Lies & The Church – 4

20 Mar

We continue our series on Lies and the Church and we strongly recommend that you read the introduction to the first installment before reading any other section in the series, in order  to get the context of what is being done here.

We will say that many people like to leap to conclusions and label certain statements as lies without considering all the factors involved with those making those statements others feel are lies. In this installment of our series we will look at homosexuality and the black church. The supposed lies are taken from the article ‘Top 10 Lies the Black Church Tells About Being Gay’ By Viktor Kerney  which is found at the following link:

#1. Demon possession. There is no homosexual demon or any demon of that nature. It’s a lie and silly one at that.

How does he know this? What evidence does he have to support this conclusion? Has he checked every demon out to make sure there are none who influence people towards homosexuality? What we know is that God made everything good and perfect in the beginning including marriage. Then when Adam sinned corruption came into the world and the result of God’s work was ruined.

Marriage and relationships are not immune to this corruption thus homosexuality, bi influences, transgender and other alternative relationship patterns are not good and perfect but perversions and corruption of what God made.

As we read the scripture, God does make it clear that marriage is heterosexual only thus we can conclude by those words and his words and actions found in other parts of the Bible that same-sex and other forms of marriage are not good and acceptable to him, nor a product of his work, This means that demons may be influencing humans to become something unnatural and this website leans towards that idea.

As to actual demon possession we can only go with possible as how that influence is transmitted to humans is too difficult to deal with at this time. Suffice it to say there is nothing of God in any alternative to heterosexual marriage.

#2. Homosexuality is designed to break up the black family. No, ignorance and bigotry causes the problems in the family. A true loving family looks beyond someone’s sexuality or gender, and remains loving and supportive

We can only agree in part here as homosexuality is not designed to break up a family but to pervert what God created and destroy his human creation. Homosexuality can be used to break up a family if a family lets evil has its way.

It is sad to see that author think that ignorance and bigotry is only on the part of those who oppose homosexuality. Any homosexual who thinks that their alternative is natural are the ones who are ignorant of the reality surrounding their preferences.

Another sad thing to see here is how the homosexual wants people to ignore the sin in this issue. This rejection of their spiritual status leads the homosexual to conclude false things about themselves and God and his love. The homosexual’s bigotry toward religious teaching is very noticeable. Their demand that others forget their religious beliefs and teachings and embrace their sin shows that God is not in the homosexual alternative. It also demonstrates that the homosexual does not care about anyone else and only want their selfish desires no matter what it does to others or society.

#3. You can be delivered from homosexuality through prayer. Nope, you can’t pray the gay away, but you will waste a lot of time on your knees

That author is saying that there is something to hard for God and that Christ cannot redeem a homosexual and make them a new creature. It also displays an ignorance of scripture where in Romans 1 we read that God gives homosexuals over to their sinful lusts.

What this means is that conversion therapy may not work because God has decided not to redeem those seeking to rid themselves of their homosexuality. The critics of conversion therapy only look at the surface and make their judgments while God is seeing the heart of those who are seeking relief from their alternative sexual desires, thus redemption may not happen.

It is not that conversion therapy is useless. It is just that God chooses whom he will redeem. The Bible tells us that God will have mercy upon those whom he will have mercy. In other words, there are those who go too far and God will not bring them back. Don’t blame the therapy or the therapist, blame the afflicted for their desires may not truly be in line with redemption.

Homosexuals have been and still are being redeemed through prayer, so this point is not a lie. It is just not universally administered.

#4. Finding someone of the opposite sex to chase away “those feelings”. That doesn’t work. Why would you force yourself to be with someone you are not attracted to?

They say good intentions pave the path to hell and this idea may be part of that saying. I know of those who have thought this way but this is not the right path to healing someone of homosexuality. Only Jesus can redeem sinners not an opposite sexed mate. They can lead the homosexual to conversion but it is only Jesus who makes a person a new creature.

While that author may be correct in this assessment of that thinking, I would not necessarily call it a lie but very misguided thinking on the part of some believers. In answer to that question, in knowing what we know about homosexuality, why are those unrepentant homosexuals still counseling younger people to explore their options sexually and encouraging them to become homosexual?

Why are they not on the forefront of the issue telling young kids the truth and discouraging them from choosing the alternatives to heterosexuality? Their sinful desires have confused their minds so much that they do not even care to spare others from their fate.

#5.    Lack of a father figure leads to homosexuality. That’s a huge myth; many LGBT people come from a two-parent household

No not really since many homosexuals do come from a fatherless home. Homosexuality is a corruption of God’s construction of marriage thus it is not limited to any one type of home. Since its origins is in sin and evil, this means that there are no boundaries to advance homosexuality among God’s creatures.

#6. Sexual abuse is the cause of homosexuality… Please

Again we disagree because the source for homosexuality is not limited to just one method or circumstance. Not all sexual abuse leads to homosexuality but it is one of the sources for it. It may not have a majority of people but it remains a possibility.

#7. The Bible says it’s a sin. Okay, if we’re going to play that game the Bible also says being drunk is a sin and debating is a sin. Hell, they’re over 600 sins. If you are going to pick just one, you have to pick them all

This demonstrates the unrealistic nature of those who say the church is lying to its people. No one said being drunk wasn’t a sin nor did anyone say that lying, stealing, murdering and so on were not sin. We are saying that homosexuality is a sin and that is giving it is real identity. We are informing people of their present condition and their future ‘rewards’ if they do not take action and change.

This point is not a lie but simply an angry comment made by those who do not like to be told that they are not going to heaven.

#8. You are a broken person if you are gay, trans or lesbian. Donnie McClurkin preaches to his church members that we are broken, and we will never be whole until we give up our homosexuality. This is also a lie. By being honest and open, we are completely whole and true to ourselves.

Terminology distorts the issue. Definitions can be altered or misunderstood thus we get this response in that quote. How one views oneself may not necessarily be true or how God views them. We would have to get the whole context from those sermons to make a comment upon the use of the word ‘broken’ but given what that author says, we know that he does not understand what Mr. McClurkin is talking about.

Being true to oneself does not mean one is not broken or sinless. The homosexual refuses to be honest with themselves about their sexual preference and that leads so many away from being redeemed. It isn’t the therapy that is doing the harm to the homosexual, it is the refusal to hear the truth about themselves that does it.

#9. Homosexuality is a curse. Really? It’s not a spell from a wicked queen. It’s who we are; it’s who we’re meant to be

Now it is the homosexual who is lying to themselves not the black church. Being homosexual is not who they are or were meant to be. It is what they chose to be. While we agree that homosexuality may not be a curse, it is something that is sin which needs repentance to take care of it.

Just because the homosexual does not remember making the choice does not mean one was not made. Believers need to avoid these kinds of comments for it is not accurate.

#10 You will burn in Hell. I can’t imagine burning in Hell for being yourself or sharing your life with someone you love. If this is so wrong, how can we be capable of love?

The wages of sin is death and even if you love someone or being yourself, if you do not give up the sin and repent then accept Jesus then you are still going to go to hell. The criteria for salvation are not loving someone and following sin but asking for forgiveness and turning away from your sins.

Anyone is capable of love or loving another person but again, being capable of love does not remove God’s criteria for salvation. Salvation goes by God’s rules not the thoughts of those in need of salvation.

The last line really demonstrates the ignorance of God and his rules on the part of the homosexual. Their refusal to give up their sin tells us why conversion and other therapies do not work. The homosexual does not want to become a new creature. They want heaven and their sin and that is just not going to happen.


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