The Wrong Attitude

15 Mar

This will be our last post for this time on the internet. We are traveling and borrowing the internet connection this week so we do not have a lot of time to post a lot of material. The following words come from this link:

HOLD IT!!! BEFORE you send off some silly email telling us you “disagree”, read message below:
I’ve just about had it with self-righteous religionists who read the “10 Lies” posted on this website, and feel it is their lofty mission in life to “correct me”.
They’ll write some email saying that they “agree” with most of what we say, BUT…
Really? YOU DON’T AGREE, wholly or partially, with our teachings?
YOU DIDN’T CALL ME into the ministry.
Jesus DID.
As long as Jesus AGREES, or better stated, as long as our teaching AGREES WITH HIM, I don’t give a rat’s behind who agrees or disagrees with what we teach.
We’re not conducting a Stupid Christian Opinion Poll.
What we teach IS BASED ON God’s WORD, NOT on brainwashed people’s OPINIONS.
If you don’t like our content, GET THE HELL OFF OUR WEBSITE, GO FIND SOME STALE, STAGNANT religious blog FULL OF WRONG DOCTRINE and DEAD TRADITION… OR JUST “FULL OF IT”, and you can pat each other on the back.
I’m sure you’ll be happy there.
I’m sure you’ll enjoy THEIR teaching.
I’m tired of STUPID, FAITHLESS “Christians” DEFENDING THE FALSE DOCTRINE of “spiritual warfare”.
There ISN’T A WORD in either Old or New Testaments about us DOING WAR AGAINST SATAN.
The term “spiritual warfare” IS NOT FOUND in the Bible.
And don’t you dare quote 2 Corinthians 10:4 to me ’cause I’LL TURN YOUR HYPOCRITICAL ARGUMENT INTO RELIGIOUS CONFETTI.
You’re reading A RELIGIOUS RENDERING in English, done 1,300 years AFTER Jesus walked the earth.
The original Greek does not contain ANY warfare of ANY sort.
It talks about toppling thoughts, IMAGINATIONS and mental strongholds in OUR OWN MINDS, NOT ABOUT MAKING SPIRITUAL WAR WITH ANYONE.
Moreover, satan isn’t even MENTIONED in that passage.
But in 2 Timothy 2:3-4 Paul calls Timothy “a soldier of Christ”…
Yes. And Paul SAID ZERO to Timothy about engaging in any sort of war with satan or demons.
Paul merely told Timothy to be OBEDIENT AND DISCIPLINED in his service to Christ, like a well-trained soldier, hence the “soldier” analogy.
This is PROVEN by his admonition to Timothy to “ENDURE HARDSHIP”.
Spiritual warfare is NOT even MENTIONED.
Give me a break! You’re sitting on a padded, air conditioned pew every Sunday, criticizing what others are wearing, DOING NOTHING FOR NO ONE, and you’re lecturing me about hardship?

We did not quote all of the words and we are a little tired to go through this rant piece by piece. There is so much wrong with these words and attitude but what good will it do to talk to those who said them? They have stated that they are not going to listen, that they are not going to hear wise counsel and that because they received a ‘call’ to a ministry then all their words must be right.

Arrogance destroys people and these words quoted above are very haughty. The author of those words does talk about spiritual warfare and how those words are not mentioned in the Bible BUT he or she ignore that fact that Jesus went about casting out demons which in anyone’s book but theirs is spiritual warfare. The Bible may not use the exact terms we use today but then since when did any activity only restricted to one approved term by some unknown person?

Then he or she uses very strong language to get their message across. Instead of saying it is our way or the highway, they opt for very colorful language to say the same thing. Appealing to Jesus’ ‘call’ does not excuse the ‘called’ people from following biblical instruction on how to behave towards others. The ‘call’ does not make the ‘called’ immune from God’s commands either.

I guess the authors of those words forgot to read Ephesians 4:15, which says:

but speaking the truth in love

He also doesn’t understand that translations can be done at anytime after Jesus walked the earth. God promised to preserve his word till the end thus no matter what language the Bible is translated into or what millennia the work was done in, if the translators followed God and the Holy Spirit, then the truth has been communicated to those who do not read or understand Greek or Hebrew. How will those who only speak in Swahili learn Greek or Hebrew if they have never heard of those languages? Seems that those angry website authors do not care about these little details.

Or how will the speakers of some primitive tribe in New Guinea hear the gospel if it is only given to them in those languages? Some people just do not think things through when they make their views known to others.

Well if what they have ranted about and the way they have ranted is Christian to them, I suggest that they return to church or Bible school for an updating of their faith.

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