Some Observations 3

05 May

This time we will be looking at some news articles from the Christian News Network, a site that is far more computer friendly than the Christian Post.

#1. Why? 2

Barack Obama plans to mark “Gay Pride Month” in June by designating a tavern in New York City as being a national monument to “gay rights”—the first move of its kind made by an American president.

First off why does a sinful rebellion need a monument honoring its participants and origin? Second, why is the president getting involved in this? Shouldn’t this be a state or private affair? There is no reason for this memorializing as homosexuality is not something that is patriotic, not something that constructively aids and builds society, is not a movement benefiting all members of society.

It is a selfish and spoiled movement propelled by a minute minority of people who only think of themselves and no one else.People do need to make their position known to the president and his administration and start saying no to these practitioners of sin who only help destroy a civilization.

#2. We Do Not Have A Problem With This

A Southern Baptist deacon is under fire after it was discovered that his heating and air conditioning company decided to complete a renovations project for an Oklahoma abortion facility, stating that his company believes in “finishing what they have started.”

First, there is not enough Christian business to keep Christian businesses afloat. Secondly, doing renovations and other contracted work is not supporting abortion or saying abortion is okay. It is doing business so the employer can pay his employees in order for both to take care of their families. Third, those protesting this, need to offer alternative jobs so the Christian does not have to accept these contracts.Put your money where your mouth is.

People protest too much and do not think of the bigger picture, like the fact that God could use these people to witness to those in the employ of the clinic and make an impact for Jesus. We certainly are not going to make a positive impact by leaving a job undone.Business reputation is everything for a business and if they get the reputation of not completing their contracts then that company could go out of business and soon the protestors will be supporting the unemployed workers by paying for the unemployment insurance and food stamps they will need to take care of their families.

#3. Is It Worth It–

A former student a Missouri State University (MSU) has filed a legal challenge against school officials after he was allegedly expelled from the university counseling program for advising that he could not counsel those involved in homosexuality on relationship matters.

I do not know if it is or not. Maybe he should transfer to another school and complete his degree requirements. Wasting money on attorney and court costs may not be the wisest move to make.

According to Cash’s lawsuit, Perryman expressed concern that Cash would violate the American Counseling Association’s code of ethics, which says that counselors must “refrain from referring prospective and current clients based solely on the counselor’s personally held values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.”

Then of course we must be careful in following any rules set down by secular organizations as God ethics do not line up with the sinful world’s

#4. If There Ever was An Example of... —

The nation’s first “transgender” Baptist preacher spoke to a national Baptist gathering on April 8, explaining that the doctor who delivered him as a baby was wrong in declaring him a boy, and that it was an “angel of reason” that caused him to accept his inclinations to identify as a woman.

..demons disguising themselves as ‘angels of light’ this is it. God does not send angels to give permission or lead people to violate his word, commands or instructions. How could the doctor be wrong when he was staring at the physical evidence two feet away and in front of his face?

What if God hasn’t fixed you because you’re not broken?” Robinson said he heard inside of himself.

“That can’t be true,” he thought. “The Bible says I’m broken.”

What if the Bible is wrong?” the voice said. “What if you’ve been reading it wrong?”

There was his clue that the voice wasn’t of God. He should have run from it and saved him self all the trouble he has gone through and sought help to clear up his confusion. The lack of a womb should have been his other clue.

The other problem here is, why is a church representing God violating God’s rules and ordaining someone who cannot be ordained?

#5. Government Officials Can Be So Disappointing

The U.S. Department of Justice has sent a letter to the governor of North Carolina declaring that a newly-passed law requiring the use of government restrooms to be consistent with one’s birth gender violates the federal Civil Rights Act, and is demanding confirmation by Monday that officials “will not comply with or implement” the restroom requirement.

While we cannot expect perfect behavior from imperfect people, especially unrepentant sinners, it would be nice to see government protect all people’s rights instead of taking sides and punishing those who do what is right. This issue is not a civil rights one but a matter involving right and wrong. If we eliminate the standard of right and wrong because some minority does not want to do what is right, we might as well open up the prisons, fire the collective law enforcement agencies and let people do as they please.

This may seem to be going to the absurd to make a point but we have an example of the result of ignoring God’s standard and letting people do as they want. The example I am talking about is the flood and the pre-flood world. Many unbelievers think that they have the better way for society to operate by yet we have the evidence to show that they are in error and that their way does nothing but end society and civilization.

The unbeliever has been in charge of many government administrations and agencies for a long time now and look at the mess they are all in now. The unbeliever has failed in their objective and failed the people as well. Those agencies include, Child Services and education as well as welfare and so on. The unbeliever is the deceived and blind one, and they need help governing so the Christian needs to speak up with wisdom, true love and other biblical characteristics and present the correct way to go. Right now most Christian leaders who do speak out do not do this but violate many biblical rules in their haste to look like they are being spiritual.


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