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20 Mar

We will do this segment and possibly 2 more even though we have more lists than 8. We are sure you get the idea behind these so-called ‘lies’ and we hope not to be repetitive. The following post deals with women, as if the topic of sex was not enough. But there are attitudes and points made that we cannot let alone. The following ‘lies’ are taken from the article, ‘Ten Lies The Church Tells Women’ By J. Lee Grady and found at:


Those words begin the introduction and all it tells us is that the following ‘lies’ come from a very prejudicial and subjective source. What else those words tell us is that their speaker does not allow God to have rules for his people to follow. His rules must meet their approval instead of them humbling themselves and following God’s desire for the church.

Yes some women have been deprived of certain spiritual freedom but the generality undermines his protest as we are not sure what he means by ‘spiritual captivity’. If that restriction includes women as pastors then he would be in error concerning how women have been treated. Obedience to God’s will is not keeping anyone in ‘spiritual captivity’ but helping them abide by God’s instruction and stay sinless.

We live in the 21st century, but if we’re honest we have to admit that in some ways the church is still in the Dark Ages–especially when we look at the way we treat women.

What also undermines that author’s point of view is his appeal to secular culture over God’s instruction. He would have to produce explicit biblical verses stating that it is okay to listen to the ungodly over biblical teaching. He would be out of luck as there is no biblical verse instructing God’s followers to use culture to determine how the church should function.

Even though the Scriptures never portray women as secondary to men, our male-dominated religious system still promotes a warped view of female inferiority.  Women are tired of this, and as a man, so am I–because such demeaning attitudes don’t reflect God’s heart.

Since he does not quote scripture, how does he know God’s heart? Everyone knows that certain biblical passages have been used to limit women’s roles in the church and family, they did the same thing with slavery as well. People will always use the Bible to justify wrongful actions BUT that doesn’t mean the whole church is doing this and it is as wrong to accuse innocent people of crimes they did not commit as it is to restrict women from growing spiritually. Though this does not mean that women get to be pastors or church leaders.

Jesus challenged gender prejudice at its core when He directed so much of His ministry toward women.  In a Middle Eastern culture that considered women mere property, He healed women, discipled them and commissioned them to minister.  Yet today we spend much of our energy denying them opportunities–and using the Bible to defend our prohibitions.

There is so much wrong with this quote that it may take too much time to get through. Where did Jesus challenge gender prejudice? Chapter and verse please and when you are done with searching for those passages maybe he could define what he means by ‘gender prejudice’. We do not see Jesus over-turning God’s rules concerning those qualified to minister as priests of the temple. Nor do we see him campaigning to have women included as priests so there really is no challenging going on here. We do see Jesus complying with God’s rules something many people like that author do not do.

It is so tiring to hear the line, ‘middle Eastern Culture considered women as property’. As if God followed secular culture to frame his will for his church and people.The Bible has never taught that women were to be considered as property, even though some people distort one of the commandments to ensure that this point is made.

Then we must ask, where did Jesus commission women to be a minister? Yes they have permission to minister but that permission does not include being a pastor or church leader. Jesus did not give such instructions that they could and since Paul’s writings are a part of God’s word, saying that Paul is wrong is saying that God is wrong. The rest of the NT apart from the 4 gospels and the book of Acts are also God’s instructions to his people, we need to be careful when we challenge those words and say that they do not apply to the modern church.

I’ve identified 10 erroneous views about women that for too long have been circulated in the church, preached from pulpits and written in the study notes of popular Bible translations.  I believe we must debunk these lies if we want to see the church fully released to fulfill the Great Commission.

So now we get to the real reasons for this list, he doesn’t like something so HE HAS identified these supposed lies and without scripture to support his views, all we have is his own subjective opinion and not God’s word trying to correct a supposed wrong. That last line just re-emphasizes the fact that his list is human sourced and not of God. He has opted for the secular view of women instead of leading people to God’s truth.

Now we will look at these supposed lies.


When you make an opposing point, it would be wise not to distort the issue to fit your point of view. While some people and churches have restricted the woman’s role to that of  a domestic helper, that help still goes a long way in helping their husbands.The scripture, in all things be content, and I am paraphrasing here, tells us the attitude we are to have even when things are not going our way. If a woman can be content in her little role described in that point, then they will be content in larger roles granted them. If they cannot, then they will have trouble being content when they are granted larger responsibilities.

She was not created for servitude

When making a point, it is also wise not to imply your own ideas to certain words. If a woman is helping her husband, we can label all her work ‘servitude’ not just domestic chores. But those who argue against this family set up are not listening to God but listening to the ideas of the secular world. Subjective and prejudicial opinions are not helping the issue especially when the source for those thoughts are not from God.


Some people, including women, believe this to be true and have found it to be true when they get married. This is not really a lie but a statement that some people cannot abide by because they want more for their lives than God’s will. To answer this, of course women can be fulfilled and spiritually effective without marrying but not all women.

That author seems to want everyone to go his way instead of God’s.


This is not a lie but an issue for the husband and wife only. Since it is their marriage they get to decide if the wife will work outside of the home or not. Such people have the same freedom of choice that author wants for himself and they get to decide, not him, if the wife works or not. If he doesn’t like their decision, too bad. it is their choice.


