What Is Wrong With This Picture

24 Mar

We are going to post an excerpt from A CHRONOLOGY OF BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY by Dr. R. C. Wetzel (Ages Software edition) and let you see why the Ussher Chronology does not work.


4004 Archbishop JAMES USSHER’S 1654 date of the Creation of


3975 FRANK KLASSEN’S 1975 date of the Creation of Man.

3845 SETH was born to ADAM.

3760 Traditional Jewish date of the Creation of Man.

3740 ENOS was born to SETH.

3650 CAINAN was born to ENOS.

3600 Sumerian city-states were in existence.

3580 MAHALALEEL was born to CAINAN.

3515 JARED was born to MAHALALEEL.

3500 Cuneiform writing system was developed by the Sumerians.

3378 The SED Festivals had their origin in Egypt.

3353 ENOCH was born to JARED.

3300 MENES united Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.

3288 METHUSELAH was born to ENOCH.

3101 LAMECH was born to METHUSELAH.

3100 BARAT founded the first Phoenician dynasty. The first Egyptian

dynasty was founded.

3045 ADAM died at age 930.

2988 ENOCH was translated at age 365.

2933 SETH died at age 912.

2919 NOAH was born to LAMECH.

2890 The second Egyptian dynasty was founded by HETEP.

2835 ENOS died at age 905.

2740 CAINAN died at age 910.

2686 The third Egyptian dynasty was founded by NEBKA.

2685 MAHALALEEL died at age 895.

2613 The fourth Egyptian dynasty was founded by SNEFERU.

2589 CHEOPS (KHUFU) ruled Egypt for 23 years.

2570 The Great Pyramid of CHEOPS was built at Gizeh in Egypt.

2553 JARED died at age 962.

2500 The Hurrians, originating in Armenia, moved into the Near

Eastern area, settling in the Euphrates Valley.

2494 The fifth Egyptian dynasty was founded by USERKAF.

2439 GOD determined to destroy man in his 1,536th year.

2425 The cult of OSIRIS spread over Egypt.

2419 JAPHETH was born to NOAH.

2417 SHEM was born to NOAH.

2416 HAM was born to NOAH.

2400 Babylon was ruled by SUMU-ABI.

2344 The Hebrew date of the Deluge, as well as the Chinese date in

their “Epoch of Fu-Hi”, the Babylonian and Egyptian records.

2341 The sixth Egyptian dynasty was founded by TETI.

2324 LAMECH died at age 777.

2319 METHUSELAH died at age 969. The Flood came in the

1,656th year of man.

2318 NOAH vacated the ark after 1 year and 10 days.

We have put in bold almost all of the problems to make your search a little easier. And we will wait a bit to let you analyze this chronology before telling you the answer. Don’t read further if you want to figure it out yourselves first.


As you can see, this chronology has the Sumerians, Egyptians, Hurrians, the Babylonians, along with other achievements existing prior to the flood. This is just impossible. It is also evidence for why Ussher and others’ chronologies simply do not work. There is not enough time in their timelines for everything to take place and it places people and dynasties in eras they do not belong.

Those chronologies also distort history. There are no ancient records telling us that the pre-flood world was divided into different nations. As far as we know the people of that time were all one group but spread throughout the world. We do know that the origins of the different nations came after the flood at Babel, an event far too late to be part of the pref-flood world. We also know that no ancient nation remembers their origins, per Dr. W. F. Albright thus any statement made by scholars that the nations of the world originated in the pre-flood society, are outrageous and in error.

What this means is that either man’s history is longer than 6,000 years, and we would cap that at 10,000, or the pyramids and other ancient buildings credited to a post-flood society, were products of the pre-flood world and not the people given the modern-day credit.A lot of problems arise form these misguided chronologies and they act to undermine the Christian message because they are out of touch with reality and biblical history.


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