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02 Mar

I think we will make this our last post for this internet session. We will be back next week, Lord Willing, to post more material here and on our website. Remember that the latter is just an information website and does not necessarily reflect our views or beliefs.

Today we will look at the post over at Formerly Fundie found at the following link:

One of the things that bother us, is that so many people masquerading as Christians continue to place their personal views and bias on the internet and we use the word ‘masquerading’ because their ‘beliefs’ do not reflect biblical teaching. The owner of Formerly Fundie is one such person, which is why we take the time to address his views. They are false and misleading teaching, not words under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

The gun issue is a controversial one and you will find true Christians on both sides of the issue. Taking either side does not disqualify their salvation but in arguing for either side, True Christians need to be honest and see what scriptures really say before invoking biblical support for their views. For us we do not own guns nor like to own them but we also do not care if others own them. That is their choice. When we write on this issue we are not trying to take either side but present what God would want his followers to know.

#1. I think the average person gets this– I mean, it’s pretty hard not to. We have a proliferation of guns and near-daily acts of unspeakable death and violence committed with many of those guns.

Yes we do but where in the Bible does it teach that Earth and living on it will be paradise and free from violence? The Bible does teach:

13But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.(2 Tim. 3 KJV)

In other words, get used to the idea that violence is going to take place in all nations. because sin exists, violence will exist also. Guns is an excuse, a symptom not the cause.

#2.One of those such arguments comes from the pro-gun crowd, and it goes something like this:

“You idiots! Guns are justtools.”

Again we can say yes to that argument. Guns do not tempt people to pick them up, point them at others and then encourage the pulling of their triggers. Guns and other weapons are mute and have no say in how they are used. They are at the mercy of the judgment of the person picking them up. God gave intelligence, judgment and free choice to humans not guns or other weapons.

#3. I’m convinced that each time this sort of logic is pushed forward an angel loses their wings or something. Because no, guns are not just tools.

We have to ask, ‘what else are they?’ To answer that question means one has to distort the purpose behind their manufacturing. In war, they are tools to stop the other side from conquering a nation’s territory, even as the invading force uses them to conquer a neighbor. They are tools to implement the intent behind their use.

#4.Even if a gun were “just a tool,” those who use this argument often forget the full definition of the word tool:

“Tool: a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function.

No, we do not forget the definition but actually apply it to guns for that definition describes gun use to a ‘T’. Whether guns are used for criminal acts or hunting for food, guns are a device used to carry out a particular function.

#5.When saying, “but a gun is just a tool!” it seems they often mean, “it’s just an implement or device like a screwdriver, so stop acting like it’s dangerous.”

These folks ignore that a tool, by definition, carries out a particular function. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think one needs to be a member of Mensa to know what the particular function of a gun is.

We wouldn’t say the electric chair is “just a chair” or “just a tool” because we know that it is designed and used for a very specific function: killing people.

Obviously that author never took martial arts training. One of the key teaching in some martial arts forms is that anything is a weapon, even a screwdriver and the Steven Segal movies, and other martial art films, have proven this to be true. But that author goes into the absurd when he uses the electric chair as an example. The electric chair is not a weapon nor is it just a chair. it is a form of punishment meant to carry out a just sentence imposed by a legal court of law and judge. The electric chair is just a tool as it meets the definition given by that author earlier in his post.

One side note, while the electric chair does end a life, it was not designed to kill people indiscriminately or at will. it has a specific function and purpose.

#6. A gun isn’t some all-purpose tool– I mean, come on now, it’s not a freaking letherman.

Never in my life have I said, “Gee, honey, that picture looks crooked. Can you go grab my pistol so I can straighten it?” or, “Man, this IKEA furniture is really hard to put together without an AR-15.

Going to the absurd ruins any argument in dissent of an issue. Absurd examples are not constructive nor intelligent criticisms but emotional attempts to manipulate the other person in the debate.

A 6 year old didn’t accidentally kill his father this week because Dad left a screwdriver on the table.

A 3 year old in Michigan didn’t accidentally kill his mom this week because he got his hands on a pencil sharpener.

A woman in Alabama didn’t inflict life threatening wounds on herself because she accidentally discharged the palm sander that was under her pillow.

More absurdity because we know that accidents happen and other tools do cause harm to people.  The misuse of a lawn mower, wheat combine, and other tools do harm people accidentally or otherwise. Cars have been used accidentally to kill children, usually when a parent is backing up and does not see the child in their path. Cherry picking the examples doe snot help the other person’s argument either. Who would put a palm sander under their pillow? A knife maybe, and it could get lodges against the headboard and cause damage to the head of a sleeping person but then using the knife as an example would ruin that person’s point.

#7.In fact, “tool” isn’t a very precise word for a gun at all; the word we should be using is weapon:

“Weapon: a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage.”

