What Is Marriage?

01 Mar

Ge 2:24 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united b to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

In today’s modern society we hear that marriage is a partnership or a contract. Doesn’t matter if it is the secular world saying it or not for the same sentiment comes from those who claim to be Christian and attend church.

This idea is not a new concept for Solomon said in Ecc. 1:9 that nothing is new under the sun and by the word nothing we can conclude that he meant everything. It isn’t that the ancients conceived of airplanes and cars but they certainly thought of flying or finding faster modes of transportation (and we can conclude also that the chariot was an early car)

So the idea that marriage is not what the bible describes it as is not new, it is not a modern invention nor is the concept the invention of some bright thinker who is thinking ‘outside the box’. The idea of marriage being a contract or partnership has a long history as we read some examples in the OT of how the patriarchs or other Israelites found their spouses.

Marriage, as you see by that scripture verse, is a joining together of two independent beings and fusing them into one person. But you say, can’t that be done by making marriage through a contract or partnership?

Not really and there are a few points for this. First, with contracts and partnerships there is a legal dividing of the suited, you do this and I will do that; or I will do this and you that. This division of duties and expectations can lead to bringing division to the couple when one drops the ball and does not come through with their agreed upon action. This failure can also bring resentment, hatred and a loss of compassion and caring.

The second main problem with marriage being thought of as a contract or partnership is the escape clauses written into the agreements. There are just too many reasons one can use to void a marriage contract. One person can say he or she failed to do this, this and that so he/she is not holding up to their part of the bargain.
There are many excuses one can use to break up a contract or partnership, the secular world has showed us many of those throughout the years after divorce rules were relaxed.


A third problem is that the couple never really becomes one. In contract or partnership marriages the couple remains with their separate identities and act more as individuals than they do as a single unit. The emotional attachment, and other factors that come with marriage are not enacted as fully as they can or should be. The marriage becomes dependent upon each partner doing their fair share.

Love is not the overall governing factor but a ‘you do your part and I will do my part’ supercede compassion and other important elements that are found in a true marriage.

Then the biblical instructions for marriage take a back seat as the wife does not have to be submissive to her husband as her role is outlined in the contract and partnership agreements. With no objective divine instructions governing the couple, any human subjective idea can interfere or guide the marriage and the marriage is no longer of God but of some sort of earthly authority.

With a true biblical marriage, the couple has no such boundaries or dividing forces at work. The two people join together and form a single unit that is governed by the laws and instructions given by God. Love, compassion, caring, and other elements of a true marriage influence ones actions towards each other and towards daily life and are not influenced by them.

While the couple may have different roles in the family, they are still equal. Having different roles also does not stop one from helping the other out in those daily duties that come with life in general. You get the idea. Becoming one means you work together to build a strong family unit while contract and partnership marriages there are no real cohesiveness for any violation can render the union void.

Becoming one means there are two people working together to overcome problems, and that a person is not alone in facing difficulties whereas in the other forms, one partner can be left without aid.

In recent years we have seen challenges to the idea of what makes a true marriage. but those challenges are not really entering the institution of marriage for that institution has been designed and constructed by God as found in that verse.

All the alternatives are doing is taking the elements of marriage that appeal to them and them applying those elements to their alternatives and calling it ‘marriage’. They are not entering the real institution but constructing their own idea of marriage and pretending they have what true marriage unions possess.

As we see in that verse, a man shall leave his parents and join his wife and they shall be one flesh. The institution of marriage is defined by God to be between a man and a woman and no matter how hard they try those opting for alternatives cannot become one flesh with their alternative partner. The connection is not there nor is the biblical support for the alternatives in existence.

This fact removes same-sex couples from being truly married. You cannot take two of the same parts and try to fit them together to make a single unit. The proper connection is just not there. They may find adapters or other outlets to use and improvise their link but they are not using the right parts in the right manner thus they cannot become one flesh

Plus the Bible is very clear on that marriage is between a man and a woman. There is no biblical instruction for alternative practicing couples to follow in order for them to meet that biblical standard of being married.

Those who opt for alternatives, go through a ‘marriage ceremony’ and live together are only pretending to be married, play acting at being married and are not truly married. They cannot form a true union and become one flesh.

They are not redefining the institution of marriage or what marriage is, they are merely making bad copies of the real thing. They, like their evil influence, are imitating something they cannot have because they have rejected the real thing and followed a different path in life, their own not God’s.

Those who follow after those alternative lifestyles only delude themselves when they claim they have the real thing and are a part of the institution of marriage. They are no more a member of the real institution than an unrepentant sinner is part of the kingdom of God.

No amount of whining, crying, complaining, bullying and so on will change that fact. This means that the institution of marriage is not threatened but lacking in members because so many people have decided to follow after sin, and their own sinful desires and lusts. They have chosen to follow something not of god and again, no matter how much they state otherwise God is not with them in their alternatives for God has already spoken his mind on the subject and we know what he thinks about the alternatives.

God does not change thus while culture changes, God’s view on marriage has not changed and he has not redesigned it to allow alternatives to his design in the door of the institution. The believer has no authority to alter God’s design for marriage, nor can they call the alternatives good when they are not. Plus they cannot accept the alternatives into the church for those alternatives have no foundation in God or Christ.

If we claim to be a follower of God’s and Christ, then we stand with their definitions of marriage, we stand with their declaration of what is sin and we do not alter those declarations because we want to fill the pews of the church (or any other reason we may have). We preach the truth even if no one comes into the church and repents of their sin.

The truth about marriage is, it is only for a heterosexual couple, no other alternative can enter that institution or be declared marriage.

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