The Homosexual Whine

I wasn’t planning on writing on this topic but as you may be aware I have been embroiled in a discussion with either a homosexual or one of that community’s supporters and to be frank, I am tired of both groups. Their failure to see past the me, me, me and their constant whining is not only annoying but absurd. Their rampant disregard for others and their refusal to do the right thing when refused a request just drains any patients for those groups.

The discussion takes place here:

But what adds to the frustration is the following blurb over at formerly fundie, which you can read and listen to at the following link:

The fact that these people are so misguided and deceived makes it hard to have any meaningful discussion with them or create sympathy for them when they are the victims of attacks. Being told ‘no’ by a baker or wedding venue does not constitute being unfairly attacked or that they are a victim of a ‘hate crime’. What makes things worse is that they wan, or I should say throw a temper tantrum demand, to be respected for their choices, freedoms and beliefs yet they refuse to provide that same respect, that same freedom to those who disagree with them or have chosen not to support their alternative lifestyle.

They cry and whine about having someone else’s religious beliefs imposed upon them but they see nothing wrong with imposing their demands and beliefs upon others. The unrealistic attitude of the homosexual community and its supporters has gone too far and crossed the boundaries of decency and communal living (Communal in the sense of society or civilization not in the sense of living in the same house with 10 or more people).

In looking at the point of view at that second link, we see so much deception going on in the lives of the homosexual. The problem with deception is that those being deceived think they are okay and this view i snot limited to just the LGBT crowd. Many unbelievers experience this and it takes a lot to get their eyes opened to the truth. But when the people do not think they have a problem or in sin, then it is even more difficult to demonstrate how bad off they truly are.

Amber Cantorna didn’t date any boys growing up, but she didn’t think much of it. She had taken her purity vow and even sealed it with a ring– after that, she just assumed that God would simply place the right man in her life, at the right time.

Except, he didn’t. In fact, at 23 she looked back and realized why she had never actually dated a guy: she was gay. 

That is quite a big leap in judgment there. She takes a purity vow then doesn’t date so she must be gay. How about she simply wasn’t interested in dating just yet? Why does this situation always mean that someone is not normal and a member of an alternative lifestyle group of people?  Sometimes these conclusions come about because they person receives faulty advice or counsel, and are led astray on purpose by those who are already members of that alternative lifestyle group or accidentally by those who do not know how to handle these situations correctly.

“I knew I couldn’t just sweep this “problem” under the rug, but I was terrified. I was terrified that in studying and digging deeper, I might find what I had been taught all my life to be true: God disapproved of homosexuality and, therefore, He disapproved of me. Focus on the Family teaches that marriage is strictly between one man and one woman and I was equally as terrified that in digging deeper I might find that belief to be false. Because if God did indeed make me this way, I would become part of a minority that is stigmatized, especially in Christian circles, and that too would be life-altering. So either way, my life would never be the same.”

First off, God did not make people homosexuals or other perversions. He made people to be heterosexual and the alternatives come from the results of the sin and corruption that entered into the world at Adam’ sin. Other areas of life are affected by this corruption so sexuality is no exception. It is a part of life and this world so that corruption would alter sexuality as well turning it in to an area of life that needs Jesus’ redemptive power to vanquish.

God did not and does not create sin. He created things that were good and perfect and marriage was good and perfect when he established that institution and limiting its members to heterosexual mates only. Many people say that homosexuality is seen in nature thus homosexuality must be okay. That also is a mistaken perspective to take. Nature is affected by the corruption that entered the world at Adam’s sin thus the animals will do things that are not normal and natural as well. Seeing homosexuality in nature is only evidence for the fall, not the normality of that alternative lifestyle.

Second, if she sees that she is in error, and this goes for other homosexuals as well, why didn’t she do something about it and stop pursuing that lifestyle? Here she continues to pursue it then whines about her predicament. If you know that God says it is wrong and that he will not allow homosexuals into heaven then the homosexual needs to make changes to their thinking. Not change Christianity or God. But the homosexual doe snot do that. Instead they embrace their sin and then demand that everyone else accept it as good and all that does is to get more people to sin and disobey God. it does nothing to heal the homosexual of their problem and get them redeemed.

Third, marriage is between one man and one woman. Just because some biblical people did not observe that rule does not invalidate the rule. It means that disobeyed it and found forgiveness because polygamy and divorcing and remarriage are not the unforgivable sin..

Realizing who she was, Amber began a long journey of self discovery, affirmation, and rediscovering her Christian faith.

What Christian faith? her faith is not Christian if it allows her to practice sin and claim that she walks with God. John the apostle wrote:

1Jn 1:6 If we claim to have fellowship with him yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth.

Since God has not changed the status of homosexuality then a practicing homosexual cannot claim to have fellowship with God for they still walk in darkness and do not live by the truth. They are deceived and deceive themselves. Everyone wants to go to heaven but they just do not want to do the steps required to get them there. One of those steps is giving up sin and pursuing Jesus’s way. Too many homosexuals just love their alternative more than God.

After much counsel, preparation and prayer, I felt the time had come to tell my truth.

One needs to question the type of counsel they got and if it came from true believers or the blind and deceived world? prayer isn’t going to help her if she remains in her sin.

Amber’s story is powerful, and one that I think needs to be heard

No it isn’t powerful. it is just another story in a long line of similar stories we have heard over the generations. What is telling is formerly fundie probably wouldn’t have invited her on to their show if she was NOT the daughter of an executive of Focus on the Family. We see a sinful act of trying to hurt or embarrass someone who opposes Christianity and who is employed  by a vocal Christian group. This is not an act of compassion or power.

We were honored to have her as a guest on That God Show for our most recent episode, where Amber tells her story in full detail. To her love for God, the heartbreak of being abandoned by family, the healing that took place in a welcoming church, and the love she now has for her wife, Clara, Amber is someone who will inspire you.

Why they are honored to have a self-confessed sinner who openly disobeys God without shame on their show is anyone’s guess. Her example is not one of inspiration but one of sadness as she demonstrates that she does not love God even though she claims to do so. Love as described in 1 Corinthians 13 includes these words:

1Co 13:6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth

Last we looked, God had not changed homosexuality from evil to good. No man or woman, whether homosexual or straight, has the power nor the authority to change the status of homosexuality. If homosexuals say they love God then they need to give up their pursuit of that alternative lifestyle, and any desire for it. if they don’t then they do not love God but evil.

If people are going to do the last part of that verse, rejoice in the truth, then they need to be told the truth in love and not some sugar-coated version or some feel good advice that allows them to remain as homosexuals. Homosexuality is still wrong, it is still sin and it is not of God but of evil. The Fall in Genesis 3 proves that.