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04 Apr

#1. This Is A Parent’s Duty

A number of parents in a suburb of San Francisco are speaking out against a planned LGBT “acceptance week” designed to teach middle school students about the LGBT community.

Sorry but public school is not the place to teach children about these issues and it is up to the parents to do this kind of teaching. The opinion of the staff of the school should not interfere with education and this is not education but a form of brainwashing. Sorry but there is no other term to use here as the students are a captive audience and peer pressure is very influential as well as supervisory pressure.

Parents need to be teaching their children about these controversial issues so that the children can ask the right questions without fear and receive the correct response without being afraid of the backlash. The personal views of the school’s staff is not allowing children to make the right decision but leading them to what the school staff wants them to decide.

#2. If They Are Truly Concerned About Bullying

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed a bill that if enacted would have protected individuals and businesses that opposed gay marriage from legal punishment.

Recently the Republican-dominated General Assembly passed Senate Bill 41, which sought to protect people opposed to gay marriage from being compelled to perform or serve a same-sex wedding.

Then they would protect both sides of the issue from experiencing it. They would not leave one side vulnerable to retribution and we know that the homosexual community loves to play the retribution card and refuses to turn the other cheek.

#3. Freedom Is Not Freedom For Some

The recently elected governor of Louisiana plans to rescind an executive order by former Governor Bobby Jindal protecting opponents of gay marriage from legal punishment

Violating people’s religious freedoms is not supporting freedom but demanding that everyone follow their accepted ways. People need to be able to practice their religious beliefs without fear or backlash. One does not enable a group of people and allow them to become bullies simply because they disagree with those who hold opposing views.  Forcing them to participate in activities that violate their faith is not freedom but totalitarianism no matter if it is disguised as discrimination or not.

All people need to be protected and given the right freedom not just a few who opt for alternative and abnormal lifestyles.

#4. Personal Views Fuel These Attacks

“I think frankly, our churches should not be forced to do anything that’s not consistent with them. But if you’re a cupcake maker and somebody wants a cupcake, make them a cupcake. Let’s not have a big lawsuit or argument over all this stuff — move on. The next thing, you know, they might be saying, if you’re divorced you shouldn’t get a cupcake,” Kasich said at the Feb. 13 debate.

The notion that religious liberty is confined to churches, that one should leave their religion behind when they enter the marketplace, is also the basis for the narrow religious freedom exemption in Obama’s birth control mandate. Houses of worship are exempt but everyone else must go along, regardless of how offensive abortifacients are to your religious sensibilities, Obama argued. The Supreme Court disagreed.

Hoe people view religion is how they come to these opinions. Remember they hate us because they hate Christ. At no time can any of these people point to any passage of scripture that demonstrate that Jesus supported same-sex marriage; the participation in same-sex activities; or that one group should have special rights over another.

The verse ‘do unto others…’ or similar verses do not support same-sex marriage nor give permission for its legalization. They also do not tell a follower of Christ to put their religious views aside when involved in business or the public sphere. One treats others out of their religious belief no matter where they are. They are also not to suspend their religious views when making decisions, especially in the judicial and political arenas.

The problem for Christians today is that the rest of the nation they reside in want nothing to do with the truth or Jesus so they make up these silly rules in order to keep both out of their lives. No one should be forced to participate in same-sex activities and the reverse is also true, LGBT people should not be forced to participate in heterosexual activities.

It is basic common sense, something education, political and judicial officials seem to lack these days.

#5. People Are Too Worried About The End Times

A slight majority of evangelicals are “mostly sure” that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is not the Antichrist, according to a poll released April 1.

When I was young and just out of Bible College on of the trends I noticed was that once a person became a Christian, the first thing they did was study the book of Revelation to see what will happen in the future. Rarely did anyone look to the rest of the Bible to see what it is they need to do to become strong, fruit producing Christians.

They are more worried about the end times than doing their duty for God. I doubt that anyone can identify who the AntiChrist is going to be as there are so many people who are anti-Christ in existence today. Any one of them can ascend to power and it may not even be an American but the above story is typical American arrogant thinking. There are other people in power or striving for power in other countries who would be better candidates than Trump for the position of Anti-Christ.

Who is or isn’t going to be the AntiChrist is not the concern of the followers of Christ. There is no biblical instruction to ‘out him’ but there is biblical instruction to work for God till the end of times. Our focus should be on obeying God’s word correctly not trying to identify someone we cannot stop from rising to power and ruining this world.


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