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11 Mar

This post is designed to cut to the chase and instead of writing long posts on each and every topic we will try to just focus on the important issues surrounding each

#1. The Focus on Women

We are not trying to diminish women in this post but we have come to the conclusion that the focus on women in the Bible has taken an absurd turn and far too many modern ideas are read into the passages on women in the Bible. Case in point:

Without a Sarah, there would have been no Isaac. Without a Rebekah, there would have been no Jacob. Without Leah and Rachel, Bilhah and Zilpah there would have been no offspring for Jacob, much less twelve sons, the eponymous ancestors of the twelve tribes.

Really, so God is limited to only using those women to further his agenda and will? That quoted idea is absurd for God could have used any women those men married to accomplish the same things.

Women and the Bible are a controversial topic and far too often we have researchers reading their distorted modern ideas into passages of scripture for whatever reason they may have. They forget that God has rules for his followers to follow and that while men and women have different roles, it does not mean that women are weak or unequal. Obedience and being righteous, for women, does not make them inferior or subservient, it makes them honorable in the eyes of God. How do you think Mary found favor in his eyes?

Distorting the past to make a point about one’s erroneous theology in our present time, is not what brings the truth. it does make interesting reading and food for a discussion but it does not help the church nor the women the modern ideology is meant to help. it makes them disobedient and sinful.

#2. Favoring Immorality??

The moral failings of Bill Clinton resulted in impeachment proceedings. Donald Trump’s many more (strip clubs, adultery, gambling, profanity) result in adoration and ‘he’s our best hope’ talk. Astonishing.  The sort of Evangelicals who support Trump are the same sort who think premarital cohabitation is ok and reading the Bible is old fashioned and meaningless.

One thing I learned recently was, if perfection was a criteria for leadership, no one would be able to be a preacher, church leader, missionary, political leader or even president. West is wrong in that assessment because so far I have not read where any one has excused Mr. Trump’s immoral behavior and called it okay. I am sure even West makes a lot of immoral mistakes though those are not sexual in nature. Actually I know he does as I read his website and see his fruit, so why does he consider himself worthy of a leadership position and Trump not?

We cannot support Mr. Trump’s extra-marital activities but if he has stopped doing them is it right to hold them over his head for the rest of his life and deprive him of his right to seek public office? As far as I know, sexual immorality is not a reason to disqualify him under U.S. political rules. If it were I am sure more than half of the Congress and Senate would have to resign.

#3. We Do Not Dismiss Scripture…

When someone misunderstands it or misapplies what is said.

Calling yourself a prophet doesn’t make it so.  And all that stuff mentioned in Mark 16:9ff… yeah, that’s not authentic.  That’s why the better translations of the Bible quit at Mark 16:8.

A person who calls themselves a prophet doesn’t mean that they actually are or that they are applying scripture according to the way God wants it applied. It is clear that the man in the article at that link did not know how to apply the rest of the chapter and used it for the wrong reason and wrong activity. Yet that ignorance does not mean that Mark 16:9ff are wrong and not authentic. it means that that ‘prophet’ needs to go back and get real biblical training.

Oh and, if those ‘better’ mss. were actually better, they would have not left out scripture. Mark 16:9ff are scripture, are authentic and need the cirrect understanding before they are implemented– just like any other passage of scripture does.

#4. Reality & Truth Does Not Depend Upon Who Believes It

In 1949, the state of Israel was formed to be a haven for the world’s decimated and traumatized Jewish population after World War II. Ever since, American Christians have largely supported the modern-day Zion; in 2013, 82 percent of white evangelicals believed that God gave the land of Israel to the Jews.

In contrast, only 19 percent of Christians actually born, raised, and living in Israel believe that God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people. Significantly more than half (66%) believe this is not literally true, while another 9 percent don’t know what to think.

So? The truth is the truth even if no one believed or accepted it. Being an Israeli doesn’t make one more knowledgeable on biblical events and promises. Nor do they have more insight into God’s word, even if the event or promise is recorded in their Bible (the Hebrew Bible). Criteria for understanding God’s words does not include being an Israeli, a rabbi, or a Jewish Leader. One follows the Holy Spirit to the truth not those three groups of people.

All this statistic proves is that 81% of the ‘Christian Israelis’ do not believe God.

#5. Pet Ideologies & Scripture

Etc.  You reap what you sow.

West is an anti-gun person and we see it come through this misapplication of that verse. Posting gun memos and pictures of you holding on to a gun is not sowing seeds of shooting other people. This is what is called an accident not reaping what you sow. But then distortion and interpretation to fit your personal agenda seems to be the order of the days.

It never ceases to annoy me on how those who cry for freedom and tolerance are the worst ones in giving freedom and tolerance to others. On another issue, another homosexual who wants freedom and tolerance is suing a church for firing him for marrying a man. Well if he wants freedom and tolerance then he needs to give those things to the church as well and just move on instead of forcing the church to rehire him.

Gun control fanatics do the exact same thing. They want freedom and tolerance for their beliefs and choice not to own guns yet they won’t give that same freedom and tolerance to those who do. They, like the homosexual and their supporters, scream about having other people’s ideologies and beliefs forced upon them, Yet they refuse to look in the mirror and see that they are doing the exact same thing they are whining about.

Jesus said ‘pull the beam out of your own eye first’ he did not say force your beliefs on others.


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