Neither is the word ‘weapon’ and as we have already mentioned, skilled and trained people can use anything as a weapon to defend themselves or attack others. A lamp may not be designed as a weapon but as many husbands can attest, it is used as such by their wives when the latter get angry over something the husband did.

Changing the terminology doe snot change the fact that guns are mere tools in the hands of both responsible and irresponsible people. While they are designed to kill or inflict injury upon another life form that is not their sole use or purpose.  Guns can be used to intimidate another person. to warn them, to enhance one’s shooting skills and so on. Guns are not necessarily meant to be used to kill, though that is their prime purpose.

I really doubt that the owner of Formerly Fundie would scare a bear off that was threatening his family wielding a palm sander or a  pencil sharpener. I am sure he would wish he had a gun. But then I do not see that person thinking this issue through carefully or enough to see the whole picture behind the purpose of guns. defense of one’s family ranks pretty high in the purpose of owning a gun because not everyone trusts or follows God.

#8. Inflicting bodily damage is the entire purpose of a gun. It’s what they do. It’s why we don’t send people to war armed with screwdrivers, and why gun-advocates would not be satisfied if we just let them open carry hammers. They don’t want some generic tool– they want weapons, and they know it.

More absurdity from the person who cannot see that guns fit the definitions he provides for tools and that other implements fit the definition he provides for weapons. The military use of guns does not change their status as tools for guns are a tool for the military and war. The last line is just melodramatic hyperbole and makes no sense in this discussion.

#9. And this is also why the conversation must be centered around how we responsibly regulate deadly weapons, because that’s what guns are designed for.

There is reasonable dialogue to be had somewhere here in the middle, but that dialogue is quickly stifled when extremists disingenuously argue that we’re only talking about “tools.

You cannot have reasonable discussion with people like the owner of Formerly Fundie. They are not reasonable but overly emotional and unrealistic as well as absurd in their dialogue.Not to mention closed-minded about the whole topic. Do we need to regulate what guns can and should be owned? We at this website think so because there is only so much fire power a gun owner needs and can use. We do not believe in using assault rifles for hunting deer or other game. Hunting is just an excuse to buy a weapon that is too much for the task at hand.

e also think so because governments have the right to govern this issue. In the case of the American Constitution, people need to get realistic and realize that restricting the type of weapon they can open is not depriving them of their rights to own a weapon. it just restricts the kind of weapon they can own. Of course, any legislation on gun control needs to be fair and not impose too strict of restrictions which actually do infringe upon an American’s rights.

But we do not need emotional people on either side manipulating or writing that legislation either. Wise heads, guided by understanding and real knowledge is what is called for here.

#10. I am hopeful we as a people can move forward in some fruitful conversation, but that can’t happen until the blatant dishonesty about guns being “just tools” comes to an end.

This is just a cheap shot that says anti-gun people are the only ones being honest in this issue. That is a lie as we see them, in that post, distorting what a tool is and dismissing a valid argument about guns without cause save for their own prejudice against weapons. Anti-gun people need to realize that their choice to not own guns is their choice and they get to make it for themselves. They do not have the right to make that choice for others.

You will notice that we have rarely applied scripture in this post. We recognize that everyone involved in this issue already know the common verses used by both sides already. There is also the danger of being charged with using the Bible to support an unsupportable idea, for example slavery. The bible has been misused and abused in that issue and probably will be in this one as well.

There are verses that speak on this issue without even mentioning the word guns and weapons. One such is ‘Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you’ and this tells the anti-gun people that if they do not wan their freedoms taken away from them, if they do not want their right to free choice removed, then they should not do that to pro-gun owners (and vice versa). There are other scriptures which tell us to be responsible in our ownership of things, to be holy and gun ownership i snot immune or excluded from that call to be holy. If one owns guns they need to be holy in how they use the weapon not arrogant or whatever.

When dealing with these controversial issues and one wants to use the Bible to get to the truth of the matter, they need to not restrict their Bible investigation to just those verses which mention their pet cause. There are other passages which provide detailed instructions on how we are to conduct ourselves even in the issue of gun ownership. We need to bring them into this discussion as well if anyone wants a ‘reasonable dialogue’.

One final note. If you recall we mentioned a group of people who use their own personal feelings, etc. to force their views on others. We said they were masquerading as Christians and that whole post is a prime example of such a person. You will notice that that author did not quote one biblical passage in presenting his views. it was all his personal feelings and nothing from God. Such people need to be excluded from any discussion on controversial issues like gun ownership because their in out is not about the right way , the biblical way to go but their own personal way and that is never reasonable nor correct.

Such people have no problem in denying the rights of others and that is not fair nor just but forcing others to do what they want, an action they would complain about if they were forced to own weapons. If you want good discussion on controversial issues, then you need to be honest about what the Bible says and be read to change to fit the correct message of the bible and not the subjective interpretation of biased people.

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