Was Hitler A Christian?

28 Apr

This is a question that has often been debated by others and their answer depends upon their religious persuasion or lack thereof. We are not going to debate this question here but point out two factors that bring the answer to a resounding ‘no’. These two points are not used in the articles we have read on this topic but are quite germane to the issue.

For any true Christian the answer to the above question is simple. No Hitler was not a Christian but to many of those who debate this inquiry the answer for them is not so easy to come to as they look at all the evidence with a superficial eye and come to a far different conclusion than any true Christian.

Those writers do not go beyond the surface when they look at all the quotes Hitler used in his book, Mein Kampf, and all of his speeches when coming to and after obtaining power. For the, the matter is solved. Hitler invoked the divine more often than not in their eyes, whether it be on belt buckles or other military paraphernalia or in his attempts to motivate both soldier and civilian.

His use of God and the Bible in those writers’ eyes, is convincing and no other alternative is looked at. But what those authors ignore or do not realize is that invoking God, using biblical passages in one’s writings or oratory, does not make one a Christian. This is our first point. Anyone, even atheists can quote and use the name of God or bible passages in their arguments, speeches or other literary efforts but that action does not automatically cleanse them of their sins and make them born again.

To be a Christian, one must do as Jesus told Nicodemus and be born again. Being raised in a Roman Catholic faith no more makes a person a Christian than one raised in the Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist or any other Christian denomination. To make claims to being a Roman Catholic without being born again is not making a claim to being a Christian but merely a member of that church.

Hitler may have been a Roman Catholic but he was hardly a Christian. We find no evidence of his born again nature or experience in any of his early life activities and we certainly do not find it when he craved and sought power.

Our second point comes from the passage of scripture Mt 7:16 :

By their fruit you will recognize them

As we exam the life of Hitler we see that throughout his life, any fruit he left as evidence certainly did not speak of his conversion and love for Christ. We do not find anything that would tell us of his true spiritual nature except that he was a follower of evil all the days of his life.

Most assuredly, the extermination of 6,000,000 people from one nation does not provide any fruit that would show that Hitler was a believer in Christ.  Such action overwhelms anything to the contrary.

Invoking biblical passages and the name of God do not diminish the evil actions taken by any person, including Hitler. We can add a passage from I John to the one from Matthew to show that any Christian fruit was absent from the life, beliefs and actions of Hitler:

1Jn 3:11 This is the message you heard  from the beginning:  We should love one another.

1Jn 3:12 Do not be like Cain, who belonged to the evil one and murdered his brother.  And why did he murder him? Because his own actions were evil and his brother’s were righteous

Clearly the existence of the Gestapo, secret informers, kangaroo courts, extermination camps, and other NAZI organizations along with the forced wearing of Stars to separate a group of people from the rest of the nation are not acts of love but of hatred.

Love is not just a good feeling coming from someone who accepts you as you are and provides encouragement and support for one’s endeavors. Love removes hatred and racist ideologies, it removes injustice and provides honest representation and real evidence for real crimes.

Love does not kill those who are different from they or provide the means to eliminate such groups from existence. Love allows wisdom to help one govern well and equally for all people. Love does not encourage false witness against either innocent or guilty parties, nor does it invent evidence to gain a particular judgment.

And on it goes. As we look at those passages those who claim Hitler was a Christian have omitted we see a different picture of the man and why true Christians can come to their easy and simple conclusion that Hitler was not a member of their or any faith.

The Bible spells it out clearly for all to see if we let it. We can see that invoking cherry picked passages of scripture, meant to convince and motivate a hesitant population,  does not alter the sinful state a person is in, no matter their level or status in society.  By seeing the whole biblical  picture of what it entails to be a believer and follower of Christ, we can see past the disguises of those who claim to be a Christian yet do not act like one, and see their true colors.

We are not fooled because we have the truth and we do not let tricks confuse us or interfere with our judgment of other people’s claims, or use of God or scriptures. Based on these two points alone, we can say that the answer to the question: was Hitler a Christian, is an irrevocable ‘no’.  Everything he did was self-serving and not for the glory of God or to further his kingdom.

There was nothing of God in Hitler’s words or actions that would change that conclusion. If there was, we would not have had the second world war and millions of people would not have died protecting the rest of the world from Hitler’s madness.

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