Christians Need Better Ammunition

23 Apr

We are breaking our vacation to comment on this issue of ken Ham and his use of a few verses in the ‘battle’ over who uses which bathroom. What got us thinking about doing this was this article:

Visit a Target and use whichever bathroom you’d like.

That’s the message the retail giant appears to be sending with a new statement on its website that ostensibly takes aim at so-called “bathroom laws” seeking to restrict men’s and women’s bathrooms to the sex listed on a person’s birth certificate.

This is the trend these days to obliterate right and wrong and other boundaries. The trend is also to appease a minority while ignoring the rights and wishes of the majority. The Christian world cannot count on the secular world to get these right for they are deceived and blind. it is up to the Christian world to shed the correct light on the issue using wisdom, integrity, understanding and proper knowledge.

Unfortunately most Christians do not use the best verses available to help shed light on these issues, which is why we are addressing Ken Ham’s comments in a Christian Post article:

Answers in Genesis CEO and President Ken Ham has said that retail giant Target’s recent decision to allow customers to use bathroom and fitting facilities corresponding to their gender identity rather than biological sex is going “against God’s Word.”

Ham said in a Facebook post on Thursday: “Well, Target needs to hear Jesus’ Words: ‘Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female?’ (Matthew 19:4).

A word to the wise, Target and other secular organizations already know what these verses state and they do not care. In their minds those verses do not address the transgender issue. Because many believers ignore large patches of scripture, namely the Mosaic law, they miss out on good scriptures that they can use to better address this issue.

Mr. Ham’s use of those created male and female verses does not even come close to addressing this problem because the issue is not about adding an extra gender to the mix but about a mistake being made at birth. Target and transgenders are not arguing against the female and male choices for gender identity thus those verses do not really apply here and Mr. Ham looks out of touch with the issue by making it about something no one is arguing about.

To be obvious, the transgender issue is not about gender but which gender and there is a difference here. Transgenders are not stating that they are a 3rd or a 4th gender option but that they were mis-assigned at birth and given the wrong physical properties. Of course this begs the question how do they know that they were mis-assigned? What evidence do they have and by evidence I mean real evidence that a mistake was made? A feeling that they are a different gender than their physical features state is not real evidence nor can it be considered evidence for anything but deception that is taking place in the minds of those who claim a mistake was made.

The secular world cannot handle this issue properly for it does not believe in the evil that spreads this deception to those who are vulnerable and that means they attack those too young to know better. Evil’s work is aided and supported by those parents and others in leadership or advocacy who do not accept this fact or are deceived themselves about the reality of this issue.These people are afraid to correct those children in fear of hurting their mental growth or feelings but telling the truth correctly to children never hurt their well-being or psychological growth.

What does affect their psychological well-being is letting the deception take root and supporting that deception in their lives. On a side note, it is interesting to see that the warnings on enabling bad behaviors in others does not apply to the transgender or homosexual issues. This brings us back to the use of the Bible in this issue. There are far better verses to use in this issue than the ones Mr. Ham used and if people would actually read the Mosaic law and not dismiss its words, they would see how they can come to the heart of the issue and deal with the actual source of the problem instead of just a symptom.

One example can be found in Leviticus and we read:

Lev 19:11 do not lie. do not deceive one another.

This verse speaks to the heart of the issue for claiming one is not their birth gender and a mistake has been made is lying and deceiving others. Transgenders going into the wrong bathroom are stating that they are that gender identity when in reality, they are not and that is a lie. It doesn’t matter how they feel for the physical evidence shows that they are lying and deceiving not only others but themselves.

By labeling this issue for what it is we know how to solve it. We know what to do but by using the wrong verses as Mr. Ham does, we only make things worse. By going with the truth we can direct those who are feeling a mistake has been made to the right path and bring them out of their deception into the truth about themselves and their lives.

But believers have to be biblically knowledgeable in these issues and not just with the verses they like. They need to be biblically correct when applying verses to the problems raised by those who do not believe. They need to be astute and wise as Zechariah states:

These are the things you are to do: Speak the truth to each other, and render true and sound judgment in your courts; (8:16)

We are not to simply state the obvious like Mr. Ham does and appear out of touch with reality, we are to present sound judgment, the truth to each other and as the commandments tell us, we are not to bear false witness thus we do not lie to the unbelieving world either. We do not enable people with problems and allow their deception to destroy their lives and eternity (we are not to be desperate in our saving of souls and getting people in the pews). We identify correctly the problem, label it correctly and then dispense with the correct information to solve those problems.

We do not attack secular organizations like Target but point out the error of their ways with the wisdom and love God wants us to use. We also do not encourage transgender behavior but put a stop to it before that sin ruins a nation for God never rewards sin or disobedience. Christians need to be wise, holding the proper knowledge in order to address these issues. They cannot be in attack node nor can they sin in combating ungodly behavior and decisions.

This means that before they speak, they pray and learn in order to bring glory to God and demonstrate that Go dis alive and that his rules matter.


3 responses to “Christians Need Better Ammunition

  1. jbcowgill

    April 23, 2016 at 3:02 am

    Very well said.

    • theologyarchaeology

      April 23, 2016 at 3:18 am

      thank you but now we go back on vacation again.

      • jbcowgill

        April 23, 2016 at 11:31 am

        You are welcome. Enjoy your vacation.

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