What They Do Not Get

06 Apr

The supporters of homosexuals and even the homosexual community itself, ignore one vital identifying label that clears up this whole mess. We will look at that omission as we dissect Susan Cottrell’s article Stop Pretending God Endorses Your Homophobia which is found at the following link:

The supporters of homosexuals rant and rave very loudly plus the distort the issue and try to paint the sexual alternative as something it is not.

#1. People have always been bigoted—in any number of ways. Jesus’ enormous challenge to “love your neighbor” and the accompanying, “everyone’s your neighbor” is part of the challenge to overcome our bigotry, to love in spite of our inclination to turn away and say, “No.” If it were easy, everyone would do it.

If Ms. Cottrell would look closely and honestly at the phrase ‘love your neighbor’ they would see that that command does not include accepting and supporting sin. The same Jesus who taught us to love our neighbors also told our neighbors they needed to repent of their sins and be born again. What people like Ms. Cottrell forget is that they do not have the authority to declare what is or isn’t sin. That authority lies only with God.

Also, sometimes showing love to our neighbor means telling them ‘no’. We love our children but we do not say ‘yes’ to their every demand or want. if we did we would spoil the child, which is what has happened with the homosexual community. They have been spoiled because too many people have overruled those who have said ‘no’ to them.

#2.But there are not two sides to this. This is crystal clear if you just think it through. Take out the word “gays” and insert the word “blacks.” Or “Asians.” Or “women.” Or “left-handers.” Or “divorcees.” Or “refugees.” Or “women without head coverings.” Or “people who eat pork.”

It just wouldn’t fly. As a civil society, we could not allow some people to be excluded based on attributes we don’t like or approve of.

This is the quote that gives us the answer to what she and others like her have omitted. It is not a sin to be black, asian, a woman, left=handed, divorced, eat pork or wear head scarves. IT IS A SIN to be homosexual and to pursue or practice homosexuality. By trying to place homosexuality into a category it cannot belong, people like Ms. Cottrell distort the issue and make the fight about something it is not.

While it is wrong to discriminate against those mentioned in that quote, except for ‘gays’, it is not wrong to label sin ‘sin’ and treat those who practice sin accordingly. Then while we cannot deprive homosexuals from housing, food and employment, we cannot make them a protected class and treat them as normal and call their sin good..

#3. As a society, we cannot allow some groups to discriminate against other groups simply because they don’t like them, even if they think God doesn’t like them, even if they think those people are in sin.

To refuse to participate in some form in homosexual activities is not discrimination nor is it bigotry. It is refusing to compromise one’s faith and support sin. There is a big difference here, a difference the supporters of homosexuality refuse to see or accept. It is not wrong to discriminate against sin or label it as such. Nor is it bigotry or discrimination when we refuse to participate in sin.

We do have free choice here, a right the homosexual supporters are trying to take away from everyone else and force their ways upon their opponents. That is as much of bigotry and discrimination as they claim the opponents of homosexuality practice.

#4. This is bigotry, plain and simple. To add God’s name to it is a sneaky way to pretend God is behind it, but it is still bigotry, which we cannot allow in a civil society.

We didn’t add God’s name to anything of the sort. He was the first one to place his name there and let us know the actual status of homosexuality and those who practice it. If she cannot allow bigotry in civil society then why is she practicing it to force her subjective ideas/practices on others? You do not erase discrimination and bigotry by using either on your opponents or those who disagree with you.

#5. What about white supremacists, or murderers?” These people pose a threat to civil society. Of course it’s different. LGBTQ people pose no threat. The only way gay marriage threatens you is if you were forced to have one. The only way LGBTQ people threaten your religious liberties is if you must become LGBTQ.

You just have to laugh at comments like this because we all know that members of the LGBT group commit crimes and are a threat to society. Her comment is a distortion because she is using actual crime and comparing it with something that is not really a crime. She is also misguided as sin is a threat to society and she needs to talk to the former inhabitants of Sodom, Gomorrah, Babylon and other ancient cities which were destroyed because of their sin to get a better idea of this issue.

