North Carolina & Transgenders

29 Mar

We titled this article in this fashion just so people would know exactly what we are talking about and in what context we are speaking. The source for our quotes come from the following link

though the title does not agree with the wording. We will provide you with the title to ensure you can find it on your own if the link does not work right. The title is:

North Carolina attorney general won’t defend transgender law: It’s a ‘national embarrassment’

Right off the bat we have problems with that statement because, one, the AG of any state or country has taken an oath to fulfill their duties and enforce the laws of the land. That oath doe snot give them the right to cherry pick which laws they will or will not enforce. Somehow the idea of doing their jobs has been lost. The second reason we have problems is that one man’s subjective opinion should not be allowed to label an act that corrects a wrong committed by a city.

Charlotte went beyond rational and logical thinking when it enacted a law allowing men to go into women’s bathrooms, etc., and we say men because that is what those people are even though they identify as a woman. Identifying does not change their gender but shows a mental illness or a deep spiritual problem, problems that need help to solve not enabled.

One day after civil liberties groups filed suit to fight a controversial “bathroom bill” in North Carolina that they say discriminates against the LGBT community, state Attorney General Roy Cooper announced that he would not defend its constitutionality.

It has become clear that the definition of the word ‘discrimination’ has become distorted in this issue. The homosexual community and their supporters have purposefully distorted what discrimination actually means in order to force their ways upon others. Discrimination used to mean that you ‘cannot do something others get to do’ but in this issue the definition of the word has been changed to, ‘we are not allowed to be spoiled and do what we want’.

In the old days when there was real discrimination rights were removed from people of color. These days those who cry that they are being discriminated against actually mean that they are being denied special rights. This bill does not stop the sexual alternative from using the same public restroom as straight people but tells them which one they can or cannot use. This is rational and logical as there are more people involved than just those who do not want to be normal.

The rights of some are being trampled by those in power in their haste to look politically correct, on the right side of history (whatever that means), or trying to get re-elected. Sanity has left this issue long ago.

According to Cooper, House Bill 2 (HB2) is in direct conflict with nondiscrimination policies at North Carolina’s justice department and treasurer’s office, as well as many of the state’s businesses. Though the LGBT community is targeted, he said, it could ultimately result in the discrimination of other groups as well.

Actually it isn’t and this is just someone using fear to bully those who are being protected. Distortion confuses the issue and shows that one side or the other is not being honest in their attempts to represent their views.

Cooper called the new law a “national embarrassment” that will hurt North Carolina’s economy if not repealed. And there are already signs that he might be right.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee banned nonessential publicly funded travel there in a show of opposition to the law on Friday. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray followed suit on Monday.

In our opinion, and it is only our opinion, such bullies need to be removed from office for dereliction of their duties to honestly represent all people, the whole population that they swore to govern correctly and represent. The ignoring of the rights of those who do not pursue alternative and sinful options is disgraceful and the failure to represent their interests in this matter is not only disgusting but rehensible.

The sexual alternative groups need to be told that they are not the only people in the world and that they need to respect the rights and privacy of others instead of handing them everything they want on a silver platter.

“In New York, we believe that all people — regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation — deserve the same rights and protections under the law,” Cuomo said in a statement. “From Stonewall to marriage equality, our state has been a beacon of hope and equality for the LGBT community, and we will not stand idly by as misguided legislation replicates the discrimination of the past.”

So sad that government officials publicly state their support of sin and sinful practices. I doubt they would last in office if they did the same thing for murderers, rapists and pedophiles. While this website has proclaimed that believers are to treat homosexuals as Christ treated sinners, giving them aid, food, healing, etc., as well as allowing them to be employed and have a residence at no time do we support their sin, call it good, we do not enable it by allowing them to continue their distortion of their identity and infringe upon the rights and privacy of others. We also do not call their sin good or normal.

The line of right and wrong , good and evil, sin and not sin cannot be erased or crossed.

“Charlotte had chosen to be a fair and welcoming city, to express its values in a local ordinance,” Tara Borelli, the senior attorney at Lambda Legal, said in an interview with Yahoo News. “And HB2 really runs roughshod over those values by passing this outrageous law. It really tarnishes the reputation of the state.”

That is wrong. They have chosen to be unfair, and ignorant in this issue. They have been deceived and led astray because they have listened to the wrong people and the wrong words.

We can go on taking samples from that article and stating why they are in error but we would probably be beating a dead horse or end up preaching only to the choir. Freedom does not equal anarchy where everyone gets to do what they want because they have a ‘right to do it’. Freedom means rights are limited so that society can function. If everyone gets to do what they want then there can be no leadership for no one will follow but do as they please.

There is no authority, no law, no safety. The breaking down of freedom to equal anarchy means that the idea of right and wrong do not exist, good and evil is immaterial and that there is no morality. This situation will do more harm than the accusations made against this bill claim. The Christian needs to stand for real freedom, real right and wrong and real justice and be the light on this issue as well as many others. They need to do it with God’s leading, not what they think is God’s leading but knowing what he is telling them to do beyond a shadow of doubt

We stand for what is right, just, fair & biblical and make sure that stance actually represents what is right, just fair & biblical. We do not in lose our subjective opinions into the issue but learn from God what we must know and do. Allowing government officials to be  bullies or ignore their sworn duties is not part of those characteristics. Then we do all of this humbly, wisely and with understanding coupled with actual knowledge and not far or misrepresentations.

It is the believer who sets the example, not the government or the unbelieving world for it is the Christian who only has he correct example and instructions to follow. Christians need to be wise not emotional. They need to be rational and logical not ignorant and absurd. They need to be peacemakers not bullies and peace is needed in this issue of sexual alternatives and its demands.

It is a tough job but God gave it to us to do and he has given us the correct help to aid us, we just need to be honest and humble enough to do and accept it.

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