So that author thinks he is greater than God and demonstrates that he does not know God’s heart for he is saying that a passage of scripture is a lie:

1Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also may without the word be won by the conversation of the wives;(1 Pet. 3 KJV)

That author may not like the situations but God has given instructions to the women in order to handle whatever treatment comes their way. Paul also states that when one is married they are not to seek to be loosed from their mate, and no where does Paul provide an escape clause which reads ‘except in the case of domestic abuse’

In these situations people are applying their own ideas not God’s and that is dangerous. They are also applying the erroneous idea that everyone has the right to be free from persecution. No one likes these situations but we solve them by obeying God not disobeying him or leading others to disobey him.


This one example of why dealing with these lies is difficult. The title does not match the scripture of the explanation given by that author. Here he is talking about ‘ministry activities’ and the explanation talks about ‘approaching God’. if one cannot be honest in their presentation then there is little hope of them grasping the truth even when it is explained to them.

The abuse of scripture especially the passage that author quotes from Galatians only makes this issue more difficult. That passage in scripture does NOT relieve anyone of the rules God laid down for his church found in other books of the Bible. To say it does is a gross distortion of what Paul said in Galatians.


Never heard of this one before and while we will admit some people may say this, let’s leave the whole church out of the accusation. Generalities distort not help solve an issue.

My experience in marriage has been that God speaks both to me and to my wife

So his marriage is the template for all believers and not God’s word? We have trouble accepting the idea that God is speaking to both of them due to the distortion of scripture found in that article and how he conducts his marriage. What we are seeing in this section is that that author will cherry pick the passages he will accept and follow and then alter those he does not like. To have an honest marriage one must follow all the passages of scripture not just the ones that appeal to his modern sensibilities.


To be honest, some women are not. If they all were then there would be no ‘Indians’ to follow all those ‘chiefs’. Women are equipped to lead other women but they are not equipped to lead men. God has made the rules that he wants observed in his church. You will find no other divinely inspired alternative scriptures where we know beyond a shadow of doubt that they are of God which replace the passages that we have.

Some people will point to the idea of interpretation but the use of interpretation is not instructed by God or Jesus or any of the biblical writers. The instruction to follow the Holy Spirit to the truth should have all believers searching for the truth and accepting it so that there is unity in the church. You can’t have unity in either the church or marriage if the members of both believe different things.

The most common mistake we make in biblical interpretation occurs when we take one isolated verse and build a doctrine around it–even if the verse seems to contradict other passages.  This is often what we do with 1 Tim. 2:12, “I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man” (NASB).

This is a lie and when you claim that other people lie, you should not resort to lies to make your point. No one is building a doctrine around one single verse. If one does an honest biblical study on this issue they will see that God is consistent in all of his instructions about women and the church. This passage is not out of line with the OT Temple, the priesthood and the rules of the temple thus we are not building a doctrine out of one verse but seeing that what God wanted for his people in the OT, stands true for his people of the NT.

God does not change his rules.


No they shouldn’t and this is very clear biblical teaching, not a lie.Calling God’s word a lie or to accuse it of lying is saying that God sinned. We mentioned earlier about divinely inspired alternative scripture being absent from that side of the issue’s material so we won’t go over it here but one thing that is important to point out, is that those who disagree with scripture need to change what God has said in his word in order to get their viewpoint into the church.

All of our manuscripts say basically the same thing so there really is no confusion about God’s instructions for women and the church. But those who oppose that quoted point of view, try anyways to confuse other believers and confusion is not of God but evil. They try to re-translate passages or words to fit their arguments, or they use other tricks to make the Bible say something it never said rarely are they honest in their approach to this issue.

In their book I Suffer Not a Woman, Richard and Catherine Clark Kroeger explain that certain cultic worship practices involving female priestesses of Diana had invaded the first-century church.  These priestesses promoted blasphemous ideas about sex and spirituality, and they sometimes performed rituals in which they pronounced curses on men and declared female superiority

All this argument does is raise the question, if the scriptures only apply to that situation then where are our guiding divine words for today? These people just do not want God’s word to apply to all situations and for all time. They want their own way not God’s.


Hard to say but many men deceive women about their romantic pursuits all the time and vice versa so this may be a toss-up.


Haven’t heard this one before and if this is true then it is because women misapply their leadership gifts in order to disobey God. So actually when that happens that statement is correct.What that author needs to remember is that God does not call people to disobey his word. If a person says they are called to a position that is scripturally off-limits to them then they either need to rethink that call, figure out who sent it or check to see if they heard and applied it correctly.

To say that God is leading his people to disobey his word then you are saying that God is leading people to sin and God does not do that. God punishes disobedience not reward it with positions in the church that defy his word.

.  But women who walk in spiritual integrity and preach the Word of God with power deserve our respect.

But if they are walking in spiritual integrity and preach the word of God they would not be disobeying it and assuming leadership positions they are not entitled to occupy.You cannot have spiritual integrity when you ignore God’s instructions and find excuses to ignore certain passages of scriptures. You can represent God and then turn around and say what he said does not apply.

The people who argue as that author has argued do not get this nor do they get what it means to be a servant of God or his steward. They import their own ideas, or borrow those from the secular world which is led by evil not God. They are the false teachers not those who have made honest mistakes in their application of biblical instruction.



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