Fossils & the Origin of Life

15 Mar

We are still working on the Lies in church series but here is a short post on how some secularists view fossils. The quote comes from the book, Fossils by Paul D. Taylor, PhD and while it was written in 1990, the idea that fossils give us information about our origins is still around 26 years later. This book is part of the Eyewitness Books Series.

The study of fossils… shows us that life originated on Earth at least 3,500 million years ago. (pg. 6)

If one is honest then they will know that this quoted comment is just not true. Fossils do not indicate anything about our origins, nor can they be correctly dated because too much information about the remains are lacking. In all reality, no one can say for sure or even know in which order the remains actually fossilized. Scientists can guess but that is all they can do. No matter how much they claim that the dirt is so many millions of years old, that the rocks are so many millions of years old or that other fossils from the same species do not show the same features, they cannot verify one thing they say.

Here is why.

1. Scientists have no ancient records to double-check their work against. By this I mean that there are no records from any other era that recorded the same observations that tell us that the modern scientists are on the right track or even if they got their guess correct.

2. The scientists are only guessing as to the order of the fossilized species. They have no record they can turn to in order to know in what order the different species were turned to fossils. They can speculate but speculation and assumption or even theorizing is not physical evidence nor even close to being proof.

3. The scientist only assume that the fossils found were fossilized in that location and nothing has touched them for millions of years. This is the most unrealistic of all their ideas about fossils. For some reason, scientists think that fossils can lay buried without anyone or thing moving them to a new site for millions of years, even hundreds of millions of years. This assumption throws all their dating out the window.

This means that there is nothing that the scientists can hang their discoveries upon to bring an actual date to the fossil. The dirt and rocks surrounding the discovery may not be the original dirt and rocks the species was buried in or fossilized at. No scientist can say for sure. If they can, then I would doubt their dating and place the fossil closer to a YEC time frame.

4. There is nothing in a fossil that says anything about an evolutionary or any other origin for life forms. All that information is read into the discovery and without anything to verify their results the scientist is just blowing smoke. A variation in fossils from the same species does not indicate the order of the life forms but that a variation between the life forms exist. There is no way to tell which variation is the older and which is the newer species. That idea of order is also read into the fossils.

5. Nothing in fossils connects it to any idea of transition or that they are inked to a common ancestor.Transition is read into the fossils and nothing supports the modern evolutionary view of this process. Without seeing actual transition taking place, everything about life form development it nothing but a fairy tale. It is unrealistic and poor science to claim that a mutation or whatever word they want to use is a sign of transition when no transition to a new life form is observed nor can be replicated.

Fruit flies are the easiest to observe and after thousands of experiments, and mutations all scientists see are fruit flies, with a bunch alterations that do not express any sign of transition. Of course, since scientists are involved, those experiments do nothing to prove an evolutionary model for the latter had no intelligent life intervening throughout the supposed transition process. This fact seems to have escaped evolutionary scientists who seem to have no qualms in interfering and manipulating their test subjects. Every evolutionary experiment undermines their own theory for every evolutionary experiment includes participants and interference not found anywhere in the proposed evolutionary theory and process.

Plus the fact that no specimen introduced to other specimens are partially formed with partially developed genetic material and DNA. All the material used in evolutionary experiments are fully formed with all of their genes, chromosomes  and so on in the right places and those specimens are not in transition. So in reality, there has been no scientific experiment proving evolution true. All the evolutionary scientist has done is demonstrate that an outside intelligence force is needed to create life or alter it.

Fossils do not contribute on shred of information concerning our origins. They are mute discoveries vulnerable to the beliefs and biases of those examining them, which are motivated by whatever agenda those investigators possess. The Biblical account of our origins still remains the only true option and is the only option that answers all of our questions.


One response to “Fossils & the Origin of Life

  1. Dennis Wagoner

    March 15, 2016 at 12:03 pm

    The adherents to the religion of evolution will probably not be moved by your arguments, but well done anyway!

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