Some Observations

02 May

#1. The Existence of Evil

. In Sunday’s fifth episode of National Geographic’s “The Story of God,” actor Morgan Freeman continues his quest to find out why evil exists in the world.

“To understand why evil exists, we have to know where it comes from,” Freeman says. “For Christianity, it could be the devil himself, or is evil something that comes from inside us?”

We are just wondering how an actor would know better than believers where evil comes from? What special insight would he have that believers for over 5,000 years would have missed? Was he endowed with some secret knowledge by God that the latter did not give to his own followers but let someone who doesn’t really believe find the truth?

How does he expect to find the source of evil when he goes to people who do not have the answers? The Bible already explains the source of evil so why waste all this time and money seeking an answer to a question that has already been given? it is just a matter of choice not expenditure of resources to get the answer.

#2. It Is Discrimination To Create Shame Lists

Many LGBT students may find themselves enrolled at schools that are granted the legal right to discriminate against them partway through their degree program,” HRC argued in a report in December. “Students should have the opportunity to make determinations about school attendance based on full information regarding a university’s ability to legally discriminate against the student.”

To disallow schools the exemption one is simply discriminating against those schools under constitutional rights concerning religious beliefs. How can one have the freedom to practice their beliefs if they are not allowed to practice their beliefs? The LGBT community loses its argument because of hypocrisy. It wants freedom to do as they please ut refuse to allow others that same right or freedom.

Then why are members of the LGBT community attending these schools when they know going in what those institutions belief and practice? The reason ‘to get an education’ is not sufficient. They can get the same education at other institutions which are friendlier to their cause without causing the institution any trouble. The problem here is with the decisions the members of the LGBT community make and not the religious beliefs of those institutions they do not like.

#3. He Is NOT God’s Gift To Football

10,000 Tim Tebow Fans Call on Denver Broncos to Bring Christian QB Back to Lead Team

Christians, please stop embarrassing yourselves and Jesus by such actions. Think first before doing such stupid things. You are not helping the cause of Christ by forcing a team to employ an inferior player at quarterback. We used the used the word inferior because he is not a superstar at that position. We have also found that his attitude is not worthy of such blind support.

His refusal to play other positions and get to a better level of play has not helped his ability to be employed. The fact that he may be Christian is not enough for him to be a starter in the NFL or to have such bad and unhelpful support. The problem lies with Tebow not the Denver Broncos or any other football team.

Christians have a lot of problems if they think this is Christian behavior.

#4. Just Don’t Use The Bathrooms

Target has seen its stock prices plummet after over 1 million people signed a petition pledging a boycott over its new bathroom policies that allow employees and customers who are men according to their birth sex to go into women’s bathrooms and dressing rooms.

We do not believe in boycotts and while it is easier to say ‘don’t use the bathrooms…’ one should take pre-emptive measures if they are going to shop at Target stores. Think first before reacting and plan ahead. There are other options than returning evil for evil.

#5. We Agree With & Support This Decision

Students living in one Florida school district are now required to use the bathrooms that align with their birth sex, not the bathrooms of the gender in which the choose to identify on any given day.

The Marion County School Board voted 4-1 on Tuesday in favor of the resolution that requires students to use the restroom of their birth sex.

This is the way it is supposed to be. Transgenders and other alternative gender preferences need to realize that other people have rights and freedoms as well and that the world doe snot exist to cater to their warped demands. We need to continue to support those who dare to say NO to the LGBT community.

#6. Why Is It So Hard For People To Use The Bathroom Matching Their Actual Gender?

On his show, Colbert mocked the bill that’s widely been criticized by liberal groups as keeping transgender people out of the bathrooms they want to go into, and citied AFA’s online boycot of Target for allowing men who identify as female to use women’s bathrooms and fitting rooms.

I live in a country where everyone does what they want to do and it is not fun, pleasant nor is it healthy for society. The only people who get to enjoy life are those who disturb others and that is not right. Then why should those who want decency to be a part of life be mocked? Fighting against selfishness and rule-breaking are not evil or illegal activities.

Then what is it that people like Colbert do not get? Sexual identity is not criteria for anything other than pointing out that someone has a mental problem a=which needs to be fixed not enabled. Whenever I read these type of stories I think on the article about the women who was stopped from breastfeeding in department store. Her justification for being angry was ‘I could not breastfeed where I wanted to’.

Absolutely no thought is given to anyone else and what they want and regardless of the fact that she was on private property at the time and it was NOT HER private property. The bathrooms do not belong to the transgender thus they have no say in which one they can use, other people have rights as well especially the owners of the property in question.

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