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31 Mar

We are going to make this our last post for this internet session.

We also think he said it better and more concisely than we have.

On Monday Lt. Governor Dan Forest, who helped call the special session to pass HB2, called the executive in charge at one large protesting company and simply asked if him if he or anyone there had a actually read the bill.

He admitted they had not. They just labeled it “discriminatory” without even reading it.

This is a large part of the battle. This is also one of the pieces of information Christians should get before they launch their defense of their position or of the gospel. Being informed is part of the battle. We also need to not protest until we have all the facts.

The truth is they, like other companies who haven’t bothered to read the bill, are simply taking their marching orders from the misnamed “Human Rights Campaign,” who have the audacity to claim that men have a human right to have access to women and girls in public bathrooms, and that any acknowledgement of the biological differences between men and women is somehow discrimination against people who prefer same-sex relationships.

This is called ‘blind trust’ on the part of the company. No one should check their brains at the door even if they go to church and the pastor is really good. One must always double check what they are told because people make mistakes, even good pastors.

  1. All good laws discriminate against behaviors not people.

No one is being discriminated against with HB2, which discriminates against the behavior of a man using the women’s restroom. If any law is wrongly discriminatory it is the bad law passed by the Charlotte City council to create this controversy. It actually discriminates against women and children by making public restrooms unsafe for them. (The ACLU has already filed a lawsuit alleging HB2 does not provide “equal protection” to some folks. Ironically, it’s only because of HB2 that women and children get “equal protection” from predators in public bathrooms!)

When it comes to the issue of rights, people have blinders on and only look at what they want to see. The ACLU is only focused on rights not right and wrong, safety and dangerous and most likely they do not care for their battle is about rights and the people can take care of or fend for themselves. From my experience with the ACLU they do not care about the collateral damage or fallout from these situations, they only care about winning the supposed civil rights battle.

  1. People are equal, but their behaviors are not.

Good laws treat all people equally, but not all of their behaviors equally. In fact, the very reason laws exist at all is because all behaviors are not equal and must be treated differently for the benefit of individuals and society. HB2 discriminates against no one who identifies as LGBT. The law merely sets a safe public bathroom use (behavior) for everyone, and keeps employment law consistent across the state (more on this below).

This is the point we have been making all along. No one cares about right and wrong any more as they want to do what they want regardless of the cost or how it affects others.This is underscored by the breastfeeding issue. One woman was upset because as she put it, ‘She couldn’t breastfeed where SHE wanted to.’ It didn’t matter about the people around her or that she was in someone else’s store at the time. If she couldn’t do what she wanted then there was a problem with everyone else and that is terrible thinking.

This attitude is what is wrong with this bathroom issue. It is not about what is right or wrong but about being able to be selfish and do what one wants  regardless of how it hurts others.

  1. Your identity is not in your feelings but your biology.

I can’t believe there is actually a need to say this, but many on the Left are living in their own invented realty and they are demanding that we live in it too. The reason we’ve always had separate bathrooms is because of biological sexual differences, not because of feelings or “gender identity.” HB2 simply says that people will use public bathrooms that align with their biological sex as found on their birth certificate…

And why aren’t these holier-than-thou folks threatening to pull their business from Iran and Saudi Arabia who are actually murdering homosexuals? Their moral outrage is not only misdirected, it shows that they’re willing to put women and children at risk by kowtowing to a deceptive special interest group, but they’ll sacrifice nothing to save the people they say they care about by confronting real evil abroad.

We can make this argument all day long if we want to. Richard Dawkins is well known for going after Christians and Christianity yet never says anything from his pulpit about Islam and other religions which might retaliate violently against him. Do you see the trend? These people only go after soft targets, people they know they can bully but if you stand up to them they disappear very quickly.

Western society has rolled over for these groups and now have forgotten how to stand up for what is right and put these people back in their place.

  1. The danger is real from sexual predators in women’s restrooms.

If you don’t think so, then watch this video. Just the first six minutes are chilling enough.

Haven’t seen the video yet and you will have to click on the above link to get to it. Women have enough problems with sexual predators, they do not need to face them in their own bathrooms.

  1. Race and LGBT are not the same.

Race is not a behavior and race has no impact on someone’s behavior. But homosexuality is a behavior and LGBT political goals are all about imposing certain leftist behaviors on others, from forcing people to participate in same sex marriage ceremonies to allowing men in women’s restrooms.

We explained this in a different way the in the NC & Transgender post but this is just as good. We know they force others to their will as a bed and breakfast just got fined $80,000 for refusing to hold a same-sex ceremony. What is sad is that the very governmental agency designed to be fair and just and protect all people, the courts, has been hijacked by same-sex sympathizers and turned that agency into their own personal billy club.

Fairness and justice has been tossed out the window and the first quote in our 3 Quotes post applies to the courts as well.

  1. Opposition to harmful behavior is not bigotry.

It is wise. Unfortunately, some on the Left and in business falsely equate opposition to a behavior as prejudice toward people who engage in that behavior. That’s the central fallacy in virtually every argument the Human Rights Campaign puts out — if you don’t agree with every aspect of LGBT behavior or their political goals, you are somehow bigoted against people who identify that way.

If political opposition is bigotry, then the activists at the Human Rights Campaign are bigots for opposing conservatives. The truth is conservatives have good reasons based in public health and safety for not wanting to advocate same-sex marriage or men in women’s bathrooms. But it’s much easier for the Human Rights Campaign to ignore those arguments and call people names.

This is a point that all Christians should be making in a wise, understanding and compassionate manner. We do not let emotions rule our thinking or actions. Nor do we stoop to the level of the sinner. We remain Christ-like in our attitudes and response to the opposition. We broadcast the light not the darkness.

The truth is just too dangerous.

Yes it is because it stops all people from implementing their own ideas and forcing it upon others. It also stops people from being arrogant, disobedient and other negative behaviors that God has called sin. If people know what the truth is, then they know that there is a right and a wrong way and they have no excuse. If they choose to disobey the truth then they know what is going to happen to them and that is a thought they do not want to contemplate.

By ignoring right and wrong and making everything about ‘rights’ then they can go home and feel good about themselves for they supposedly did good for someone else. The truth destroys that goal and the self-pat on the back. The truth tells them that they need to change as well and that their good works still will not gain them entrance into heaven.

So the truth must go in their eyes.So must the standards of right and wrong and the light of Christianity. They cannot live as they please if the light shines upon their work and declares it sin.

We have left bits and pieces out from that article so click on the link and get the rest of what was written.


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