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04 May

We were reading the Christian News Network tonight and came across this nice article:

We enjoy reading about genetics and have done some research on the subject but when someone who says they are a Christian says something like:

When did human ethnic groups originate? And can the biblical young earth viewpoint explain differences between races today? One research biologist says the biblical model, not evolution, accurately accounts for human DNA diversity today.

The bold words is what caught our attention. Christians must speak the truth and the truth is found in the Bible not secular science. Trying to be scientific means that a scientist who is a Christian may be violating some of God’s instructions like ‘do not lie one to another’. Being scientific means ignoring a lot of what the Bible says. This is the rub for the believer for they need to follow God’s instructions over the instructions of the scientific community.

In speaking the truth in this issue and addressing the bold words above, there are not different races of people. There are different nationalities which possess some different genetic information from each other BUT those differences do not constitute a new race of people. There is only 1 human race and only one. There are numerous different nationalities but different nationalities do not beget a different race of humans.

I forget which genetics book I found the following tidbit in but it does not originate with us– At conception the fertilized egg in its development has roughly 1,000,000,000 different options available as it develops into a child. This is why black Africans can give birth to albino offspring. Nothing is set in stone when it comes to producing the next generation of people.

This fact, stated by secular scientists and ignored by them when they talk about evolutionary development, explains why there are genetic differences in the different nationalities. While the majority of births do follow a basic nationalistic pattern there will always be exceptions to the rule and it is these exceptions that throw off the secular world in its analysis of race.

When Darwin made his observation about there being 4-5 different races, he was not using science to draw his conclusions, as he did not have genetic information available to him at the time, he was going on skin color mostly. Skin color and other factors do not determine a race of people. It just proves that superficial diversity is encoded in the genetic information God placed in humans.

So believers need to speak what the Bible says- all humans descended from Adam and Eve and that there is only one human race. We do not try to appear scientific but obey God and speak the truth.

To answer this question, Jeanson explored marriage data collected 40 years ago by the United Nations and found that, on average, African women married earlier than non-African women.

In this instance, using faulty data may not help find the truth. Yes believers can point out interesting facts like the one quoted above but they must not forget that this was not always the case. In many nations, even in early America, non-African societies married their children off at a very young age. If we are to believe the secular idea of average lifespan of ancient societies, then they must have been marry their children off by the age of 12 in order to produce the next generation of citizens.

But we know that average lifespans do not determine actual age of the citizens as the evidence studied leaves out too much data to be accurate. In any case, whether the African people married early or not is a moot point in this case, differences in genetic material are based on which items were selected at conception to be used to develop the child not when someone married.


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