Heresies Start With The Scholar

04 Apr

We are throwing this back in the face of Jim West as we know that heresies get their start from everywhere not just the supposed biblical scholar. What got us to write this article was the content from the following link:

It is funny to think that West thinks that scholars are endowed with a special gift of understanding God’s word and never make mistakes, abilities he thinks the common people do not have. It is also kind of funny that he thinks that only scholars can understand the authors of the Bible who for the most part, were not biblical or religious scholars. The were part of the common folk he so derides in that post.

An ancient text, in ancient languages, tossed into the hands of people with neither the training nor wisdom to use it aright, understand it aright, or appreciate it aright is an invitation to every heresy you can imagine.

Case in point. Since the Bible does not say ‘for handling by specialists only’ he really has no argument and what stops those scholars from going off the deep end and starting their own heretical religious group? What sort of protection does that group have that the common folk do not have access to? I wonder what biblical chapter and verse West uses to justify that statement about common folk? He never provides one when he makes these kind of statements from time to time.

We do know that God did provide everyone the same aid in understanding the Bible and getting to the truth and it is not God’s fault that many people, like West, refuse to humble themselves and follow that aid.God didn’t just toss the Bible or the original manuscripts into the hands of those who are untrained nor have the wisdom right, he gave his instructions and made them very clear. We read:

13 But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; (John 16)

How difficult is that to follow?  The only thing a person has to do is make sure they are actually following the spirit of truth to the truth. Very simple and uncomplicated. The Spirit of truth is for everyone to follow and is not only for the biblical scholar, most of whom do not follow him. The academic world does not have a monopoly on access to the Spirit of truth so do not think that the bible scholar or most pastors have an inside track that you do not have. Everyone has the same instructions and the same spirit of truth.

I just don’t think it’s all that terrible when people don’t have access to something they can’t use correctly

Again he assumes that the biblical scholar uses the bible and ancient languages correctly. He is very wrong and since he dismisses most of the Old Testament we know that he is not speaking the truth and has not accessed the spirit of truth for help. We need to take the Bible and biblical academics away from biblical scholars until they repent of their sinful ways and get right with God. Most could not teach the truth if their jobs depended upon it.

People do not need ancient language skills, wisdom or a variety of biblical degrees to learn the truth. They just need to make sure they are listening to God’s spirit of truth and they will gain wisdom, they will knowledge of the truth and they will become better people. West forgets that people have the right to choose and many, like him, do not choose to follow the truth but their own ways so it is no wonder that there are so many  alternative spiritual ideologies out there. He also forgets that evil influences people to think the wrong way, just like it does to him.

But he and they will not admit that evil does that, if they admit that evil exists at all.

I sometimes think that the worst thing the Reformers did was to put the Bible into the hands of people clearly incapable of making heads or tails of it.

No that wasn’t their big mistake. Their big mistake may have been not appointing qualified teachers to teach the people how to follow the Holy Spirit to the truth correctly. They may have and people’s love for darkness influenced their obedience to that teaching and led them to alternative ideologies.

It is amazing that someone like West, who claims to know a lot about the Bible knows so little. Free choice and what people treasure leads them astray not their lack of wisdom or knowledge of ancient languages. The Bible is for everyone and the onus is on them to follow God’s instructions if they want the truth.


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