Ms. Cottrell needs to stop comparing apples with oranges. She also ignores the threats to religious freedoms by omitting the retributive acts committed by LGBT members and their supporters. Obviously she is looking at this issue with blinded eyes and not with any honesty.

#6. For those who worry about some imagined responsibility to God to somehow keep sin at bay, that has never been our responsibility. It’s all about the log in our own eye, and letting God be the judge. It’s about loving God and loving others, our core instruction!

Ms. Cottrell really doesn’t know the Bible very well as we are to rebuke others when they sin and we are to discipline them when the do it. God did it and so did Jesus. She also does not understand anything about the log in one’s eye as hers is so large she doe snot read scripture very well or understand it. Having a log in one’s eye still does not mean we allow sin or let it come into the church. Then having a log in one’s eye does not mean we ignore what God has told us is sin.

But Ms. Cottrell seems to not have learned that aspect of that passage of scripture.We do not violate God’s declaration of what is or isn’t sin because we want to ‘love God’ or ‘others’. If she read 1 Cor. 13 she would have seen where love does not rejoice in evil so her distorted view of love leads her to such erroneous conclusions.

Her refusal to accept the fact that homosexuality and other LGBTQ preferences are sin doesn’t change the fact that they are sin and evil.

#7. The store owner claims that Christians are the victims of a double standard preventing them from expressing their beliefs. One person’s religious beliefs end where another’s begin. While you are free to express your thoughts, I am free not to embrace them.

Again she distorts the issue by comparing different thoughts here.Being free not to accept them does not grant anyone permission to force their ways on those who disagree with them. Nor does it grant permission to take them to court and ruin their lives. It means that those who reject those religious beliefs better have a superior way to handle the situation instead of resorting to sin to get what they want.

If Ms. Cottrell and other homosexual supporters claim to believe in God then they better practice biblical teaching when NOT embracing those beliefs they do not like instead of resorting to sin to get their way and revenge. Turning the other cheek and returning good for evil applies to them as well as other who claim to follow God.

#8. In the last century, you could argue that your religious beliefs meant you could—even should—own slaves, because some races were divinely appointed to be slaves. And you could pull God in on it, as people pull God in to endorse their “no gays allowed.” But your right own slaves ends where another’s right not to be a slave begins.

Let’s be clear here–it was religious beliefs NOT biblical teaching. Again Ms. Cottrell ignores the difference in her haste to attack those who disagree with her and stand with God. Her continuous distortion ruins any aspect of her argument. She also does not understand very much and doesn’t get what ‘rights’ are all about. Of course, we can say that her argument applies to her and the LGBTQ position as well. She should practice what she preaches to all people and not to the select favored few.

Ms. Cottrell also ignores the fact that democratic principles are for everyone and not for only those she feels are being oppressed.

#9. Whatever position you have about “gays”—if it does not stand when you replace “gay” with any of the other categories I listed above, then you don’t get to act it out in a civilized society.

I wonder when God died and left her in charge. In point 6 she talks about assuming some imaginary responsibility well she certainly does that here as she assume that she can tell others how to treat those she supports and that her word overrules God’s. That is one of the problem sin this issue. Those who support the homosexual community, et al, forget about God and his desires for humans.

They think that their views trumps God’s and that is one area in which they go wrong. Their lack of correctly understanding  scripture and their refusal to acknowledge homosexuality, et al, as sin distorts the issue and leads them to faulty ideas and perspectives. They also forget that God does not reward those who support sin and call evil good.

Their misguided attempts to be ‘biblical’ are only landing them in hot spiritual water and not the rich rewards of heaven.


On a side not that acronym LGBTQ is redundant and misleading. Lesbians are homosexuals or gays, Queers are both homosexual and lesbians and Bi and Transgenders are homosexual so maybe that community should just shorten it down to H for homosexual.

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