Blind Chance – 4

05 Apr

This is our last post on looking at quotes from Fred Heeren’s book, Show Me God.

#1. The very basis upon which we approach knowledge ‘scientifically…was developed by people who readily professed Christ as their personal savior. Most people today are unaware that the majority of pioneers of science were outspoken Christians… (page 329)

While this may be true to some extent and there were some pioneers who were actually true Christians we cannot say this about all of them nor can we abide by Mr. Heeren’s broad definition of the term Christian.Many people invoke God and state a certain belief in him but that does not make them Christian nor does it make their ideas correct or of God.

One prime example is Isaac Newton. Mr. Heeren provides a lengthy description of Mr. Newton on starting on page 351 yet fails to recognize that Mr. Newton was a Deist. Deists do not believe in God as the true Christian does or do they accept the Bible as God’s word and although they speak of God, a creator and other religious words their views do not line up with anything that is biblical or of God. To call Mr. Newton a Christian is to make a mockery of the term.

Maybe it is an inferiority complex on the part of most Christians that causes them to claim anyone and everyone who mentions the word God, Bible or Jesus as a believer, we do not know but to do so without checking their actual beliefs is not biblical. It is a lazy way of accepting people and such inferior investigations only open the door to false teaching to enter and ruin a church.

We know this to be true because the RCC leaders during the time of Galileo had done this and proclaimed a false idea about who orbits whom. Just because someone claims to be a scientist and a believer does not mean they have the truth or are teaching it. Francis Collins of Biologos and Genome fame is but one modern example.

Christians cannot afford to be lazy and do such lousy work in ferreting out who is or isn’t a true believer.

#2. And we will find a Bible believer at the foundation of almost every field of scientific knowledge… (page 330)

We should hope so as there are enough true believers to do so and doing science is not a sin. Doing it incorrectly by following the secular world is not okay. But we must ask, are those found in the history of science truly Bible believers? Mr. Heeren mentions Francis Bacon on page 331 and a quick check says he was a devout Anglican  ut being devout and an Anglican doe snot make one a Christian.

His scientific method is flawed and very vulnerable which is why we have so much confusion in today’s world. The observation, hypothesis and experimentation method, attributed to him by Mr. Heeren, is vulnerable to personal opinion, subjectivity and other flaws which do not make t=the scientific method an absolute or even a great way to obtain the truth.

As we have said, merely attending church, mentioning God or the Bible does not constitute a biblical basis for science or scientific principles. We do not know how much those people relied upon or followed secular counsel and stopping one’s investigation at the superficial does not lea done to the truth of any situation including a Christian foundation for science.

Just so you know, the scientific method was used long before Francis Bacon ‘invented’ it.

#3. Many today, of course, have been told only of the apparent conflicts between science and the Bible. What about the trouble Galileo got himself into when he proclaimed that the Earth and planets revolved around the sun?…It does not demonstrate conflict between science and the Bible, but between science and tradition. The established church took this tradition from the Greeks, not from the Bible. (page 330)

This is something we have written on ourselves. The flat earth and heliocentric ideas did not come from biblical teaching but from secular ancient scientists, (we do not call them philosophers because they were more like scientists than philosophers). Too many believers think that the secular world has it right when they make their accusations against the church and say that science is not compatible with the Bible.

That is a mistake the believer cannot make. While there are elements of truth in some of the accusations and statements from the secular world, they do not hold all the truth nor are they honest accusations or statements. As you can see, the secular world leaves out vital information when they make their attacks on the church. The believer needs to be fully aware of all the facts if they really want to make inroads with the unbeliever during their discussions with them.

The believer also has to know the difference between conflict with the Bible and conflict with tradition. If anything disagrees with the Bible then it is NOT the Bible that is in error. Fields of research do not trump the Bible at any time because of the sin and corruption that permeates those fields and those who participate in them. God does not make mistakes; humans do and they do so because they are deceived, do not want the truth nor do they want to prove the Bible true. No one has more education or experience than God and what they claim to prove the Bible in error comes from this ignorance and lack of experience.

