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09 Apr

We really haven’t written about this group of people and one of the reasons for that is that there are so many others who do write about the problems this group brings to Christianity or the perception of Christianity. But there are two things that bother us the most and we will address those here. There are other things that bother us about this group, but those will have to wait for another day.

Both points come from the following article:

What is the Emerging Church? Overview of the Emerging Church Movement And a Biography of Some of The Leaders by Jack Zavada

and if that author is correct then we can see that the emerging church has nothing to do with God or his instruction but is an organization of people who want to do things their own way. They play right into the hands of evil.

#1. At the heart of the movement is the postmodernist belief that absolute truth does not exist.

This belief flies right in the face of biblical teaching and contradicts not only what Jesus said in John 8

and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” (v. 32)

along with all the other scriptural references about truth:

But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God. (John 3:32)

Thus we can see that the founding idea of the supposed emerging church is not of God nor is it accurate. The truth does exist, and you can call it absolute or not doesn’t matter for the truth is the truth and it is absolute, Jesus said it did and he said that the Spirit of Truth will lead us to it. What we see then is not just a denial of Jesus’ words by this group but a denial of the Holy Spirit and his role in our lives:

But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come.(John 16:13)

This emerging church group is on very dangerous ground , if it has not already crossed the line. We really cannot call them a church because they are not part of God’s church and do not practice what a church should practice.  We are not talking about traditional forms of worship or orders of service or ways to evangelize but core doctrines here that inform every one of their spiritual status and if they are of Christ or not.

Putting people in the pew via new and creative formats is not necessarily a sign that God is behind the movement. Straying from the truth and saying that it does not exist is a sign that those people are not following God and seeking their own ideas to replace what God has taught us in scripture. We know who these people are by their fruits and their fruits do not reflect anything of God. That will be seen more fully in the next point.

#2.The emerging church movement is global but unofficial. It has no organization, headquarters, or uniform beliefs. Pastors and theologians who are called spokespeople are largely independent and agree in some views but diverge widely in others.

In other words that group has no rudder guiding its people into the truth and away from false teaching. This is irresponsible and certainly not of Christ for Jesus led his disciples and guided them to the knowledge of the truth. He rebuked them for holding to false ideas and then created those false ideas so that they had the truth and the right way to think and go.

When Jesus was on earth, he was the headquarters and everyone came to him for guidance and instruction. Jesus taught uniform beliefs and did not say to go with what a person thought was best or what fit their sensibilities. Jesus had organization. He had 12 main disciples but many others ones that we only read about from time to time, i.e. the 70 he sent out. All were given the same gospel, the same beliefs, the same teachings and the same authority and power. Jesus had uniformity

Jesus’ disciples were not independent and free to import whatever idea they liked or toss out those they did not like.They taught what Jesus wanted them to teach whether it was culturally popular or not.Subjectivity was not an option but teaching and preaching the truth was required and it was not a personal truth but the truth so that all men could be set free. if the disciples could preach what they want then no one would be set free and the Christian world would be full of confusion and we know what the Bible says about that experience

for God is not a God of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.(1 Cor. 14:33)

So what we have with this emerging group that calls itself a church is a state of confusion as its ‘spokesmen’ teach many different ideologies and theologies and no one teaches the truth so that their people know what is truly right and wrong good or evil and so on.They are misinforming their people and leading them astray something that does not make them of God but aiding evil in its quest to destroy God’s creation.

While this emerging group seems to be ‘cool’, ‘postmodern’, ‘culturally up-to-date’, and so on it is not practicing what God said to practice nor is it teaching what both God and Jesus told us to teach. The truth ends confusion and has everyone teaching the same thing. Part of the truth is that being ‘cool’, ‘postmodern’ or ‘culturally up-to-date’, is not criteria to being of God or actually demonstrating his ways.

What is criteria for being of God is that we seek, find, hold to, and preach the truth and we find that truth in the Bible by following the spirit of truth and the spirit of truth doe snot lead different people to different truths. he leads them to the same truth so that there is no confusion in their lives or the church. If there is disagreement then the people need to sit down and discern with the help of the spirit of truth which idea is actually correct. We do not split the church and teach different ideas for that will also bring confusion and false teaching into the church and the lives of believers.

No this emerging ‘church’ group are not of God and do not lead anyone to the truth or God’s ways. They lead people to false teaching, sinful, subjective ideologies and theologies and do so under the disguise of being ‘of God’. They ignore scriptures, tossing out those passages they do not like, redefining sin to fit their own personal ideas and generally forget about God and his ways.

Yesterday we talked about the absence of the love for God in the LGBTQ’s position and we can say the same thing about the emerging ‘church’ group. Where is their love for God when they ignore what he has said and do their own thing? Jesus said in John 17

Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth.(v. 17)

We have the truth, the absolute truth and it exists today but it cannot be seen if these different groups add in their own ideas and alter what God has written in the Bible. You cannot be of God if you lead people away from the truth and claim it does not exist, nor can you be leading people to God or doing his work when you contradict what he and his son has taught us.

This emerging ‘church’ group has been deceived and led astray by evil as they listen to those demons disguised as angels of light and have been taken off course by their lack of uniformity, their lack of organization and leadership and their lack of keeping their eyes on Jesus. These people who appeal to Jesus and say that he had no uniformity, leadership, organization or truth need to be honest and do another investigation into the life and actions of Jesus. They will see a different picture once they clear away the beams in their eyes and ask the spirit of truth for help to see the truth.


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