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16 Mar

#1. The Dumbest Idea Yet

The Ohio Supreme Court implemented a controversial decision Tuesday to stop using gender specific terms such as “husband,” “wife,” “father” and “mother” on all of rules and forms, opting instead to use gender neutral terms.

In a statement released Monday by court spokesman Bret Crow, the decision came as a response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s legalization of gay marriage last summer

Sorry but this is just dumb. Since when does the terminology have to change because alternatives do not like following the rules? This pandering to those who refuse to do marriage correctly must stop. Nothing is accomplished by doing that.

#2. Check The Teaching

When Mark Driscoll ran Mars Hill Church, Easter Sunday was a big deal on the church calendar. It is no surprise then that the first gathering of The Trinity Church will be on Easter Sunday in their new/old location.

If it is false teaching then ignore Driscoll, if it is not then ignore Throckmorton. One of the reasons I do not support the latter is because his attacks on Driscoll seem to be personal and not spiritually correct. I do not see Throckmorton doing what he does to Driscoll to any false teacher out there and there are plenty of mega churches around the world led by false teachers.

#3. I’ve Read An Excerpt–

Take a look.  It looks excellent, as one would expect from Bob.

It was not excellent, at east the chapter I read. It brought nothing new to the table and while it looks at different cities, the author does not show how those cities built the Bible. If you read the link and the title of the book you will see that West made a mistake.  Cargill is known for his wild theories that make no sense. He is also an atheist which tells you everything you need to know about the perspective of that book

#4. I Am Not Worried About This

As a result of an ongoing “beautification” campaign across China’s coastal Zhejiang province, four more church crosses were demolished by authorities on Thursday and Friday of last week.

Dajing Christian Church and Bailuyu Christian Church both lost their crosses on Thursday evening, and two other crosses, those of Dongyu Church and Baiqiangdi Church, were demolished the next day. Church members of a fifth church, Nange Church, reported receiving a demolition notice for their cross as well.

According to the members of these churches, the many of the demolitions occurred very late at night or early in the morning, when it was least likely that the churches would have people present to resist. One anonymous member said that their church fended off a demolition attempt earlier in the evening at 9 p.m., only to have authorities return at midnight and complete the job.

Why? because Jesus did not say ‘symbols were the light of the world’ nor ‘use symbols…’  He said that his followers were the light unto the world thus the responsibility to follow Jesus and show the unbelieving world how to live correctly is on Christians not symbols or their use. Christians are confused about the Christian life and place too much in the symbols of the faith, symbols which have no biblical backing, thus they need to take their focus off the symbols and put it on their lives and how they live it.

#5. Here Are Some Answers

Why did God prevent Herod from killing baby Jesus?

Because Jesus had not taught yet or shown us the way to live right. Jesus still had to overcome all temptations so we could come to him and in confidence knowing he overcame what we faced which tells us that it is possible to defeat all temptations and dying as a victim of murder would not be the sacrifice needed for our sins.

What about all those peeps in the Old Testament?

First off, the word ‘peeps’ does not refer to people and is very inaccurate term to use in this case as well as insulting to all people. Second, that author forgets that the sacrificial system was employed throughout the OT. Noah did it, Job did it, and Abraham practiced circumcision long before it became Mosaic law. God had a system in place to receive forgiveness of sins. Of course that author misuses the bible to support his point.

Why was Jesus able to be in the presence of sinners?

He misunderstands God’s view of sinners. Again he distorts Jesus’ actions as he came to minister to those in need of a physician not the healthy. If a person gets a contagious disease who is the only one usually allowed in to visit the sick–the doctor. Jesus had a specific ministry to fulfill thus he could go to be with sinners while God remained  in the background.

Why was Jesus able to just freely forgive?

Because he is God and he was relieving the minds of those who sacrificed confirming to them that their sacrifices were accepted. Jesus forgave in advance. There are all sorts of reasons that could be applied to Jesus’ acts of forgiveness of sins, the Bible doesn’t tell us exactly which one applies.

I am sure these last answers were not satisfying but they point people in the right direction. That author forgets that God walked with sinners in the OT as well as even his followers still sinned- Abraham lying to the pharaoh and so on. The convoluted thinking of that author distorts the issues surrounding those questions.


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