that their rights don’t matter. This isn’t a message our schools should be sending to our girls.”

I like their reasoning in the second paragraph in that quote and it is a problem that the transgender supporting people seem to ignore. Their dismissal of this problem shows that they do not care about anyone else  and only want their selfish desires met. In society people sometimes have to give on their demands in order for  society to function correctly sadly the homosexual and transgender communities refuse to do that and expect those who follow the rules to make all the sacrifices.

These people can do this in this earthy world as God has given humans free choice but they will not be able to do it in God’s kingdom because God doe snot back down from his rules nor makes exceptions to them. In fact, they will not even get the chance to try as God doe snot allow for sin to enter his kingdom and homosexuality as well as transgender identification are sin.

The district soon voted to allow the accommodation for the student, but not without much objection from parents. Now, 51 families, representing 73 parents and 63 students, have sued the Obama administration over the matter, contending that it has unlawfully distorted and redefined the meaning of Title IX and is forcing its wrongful interpretation on school districts.

I would agree as the article then quotes what Title IX actually says:

“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance,” it reads.

Allowing the opposite sex to use the wrong facilities is not part of Title IX nor should it be. The ironic or sad thing about this issue is, that the homosexual and transgender communities whine and complain about being bullied yet when they get the opportunity to show the straight world a better way to behave, they and their supporters resort to bullying to get their selfish demands met.

They ruin their arguments because of this behavior. Turn the other cheek applies to those groups as well yet they just cannot resist doing evil to others.It is also funny, not in a comedic sense, that the people who complain about a system or set of rules never want to leave the supposed ‘broken’ system and start their own society, school or other alternative. They all use the bully platform and pulpit to force change upon those who are following the rules and have the right to the same self-determination and freedoms the transgender and homosexual communities want.

We faced this problem in Korea when many of the Western English teachers whined and complained about the Korean system. Not one of them , when challenged, would leave the system that was paying them their salaries which gave them a good life, to start their own school to employ their different ideas and show everyone that they actually had a better way to educate students. They all wanted to force the Korean schools to do things their way and that is not right for that demand deprived the Koreans their own liberties in their own country.

No one will stop the homosexual or transgender from leaving their native lands and creating their own society somewhere in this word in order to demonstrate that they have the better way to live but no transgender or homosexual will take that option because they know where their money comes from and that it is easier to bully others than to create a new society.

The basis of the transgender issue is sin. Its origin is in evil nowhere else. God did not institute it and yo will not find one bible verse supporting the transgender or homosexual lifestyles. The best way for the believer to combat this issue is to start with prayer, get the facts and stand firm with God and the truth in love. Real love does not keep people in prison or enslaved to sin

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