How Is Religion Different?

11 Mar

We are doing an extra day on the internet this week due to some personal details we have to take care of. The title is a question that was asked by Bill Maher on one of his episodes of Real Time. We just forgot to record which one.

The question is interesting in that it exposes how the unbeliever looks at religion. They are looking at the Christianity and other religions through how its adherents act and speak and then passing judgment upon God and Jesus, or some other deity. Or they use the actions and words of the adherents to decide that they do not want any part of the religion in question.

They are looking at religion and, for the sake of this website’s point of view, Christianity all wrong. If one takes a close look at the Christianity and honestly study the Bible the unbeliever would see that Christianity is different from everyone else, even the lack of faith side of life. The Bible presents a different faith, one that is unique but if you judge the religion by the actions and words of its adherents then you will not see that difference

It is also unfair to judge Christianity when all people have free choice to believe or not, or to obey its instructions and commands or not. Then it is unfair to judge Christianity when you claim that its only enemies do not exist and who have an agenda to destroy the faith & eternity of the people who belong to it. To say that Christianity is the same as anything else when one does not take into account that its members are tempted on a daily basis, for the sake of argument here, is also unfair.

Because its members may fail at obeying their beliefs from time to time is not reason enough to say that Christianity is not different from anything else. Nor is pointing at those who almost totally disregard the teachings of Christianity yet still claim to be Christian. It is using a bad scale to measure the Christian is a scale of convenience not honest examination.

Jesus did not say ‘come follow my followers’, he said ‘come follow me’ and that is the key to the Christian faith. We are not to look at the Christian faith through the actions or words of those who err or abuse the faith. We are to look at the Christian faith as Jesus and God taught it and designed it to be.We can see that the Christian faith is different from anything else if we keep our eyes on Jesus instead of placing them on the frail humans who do not always succeed in being true to their faith.

If the unbeliever was serious about becoming a Christian. The Christian faith is not determined by the actions and words of its followers, but by the words and actions of God and Jesus. If one wants a different faith then they need to look past those humans who make mistakes in judgment and action and see how the faith is truly constructed by looking at the description in the Bible and seeing the words and actions of both God and Jesus.

Yes Christianity is different because both God and Jesus are real and holy. They have designed the faith to reflect that holiness and expect their followers to follow after their commands and instructions. But since God has given man free choice, then that expectation is rarely realized due to those mitigating factors mentioned earlier. That ability to choose freely allows those who become Christian to not be different from the rest of the world and that is where the confusion lies.

It is the people who are not different, not the Christian faith. That is why we have so many problems making an impact for God. too many people claiming to be Christian have raised so many stumbling blocks or they do not understand the faith too well so they mis-communicate it to others and so on, that those who do not believe do not find the faith to be different and see no reason to change.

Now there is another quote from Bill Maher we would like to address and it comes from this video clip: Mr. Maher says:

Republicans (&Christians) are trying to have it both ways- they hate discrimination but love the Bible. A book that commands you to discriminate.

This idea comes from the thinking that the secular world knows better than God and knows how to treat others better than God instructs. Both are wrong for the unbeliever who thinks the quoted way do not understand what the Bible is saying and they place their own ideas upon its words.

The Bible does not teach us to discriminate, it teaches us to treat others as we would like to be treated. It also teaches us to love God who has said that homosexuality is an abomination and abnormal. The other problem in those quoted words is the idea that the secular definition of the word ‘discrimination’ is superior to the Bible’s teaching on right and wrong, good and evil, morality and immorality. This attitude implies that the secular world has it right and that the Bible is in error concerning its teaching.

Again that sentiment is wrong because what the secular world is trying to do is to remove the idea of good and evil, right and wrong from society and impose their own subjective standards for the world to follow. Of course, the unbeliever distorts what the Bible says, take out of context the words of the Bible to make their point and refuse to listen to the right answers when it is provided. So they do know the issue and distort it for the purpose of keeping others from knowing the truth and coming to Christ as their savior.

Also, as Mr. Maher does in that video, unbelievers point to false religions to make their point about how bad Christianity is and would be if a country changed to a theocracy. His example of not participating in a same-sex marriage ceremony by refusing to bake a cake is not justified because he ignores that those decisions were not based in bias or discrimination but out of not wanting to violate one’s beliefs. That is not discrimination but it is turned into it because the unbeliever is not as tolerant as they demand Christians to be. Nor do they care about allowing people to act as they believe but as the unbeliever wants them to act–like them. They just cannot accept the fact that Christianity has people behaving differently than they.

The believer cannot succumb to this pressure because then they lose all credibility and respect. Why would the unbeliever change when the believer capitulates to their demands and become like the unbeliever. If the Christian does do that, then they have nothing to offer the unbeliever for their faith has been changed and made to fit the sinful desires of those who do not want to believe.

When we hold to our faith correctly, we are not discriminating but being obedient to God and his instructions and commands. We do not serve the unbeliever thus we do what God wants regardless of the accusations and threats made by those who reject Jesus.

Is Christianity a faith of discrimination? No, it is a faith that tells and demonstrates to the world that there is such a thing as right and wrong, good and evil, morality and immorality, and those standards are defined by God not anyone else.We stand with God not the unbeliever.

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