We Respectfully Disagree

26 Mar

Ken Ham has been working on an Ark Theme park for several years now and we have voiced our opposition to the project directly to AIG. We did not expect them to listen since the project was underway at the time. if you want to read an update on their progress you can click on the following link

We on the other hand will comment on select quotes.

#1. A mind-blowing full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark is nearing completion in Williamstown, KY, displaying the remarkable grandiosity of the all-wood colossus.

Maybe so but is that result what God told us to do? Are we to build ‘mind blowing’ replicas of biblical objects? Are we to spend millions of dollars on terrestrial objects which will pass away when the world ends while leaving people in debt, hungry and homeless? These are questions every believer needs to answer for themselves.

#2. We want to reach millions more about the truth in the Gospel, the words of God,” said Ham, who is also the founder of the Creation Museum located 40 miles from the Ark. “I believe that the Ark of Noah is the greatest reminder we have for salvation.

Two things here. First, Jesus said ‘Go YE into all the world…’ He did not say go and build replicas. Second, we do not have the ark of Noah. We have Ham’s designers’ conception of how the ark looked not the actual ark. Do not forget that no one knows how long a cubit was in Noah’s time. We cannot use the ancient Egyptian or Hebrew cubit for we cannot verify if one of those two measurements were the same as the one Noah used.

Then we thought that the changed lives of sinful humans were the greatest reminder of salvation? And before the ark, we could point to the symbol of the cross to remind us of what Jesus did. We cannot point to the ark and say Jesus used that to redeem us.Ham is very confused here about what reminds us of salvation as he also forgets about Christ’s establishment of communion and the charge to ‘do this in remembrance of me’. We do not have his instructions to use the ark as a reminder of his sacrifice for us.

#3. At 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high, the replica is so big it actually shatters previous records — becoming the biggest all-timber structure in the world, according to Ham.

Is this about records or Jesus’ offer of salvation?

#4. The Ark Encounter website hopes the project will dispel the aura of childhood fantasy that is associated with the Ark story. “We consider the fairy-tale ark that appears in the drawings, kids’ books and toys, looking like a bathtub with the giraffes’ heads sticking out and modern animals on board, to be dangerous. The biblical account of the Ark and the Flood is not a fun story about an old man and lots of cute animals. It’s about God judging an exceedingly wicked world while sparing a righteous man, his family, and representatives of the land animals from destruction.”

This would be nice BUT we do not need to have a Christian organization spend millions of dollars on one structure to accomplish this correction. The Bible, scale models, new drawings, etc., would accomplish the same thing and leave enough money left over to help those in need.

#5. The looming structure does much to rest the unease of any critical reader of the Genesis account of Noah: “How was Noah able to feed the animals? How could he deal with the waste?” Ham asked. “We want to show the feasibility of the Ark.”

This too can be done with scale models and drawings. We do not need to waste millions of dollars to demonstrate a solution when a few dollars will do the same thing.

#6. Ham was a high school science teacher in Australia who would rue museum visits with his students because all the exhibits advocated the theory of evolution. God planted the vision one day of building a museum that could proclaim the truths of the Bible with scientific backing.

We feel the same way and get tired of going to museums who only speak of evolution. Or that they have all the facts when we know differently. We have trouble when believers say ‘God told us…’ or ‘God gave us a vision…’ for it is hard to verify and considering God’s word we wonder if he misread the vision.

#7.Ark Encounter will ultimately include a petting zoo and a huge restaurant to handle large crowds, Ham said. A theme park is envisioned as profits can be reinvested.

“Over the years, we’re also going to recreate other events from the Book of Genesis and even the Book of Exodus,” Looy told CBN News. “We’ll get into other events of biblical history, like the Tower of Babel and also the Exodus and the parting of the Red Sea.”

All we can do is sigh.  We do not agree with this venture for this witness can be done in so many different and better ways. We find that this objective, the law suits and other legal difficulties will raise some stumbling blocks while only preaching to the choir. We can understand having a creation museum but this is going one step too far.

This project just seems to be contrary to what Jesus taught us to do with our lives and our faith. We will exercise our right of free choice and not support this project but we will not try to convince anyone else not to do so. That is up to them. We are merely pointing out some facts so that people can make a fully informed decision.

We feel that these projects are less than glorifying to God and in assessing their work we remind our readers not to lean unto your own understanding but look at the project as God would want. Everything Ham wants to accomplish with this expenditure and construction has been done for generations and millennia by individuals who simply obeyed Jesus’ command and went out to preach the gospel and made disciples of those who believed.

We do not need a multi-million dollar structure to do what we have always done in the Christian faith.We find this project to be a result of poor Christian leadership as a much worthier project would have been to use the money to equip our Christian academic institutions with the money and resources needed to hire professors who know the truth and teach that, giving our students a solid foundation in the faith instead of educating them according to secular standards. Those resources include better books, and information and so on.

Having well-trained men and women, grounded in the truth, would produce greater results than one mute monument located where a lot of people cannot get to. Also, those well-trained men and women would also strengthen the modern family instead of letting them be vulnerable to the excuses and pressures of the secular world.

Somehow our priorities are mixed up as we should be investing in our people not earthly structures.

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