Christians Need Better Ammunition- 2

23 Apr

This is part two and we do this in response to the article found at formerly fundie

even though that author is taken to task by some of the people who read his piece. When we talk about Christians needing better ammunition we are directly referring to the idea that we cannot resort to personal preferences when making a spiritual argument. We are allowed personal preference but we are not allowed to confuse those with what scripture actually teaches. This has been done far too often in history and we only have to look at the slavery issue and the burning of the Salem ‘witches’ as evidence for this.

In that article are several misconceptions and we will deal with those as we go through and find different arguments to discuss here.

So listen– I’ve been thinking about this whole movement to make peeing while trans illegal, and I have a few thoughts.

Let’s not distort the issue here as peeing is not the only natural activity or activity that takes place in a washroom. Then if you are only going to write your own thoughts you need to prove that they are better than any other person’s opinion or thoughts on the issue. Holding a new doctorate does not qualify one’s thoughts as better than anyone else’s.

Furthermore, going into the wrong bathroom would subject our trans brothers and sisters to potential harassment and even violence.

Physical violence is only the smokescreen here and is not really the main issue. Transgenders face physical violence everywhere not just the bathroom. The real issue in those quoted words is his identifying transgender people as ‘our brothers and sisters’. Transgenders are not Christian and not our brothers and sisters. They are deceived people in need of Christ’s redemptive work and made into new undeceived creatures.

There is nothing of God in the transgender identity.

Thus, instead of addressing the issue of male violence, they want a blanket law that prohibits all transgender people from using the correct restroom.

This idea is a misconception for it is saying that the results of deception are correct and following the truth is not. These laws are trying to get the transgender to see reality and to get them to use the correct washroom– the one that corresponds with their physical features. People like that author are advocating that the transgender person must use the wrong bathroom and be allowed to violate the rights and privacy of those who follow the rules and use the correct facility.

While there are perhaps a dozen angles from which one could discuss this issue, the thing that really irks me the most is the gross hypocrisy of those behind these bathroom bills. Let me explain.

The same folks who argue that we need a law forcing transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds to their sex instead of their gender, is the same group of people who are fighting for their gun rights when they’re not busy regulating where people pee.

This is where that author relies upon his personal preferences instead of any logical or biblical argument. Because he hates gun ownership he uses that to support his hypocrisy accusation. This is one area where he was taken to task in his comment section. What we are going to say on this statement is that there is no constitutional right to use the wrong bathroom and that governments have the right to govern this issue and keep men in the men’s facilities and women in the women’s.

Gun ownership is a constitutional right and has been one in America for almost 400 years and in other countries even longer. If that author knew his history, he would know that at no time has any country made it a constitutional right for anyone to use the wrong gender facilities.To claim we are violating anyone’s rights in this issue is ridiculous and not supported by history, law or any government edict. Even if there was a government edict making this a right does not mean that edict, whether ancient or modern, was correct or the right way for other governments to follow.

For real. This is actually how dramatically they switch sides when it goes from protecting their rights compared to someone else’s rights.

This doesn’t make sense even if you read it in context. Keeping transgenders out of the wrong bathroom IS protecting other people’s rights. Somewhere in this issue this fact has been lost and the idea that transgenders, and by extension homosexuals, are the only people with rights. There is no right for transgenders to use the wrong bathroom as we have stated in our previous point. We do need to protect the rights of those who follow the rules and do not opt for alternative lifestyles that are sin, regardless if that label is accepted by others or not.

There is a danger here in this issue as people like that author advocate teaching our children that evil is good and following the rules means you are punished while breaking them you are rewarded. This is a grave danger as it undermines the very fabric of society. Telling one group they are wrong and in need of help is not a danger nor a violation of their rights.

Regulating bathroom rights? Great solution!

Regulating gun rights? Nah, laws never work. Besides, most gun owners are no threat to anyone.

When people go to the absurd and rely solely upon their personal preferences all they do is undermine and make moot their arguments. They have lost credibility and show that they do not have a handle on the issue or situation.

If the anti-bathroom folks actually did believe that we must protect our children (they don’t believe that, btw) they wouldn’t be on a mission to regulate a nonexistent problem while ignoring the growing pile of dead children we seem to amass on a weekly basis from gun violence.

Case in point as that author seems to forget that danger exists in a variety of forms and does not necessarily means a loss of life. He may say the issue is non-existent but he doe snot know the issue nor grasp the dangers that are involved, and we spoke of those in a previous point as well. Personal preference is not enough to justify allowing transgenders to violate other people’s rights or privacy.

Let’s be clear: This has nothing to do with protecting our children. If these folks actually cared about the safety of our children, they’d be focused on what’s killing them on a daily basis– and newsflash: it’s not our transgender friends.

Again he demonstrates his misconception about transgenders. They are not our friends but part of the enemy as they seek to undermine gender identification and the standards of right and wrong as well as morality and immorality. We should include good and evil as well. Just because he does not accept the bigger picture does not mean that picture and its dangers do not exist.

No one is a friend when the seek to ruin society with their practice of sin. I do not see him calling murderers and rapists friends so why would he do so with other practitioners of evil and sin? What gives these alternative lifestyles a pass on being labeled evil and wrong?

f folks want to be transphobic, ignorance can be their prerogative.

Another misconception as those opposed to the altering of who uses which facilities are not transphobic but keepers of the standards of decency, right and wrong, good and evil and so on. The ones keeping transgenders from using the wrong restrooms are not the bad guys here. That label is reserved for those who support the transgender in their quest to enter facilities they have no right in entering.

But let’s not pretend for even one second that they get the moral high ground of putting the safety of our children first

Uhm, yes we do have the higher moral ground for we are combating deception and evil not thwarting the efforts of those who live godly lives and follows the rules- both God’s and normal society’s. Those supporting the transgender quest have no moral authority or foundation thus they cannot argue that they are aiding morality by changing the rules and allowing perversion to continue unchecked.

Supporting evil is not supporting morality.


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  1. jbcowgill

    April 23, 2016 at 3:05 am

    Very well said, again.

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