Blind Chance – 3

05 Apr

We continue to look at some key quotes found in the book, Show Me God by Fred Heeren.

#1. Relativity theory tells us that time is not the same to everyone. The Bible tells us that time is not the same to God as it is to us. (pg. 243)

There is a fatal flaw in Einstein’s theory and we have talked about this before (see and will not go into too much detail here except to say that Einstein’s fatal flaw was assuming that clocks govern time. You can read about it at that link. Time is actually the same for everyone for it, like light and gravity, is an independent concept with no ruler except God. Clocks only measure time and are not the source for it. I do not stop aging when my watch stops working or the kitchen clock’s battery runs out.

Since time is a created concept, it stands to reason why time is different for God than for us. God is outside of time and he created it to measure our lifespan, give us markers to guide our lives (some people live by the clock) but at no time did he make himself submissive to time. When the Bible speaks about the differences in how God views time, all it is saying is that time does not matter to God. It matter to us for we only have a limited amount of time on this earth. The Bible is not informing us in how long God takes to do anything. All it is saying is that God does to live in earthly time.

#2. In our recent history, one by one we have discovered many of the laws of nature, but we have never discovered why there are laws of nature, why there’s not chaos. Science has been unable to tell us anything about the cause of those laws. We only know that these laws result in order, in symmetry, in harmony, in balance, in mind-boggling, complex highly-developed living forms that we can’t duplicate in the laboratory with all of our efforts, let alone expect them to happen by chance. (pg. 263)

Next time someone proclaims the greatness of science, remind them of that field’s vast limitations and that no one has a long enough life to wait for the supposed answer that may change in a couple to 10 years. Secular science cannot get the job done.

#3. The reason modern physicists are devoting their lives to finding a Grand Unified Theory…is that nature has taught them to expect symmetry, harmony purposeful design and simplicity at the base of all complexity- a single mind that ties it all together. (pg. 263)

Well we have a grand unified theory and the single mind that ties it all together. They are called the Bible and God. When you remove the truth from the equation you are left with the hopeless task of replacing it with some sort of alternative. An alternative that has no hope of being verified, of obtaining actual evidence to support it and proving the Bible wrong.

Though we should not call the Bible revelation a theory for it is not. What is recorded in the Bible is the truth and no alternative can replace it; even when no one believes it. The truth is still the truth when the majority still rejects it.

#4. No other religious leader ever claimed to be the Savior of the world, t be one with the Creator/God in a unique way…There is no gospel without the historical events. Of all the religions, no other has left such evidence of God’s involvement wit humanity. (Pg. 274)

The uniqueness of Christianity raises its head once again.We know that there is evidence to back up the bible and that evidence remains valid even when ‘experts’ deny its existence or credit it to some other alternative idea. As you scan other religions and their claims, then compare them with the Bible, you do not find them challenging biblical claim sat all.

Most ancient religions cannot tell us their source. Certain people are credited but there is no way to say if those people actually wrote the words or not.The origins of most alternative religions are lost to history and the only reason we have any idea of the origins of some more modern ones is because their founding is far too recent and records have been preserved.  Though if you read Robert Spencer’s book, Did Mohammad Exist?, the historicity of the founder of Islam is being questioned today.

But then most modern alternative religions, like Islam, borrow heavily from the Bible so their claims are not their own but stolen from God. Only the bible has real history backing it up.

#5. How can we take the gospel seriously in light of its exclusive claims? (pg. 278)

Exclusivity does not disqualify a claim from being true or from credibility. Since the Bible has the physical evidence backing it up, the claims are not mere boasting but founded upon solid and real historical evidence. The evidence demonstrates that the exclusive claims are not mere empty words.What we can’t take seriously are all those alternative religious claims which cannot supply the historical evidence they need to be true.


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