#4. Further, the biblical traits of humility, diligence, and honesty (among others), are necessary for good science. (page 331)

The naivety of Mr. Heeren and other Christians in this issue is astounding.  You cannot expect biblical characteristics to be practiced by those who reject the Bible and its instruction.Then to be fair, those traits are often missing from those who follow God’s call to the pastorate or other church leadership positions even though they are necessary to do good christian work.

Just so you know, the secular scientist does not have a moral code to govern their work. They think that all science is good science and that means that they feel science is above right and wrong, good and evil and so on. They apply their own standards of what they consider to be ethical and those standards are rarely based in biblical teaching. The evolutionist and atheist will lie when it suits them and they have no trouble in lying because they do not believe God exists and is going to hold them to his high standards.

Do not think that secular professors and scientists hold the truth because they have had years of experience and education. They do not have the spirit of truth thus the truth does not reside in them. Believers are to go with the truth and they can only find that if they follow the Holy Spirit to it.

#5. The clear thinking behind these pioneers’ achievements was often the result, not only of an attitude of nonconformity to the world, but of a conviction that God has created a universe of purposeful order and balance. (page 332)

Yet what kind of God are they saying created this order and purpose? As we saw earlier by the example of Mr. Newton, the concept of God is not the same as the biblical revelation of who God is. We cannot assume that when the members of the history of science talk about God that they are describing the same God who reveals himself to be holy and brought all things into existence by speaking.

There are many in science’s history, a sour modern example of Mr. Collins shows, who disagree with the Bible yet claim to be a believer in God and a bible believer. It is hard to be a bible believer or a believer in God when you say that both got it wrong.

#6. How vocal should a scientist be about his spiritual beliefs? (page 333)

They should be as vocal as God wants them to be. They need to be discerning when to talk about them and actually follow the leading of the Holy spirit in this issue. Some people go overboard in the transmission of their faith and think they are following God’s leading when they are actually only following their pastor’s or church leaders’ influence.

The book of Ecc. provides some guidance in this issue when it says:

A time to tear apart and a time to sew together; A time to be silent and a time to speak. (3:7)

He has made everything appropriate in its time… (3:11)

There is a time to be vocal and a time not to be so the scientist needs to listen to Go don this matter and not ruin things by following the wrong advice.

#7. Is it ever permissible for a scientist to say that a scientific finding supports the Bible?

Yes and again we turn to scripture to support that answer:

Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds (Col. 3:9)

Scientists are not to lie and if the scientific finding supports the Bible then they must state that result. We do not follow the secular world and its rules but God and his rules.

While some members of the history of scientific research fields may have been bible believers and Christian, we cannot state that they all were or were actually believing the Bible and God. Believers cannot be lazy or grabbing at straws to make some point that cannot be made or shown to be false upon closer scrutiny by others.

We need to know the facts before we speak and we need o make sure that those ‘facts’ are actually true. Then we speak them with love and real authority not arrogance or superiority. We are to be humble, full of grace not combative or haughty. In other words, we allow the fruits of the spirit and the beatitudes (along with other biblical instruction) to influence our part of the discussion and lead unbelievers to the truth.

The different fields of science are not excluded from all of this for science does not have the last word on anything. It is not omniscient, omnipresent, or all-powerful. The Bible has the last word because it was written by the one who is eternal, omniscient, omnipresent and all-powerful. Science is also not an authority but a created tool to help people to know God better. We do not use science to say God and the Bible are wrong but to come to the truths that science can unlock. Science cannot unlock all truth but only those under its scope and within its boundaries.

Christians may be a part of the different scientific fields but that doe snot make those fields Christian or immune from the sin and corruption that entered the world at Adam’s sin. Believers must remember that those fields are populated by those who reject the truth and have not repented of their sins thus error and false teaching will be a part of scientific research.Even when some of the members claim to be Christian.

Being labeled a Christian brings no guarantees,even in scientific work.

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