24 Mar

While we wish everyone to have a happy, safe and good holiday weekend, we at theologyarchaeology do not celebrate the day nor care if it is a holiday or not. We hold the same views about Easter as we do Christmas. It is not a biblical holiday and Jesus’ death and resurrection is already celebrated by communion. Believers need to get back to biblical teaching and though we can enjoy festivals there is no bible passage that instructs us to create ‘holy days’.

Those that attack or disagree with the history of the Easter holiday need to provide real evidence to support their opposition. West just acts like a totalitarian dictator when he says:

And no, Easter is not a pagan holiday baptized by the Church and taken over for its own purposes.  Those who suggest otherwise are the carriers of foolish old wives tales made up by ignoramuses who think that words that are remotely similar are somehow related.  Such buffoons deserve to be takes as seriously as the expulsion of gas from the rear of a lizard. (

That is his whole post and for someone who claims to be a scholar and rails on anyone who is not a scholar, his post is quite sparse in scholastic support.

If you want a place to start to learn about the origins of the Easter festivities you can click on this link to get some of the story. here is another link that may provide some more interesting details

Easter may be a fun time for children and no one wants to take that away from them but we need to tell the children the truth about Easter and give them the right perspective of the festival including its history. They can still have Easter egg hunts, decorate eggs, receive chocolate but in the right biblical context and not in the context surrounding this holiday now.

Believers need to apply the verse- be ye in the world not of it– to all holiday and festival occasions and they need to teach their children the same attitude correctly. We do not judge not condemn those who participate in the festival but look for ways to bring the light of Jesus to the occasions correctly.

If those links do not satisfy your quest to learn more about the Easter holiday here is one more. It is far more detailed than the others

Enjoy your time with your family and friends over this weekend and don’t do anything stupid. Some tragedies happen when people do not think clearly and decide to fool around instead of being wise and responsible.

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