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08 Apr

The article we are about to address is quite long and we may have to use more than one post to cover all the important points contained in that piece. If you want to read the complete context, just click on the following link

The problem of having unbelievers write about biblical issues, and that word included modern Christians, is that their bias comes through loud and clear. The lack of true objectivity renders the article to being just another attempt to discredited biblical archaeology, those involved with that field and the Bible. We are going to say that scholars are not the expert here and their subjective opinion only demonstrates their ignorance not cast light upon the bible or bring the truth. many Christian scholars are guilty of this s well.

We use the term ‘true objectivity’ because to be objective means one cannot downplay the side they are opposed to but must represent both sides honestly without letting their personal views influence their reporting. A lot of people claim they are objective but when you examine their use of certain words, it is clear that they have failed to meet that claim.

The unbelievers’ failure to acknowledge the role of evil in life today compounds this problem. We will now get to the quotes.

#1.The Messiah Cometh: Hobby Lobby’s Museum of the Bible Descends on the Nation’s Capital

We put the title as the first quote to be a case in point as we see the use of the words ‘The Messiah Cometh’ as being biased and seeking to draw a certain desired response from the author’s readers. It is a museum documenting biblical history not Jesus returning in the flesh.

#2. And he’s got the money to get his way. Green’s fortune derives from his family’s crafts chain, Hobby Lobby, a retail giant that earned $3.7 billion in income last year. The Greens are the Koch brothers of the evangelical movement and have spent hundreds of millions to blur the line between church and state. They fought a “religious freedom” case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, winning a 2014 ruling that allows businesses to refuse to cover contraception for women, as required per the Affordable Care Act. They also bankrolled a controversial Bible curriculum for American public schools (not yet approved) and poured a fortune into fundamentalist Christian colleges and institutions here and abroad.

They earned their money honestly, we hope, and they are entitled to spend it as they see fit. it is their money and while we may not agree with all of their expenditures, they have the right to build a museum, fund curriculums and colleges, after all the secular world does the exact same thing. Using a double standard does not make one’s pint of view credible.

The comparison is out of line as well as it infers a particular attitude without evidence that attitude exists.

#3. And that worries some folks. “There is no such thing as ‘the’ Bible,” says John Kutsko, executive director of the Society for Biblical Literature, a global organization of scholars who study and read ancient works that influenced or became part of the Bible. He and many others fear that Green’s museum will present a narrow, evangelical version of the Bible and its role in American society, one that ignores versions of the text used by Jews, Muslims and the many Christians of other creeds.

One reason we do not like most scholars, especially those claiming to be biblical scholars, is that they ignore right and wrong in their quest to study and publish. They think the rules do not apply unless they make them and that is where they go wrong. You can see the erroneous statement in the first line of that quote. There is a Bible and it has existed since God had it written down.

Another reason we do not like scholars is that they do not want the truth nor seek it. They prefer discussion which frees them to live as they please instead of humbling themselves and coming to grips with what God is saying to his creation.There is a true and false way, there is a right and wrong way and most scholars opt for the latter n of each pair and not the former because as the Bible says ‘men love darkness rather than light’ and scholars are no exception to that fact.

We have had the bible since the first century so yes there is a Bible and it is authoritative and trumps all other religious writings. The rejection of this fact by scholars doesn’t change the reality.

#4. We are a melting pot, and there are many religions here,” Kutsko says. “The museum could be a showcase for how we and our texts are different and can coexist peacefully. That would be a wonderful message to bring to bear, particularly in the environment we live in, an environment of absolutists and polarization.”

Except that Christians are to promote and support the truth not how to coexist together or let false teaching have equal footing with the truth. The wonderful message is found in the fact that we have the truth in the Bible and that truth brings us to real salvation through Jesus. We are not a melting pot but the creation of God in a spiritual war over our souls, thus we need to identify the truth and let everyone know about it. We do not shroud it in confusion amidst faulty teachings.

#5. Scholars also have a larger concern: the truth. They know too well that “biblical archaeology” is rife with amateurs desperate to prove the people and stories in the Bible are historically accurate, with many grand claims but little proof. Academics are also troubled by the résumé of the man hired to run the Bible museum; he used to head the Creation Museum, which states as fact that the Earth was created just 6,000 years ago and that humans were around when dinosaurs ruled the planet.

As if the scholars are any better. So is regular archaeology, underwater archaeology and other forms of that field. The presence of amateurs doe snot destroy the field or render its work meaningless or moot. Every employment area of life has amateurs so let’s not single one out just because it has the word ‘biblical’ in its name.

We actually have far more proof than those scholars give credit and we have documented much of that proof on It is not the believer who cannot see the evidence, but the blind unbeliever who refuses to acknowledge that their sight has been marred by evil via their unbelief. The ‘academics’ are troubled for they will not be able to get their false teaching in the door. These academics have rejected the truth so ,one, they should be troubled as their false ideas will be exposed as false and, two, it is none of their business who the museum hires to run it.

People far too often are more concerned about what others are doing that they do not see how bad they are themselves.Instead of bullying the museum because they do not like a resume, these scholars should be out there looking for and uncovering the truth. Their desire to hide the truth means that they are not doing their job but forcing their views upon those they disagree with.

#6. Also troubling is how the museum handles much more recent history. A fundraising video for the museum shared with Newsweek declares that the Founding Fathers intended the Bible to be the center of American government and culture and opens with a spurious quote from George Washington: “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.” The nation’s first president never said that, but Green insists the Bible was central to the creation of the United States and is now imperiled.

Green is entitled to his opinion, just like the secular scholars are allowed. Then how do we know Washington never said that? There ha seen so much revisionist history taking place at the hands of unbelieving scholars that it is hard to know for sure what he did or did not say.

#7. As Christian collectors seeking objects that put facts behind their faith, the Greens join a long tradition of pseudo-archaeologists, tourists and businessmen who have labored to prove the Bible is as factual an account of history as Herodotus.

Here is another example of misusing words to manipulate the reader’s opinion. the term ‘pseudo-archaeologist’ is often applied to those people mainstream archaeologists do not like or try to discredit. That label is tossed around by anti-biblical archaeologists as freely as the word troll is used on internet discussion forums. It has little value as it applies to even qualified persons but are disliked by those using those terms.

Here is a news flash for that author–There are quite a few people who think Herodotus work is not true history nor is it factual. I do not know of anyone trying to make the Bible like Herodotus’ work except unbelievers.

#8. Victorian pastors, armed with spades in one hand and Bibles in the other, flocked to the Middle East.

This is a very spurious charge as without the Bible most archaeologists would not know where to look for sites to excavate. Very few ancient extra-biblical documents mentions biblical cities or events and their locations so the Bible actually helps the archaeologist not leads them astray. To criticize people for using an accurate source document only exposes the unobjective bias unbelievers have towards anything biblical.

We will stop here and continue our look at this article in the next post.


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