Let’s Call It What it Is

30 Mar

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The Walt Disney Company has threatened to stop filming in Georgia if Gov. Nathan Deal signs a religious freedom bill that would protect pastors’ right to not perform gay marriage ceremonies, among other clauses.


Marvel, which is owned by Disney, has shot major films at the Pinewood Studious outside Atlanta, Reuters reports, including the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” but is now thinking of cutting ties with the state.

The unchurched world complains about how the church forces its way upon others and tries to impose a morality upon society that much of society does not want. YET here we have a secular corporation, and it is not the only one, forcing its views upon the people of Georgia through very despicable means.

Those means are labeled as: bullying, extortion and blackmail. Done by anyone else, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies would be hunting the perpetrators down with a zeal equal to the knights of the Crusades. But since it is a multi-billion dollar corporation, the owner of Mickey Mouse and other lovable cartoon characters, this mean-spirited threat is overlooked and ignored by those who fight such behavior in lowly common people.

Deadline reported that Disney and Marvel, along with a variety of other companies, have threatened to take their business out of Georgia because they feel the legislation would allow discrimination against gay people

Yet Disney and these other unnamed companies remain silent when the homosexual people they are supporting discriminate and become abusive if not vindictive towards those who disagree with them.Seems that abusive and bullying behavior is a common trait and acceptable to that side of the issue. Disney and the homosexual community want tolerance and acceptance by their opposition yet they do not grant tolerance nor acceptance to anyone who disagrees with their views.

This hypocrisy only exposes the evil that permeates that side of the issue. As you may notice, Disney and others are only concerned about the sexually alternative and say nothing about the rights and desires of those who reject that abnormal lifestyle. Their silence on this part of the issue is deafening.

It follows news that the National Football League has also threatened it could pass by Atlanta as a potential Super Bowl host in the coming years, with NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy explaining that the league emphasizes “tolerance and inclusiveness, and prohibits discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other improper standard.”

I have yet to hear this type of threat or rhetoric in defense of the straight person, whether male or female, minority or not, so we must ask what is the homosexual community bringing to the table that demands such blind support. From our vantage point we do not see that the homosexual has anything to offer except destruction so why are so many people jumping on their bandwagon and giving it any kind of lip service?

Great words but in practice they only go one way–towards the sexual alternative practice person. Again their words undo any ‘fight for justice’ they claim to have made. True justice does not enable spoiled and selfish behavior.

“Unlike the original version, only a fraction of faith-based groups and churches will have safe harbor from the government’s ruthless attacks on Christians,” Perkins wrote in his Washington Update. “But instead of actually reading the bill, the NFL and other businesses seem quite content to take the media’s misleading word for it.”

Does anyone really expect that Disney , other corporations, politicians , sports organizations and the homosexual community to be honest in this issue? If so, we have a bridge in New York we can sell you. It just came on the market for $1,000,000. Don’t expect those fighting to have their sin accepted as good and normal to be honest about anything. Nor can you expect any business to be honest for they are after sales not justice.

This issue has gone past the point of the absurd as one side is arguing for protection against discrimination, bullying, blackmail, etc., yet will stoop to discrimination, bullying, blackmail, extortion and so on,  in order to achieve their goal. Something is wrong here and it is not on the part of those who oppose those sexual alternatives.

Maybe there would be a different response to the pleas of the homosexual community if they set the example for the behavior they want to see done to them. The Bible tells us that ‘we reap what we sow’, and ‘to treat others as we want to be treated’ so we must conclude that the treatment the homosexual community receives comes from the very treatment they dish out to others.

They and their supporters refuse to treat others as they want to be treated so it stands to reason that there is a problem here. If the LGBT person wants to be left alone and not financially ruined then they should set the example and turn the other cheek.Oh wait, that is another Bible verse telling them how to behave that they ignore because it stops them from being abusive and a bully to those who disagree with them.

Disney and the other supporters of the sexual alternative crowd need to re-examine their words and actions and see that they are doing exactly what they want to prevent being done to those they support. They are hurting innocent people because they do not like it when government officials govern honestly and do not let the sexual alternatives have their spoiled and selfish ways.

Sorry but we cannot condone what Disney and other corporations are doing because they are acting worse than those they accuse. They certainly are not acting Christ-like.


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