Speaking Too Soon

04 May

We got the following quote from J. West’s website

Of Ted Cruz, these Pentebabbleists opined-

Kenneth Copeland: “I believe, with all my heart, that [Ted Cruz] is called and anointed to be the next president of the United States.”

R. Cruz: “God has raised him up for such a time as this.”

George Pearsons: “There’s a new birth, right now, for America, and it’s taking place right before our eyes. And we will not set apart our responsibility and our duty to do what God has called us to do; we say, ‘Yes, Lord, Yes, we will do exactly what You have called us to do’ and we receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the outpouring of the Spirit over Washington, D.C. We see Congress praying, we see them seeking God, we see prayer coming back into our schools, we see the Bible coming back into our schools, we see abortion being turned around, we see this nation being completely restored, completely delivered, for it is a time the new birth of our nation and we’re seeing it right before our eyes, now, in Jesus’ name.”

We use this quote because it provides some great Christian teaching moments.

First, yes God may call some people to run for the presidency but that does not mean that election is a sure thing. People who feel called to run need to instill in their thinking God’s way of leadership.

Second,God ‘s call is not giving a person a mandate to proceed with their personal agenda but to use wisdom, understanding, the right knowledge, and so on, in order to be his leader for the people to follow to the correct way to live.

Third, Being called of God to run may mean one is called to learn the lessons God wants them to learn. The call is not to be used to bully people into voting for a candidate but to humble the person and open them up to what God wants them to know and how to behave as a leader.

Fourth, if one feels called of God to run as a president, one still has to vet that call to make sure that it is really God calling them. One has to make sure that they heard the call correctly and that it actually was from God. If there are people ‘confirming’ that call then we need to consider that source. Are they true Christians or alternative believers? If the latter then we know that the call is not of God

Fifth, when it comes to leadership, we cannot assume God’s blessing on one’s personal objectives. Good leaders use God’s word correctly to determine if they should run and then guide their actions correctly. They need to be honest in assessing that message for honesty is a mark of a good leader especially when they use it on themselves and their own desires.

Sixth, God’s call is not an endorsement of personal desires. We are not to force our desires on others thus while we may want to end abortion and put prayer back in schools we must, as leaders, do it God’s way and not our own. We do not alienate people and turning them off from salvation because we forced them to follow our personal goals. We do what is right as we govern both believers and non-believers and that takes a lot of wisdom not brute or legal force.

We know the Bible says that Jesus will force his ways on people but that is during the thousand-year reign not for now. Right now people still have the freedom to choose which path they will walk and Christians who want to be leaders must take that fact into account and govern with God’s help, humbly, wisely and with God’s interests at heart.

To stop abortion and have prayer returned to school, etc., takes a heart action that desires God over one’s personal desires and that is something that has to be chosen not forced.

Seventh, if God has raised someone up to lead in difficult times then they must be following God’s instructions in all areas of their lives.They must do so honestly and correctly. If we look at whom God has raised up throughout biblical history you will see that they found favor in God’s site because they were humbly and honestly putting God’s ways into their lives and following those principles not their own interpretation of them.

Eighth, A good leader if called by God will know when his supporters are incorrectly inferring biblical lessons and the Holy Spirit and correct those followers not enable the incorrect message to be broadcast to all people. A good leader loves the truth.

Ninth, To be called of God means one does not find loopholes to run but obeys the law from the get go. One cannot be a good leader if they will seek to skirt the rules to put their candidacy in motion. How can one be a good leader in office and how can the people have confidence in him if that person ignores the rules in order to fulfill that calling. God does not want his leaders to disobey the rules. If they disobey human rules how will they be true to God’s?

True leadership is not about invoking one’s personal agenda nor is it a time to force your ways upon those who disagree with your ideology or theology but seeking to govern correctly. Being a Christian leader still means one is a light unto a dark world and one has to lead correctly in order to be that light for Jesus. They cannot be that light if they do not follow Jesus’ instructions on how to live the Christian life and when we say that we imply that they are actually learning what Jesus taught and not interpreting those instructions to fit what they want to do and how to live.

A good leader is truly humble and obedient. He is not someone who has people using God to get him elected.

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