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28 Apr

While we are vacation we will, in this internet session, be using material we have already written. These articles come from our magazine, one issue which is already on sale and the others are upcoming waiting to be published.

The first article, Is the Bible a Human Book, comes from our 9th issue titled -Frauds, Forgeries and Facts -which is already on sale and on our feeding flock website-

The second article, Of Being Seen, comes from our 10th issue titled- Contradictions in the Bible- which will be on sale next month.

The third & fourth articles, Was Hitler a Christian? & Was Hitler an Atheist, comes from our 11th issue titled- Hitler & God- Look for that issue in late June or the beginning of July.

The fifth article, Truth vs. Interpretation, comes from our Women’s Corner section which is a feature we have in each issue, and this article is found in our 12th issue- The Emerging Church. This issue is slated for publication in late July or early August. This article will not be published here in its entirety but will be only the first part. You will need to get the issue to read the whole piece.

We hope you will enjoy these highlights and learn from them.

As we have said, we have taken these articles from our magazine and we have structured the sale of our magazine in a manner that allows everyone to read the information and let God teach them what they need to know but the free option is reserved for those who truly cannot afford the purchase price.

We have tried to keep the issue & subscription cost low and as you will see we do not have any advertising dollars to sustain our work. That option is available but so far we have not pursued it as we do not keep track of how many people read our magazine.

We try not to copy David’s sin when he numbered the people of Israel and so statistics about our readership, on any of our websites are really not available nor do we want to create statistics. So we cannot provide any numbers to potential advertisers.

We will not change that policy if we do get advertising sponsors. We hope you will take the time and check out and like these articles.

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