Answering Serious Gun Control Questions

01 Mar

The owner of Formerly Fundie has written a post asking these questions and his answers really are not that satisfying as they are rife with his personal opinion and bias about guns and other weapons. They are certainly not filled with godly wisdom and scriptural support. because of this, we decided to answer those questions and let you compare which answers you like.

We will start off with saying that we have no problem with people owning guns, we do not because we do not feel that guns are a necessity for us. That personal opinion only covers our views and doe snot extend to any other person. If a person wants to own guns that is between them and God. We do, on the other hand, think that there should be some government restrictions on which weapons can be owned by individuals and businesses but that those regulations also need to be fair, just and appropriate, without bias.

In answering those questions, we are not looking at his answers or questioning his views but simply answering those questions.

The first question this invites is, where will you keep it?

As far as we are concerned, a gun locked away and sans bullets is of no use to anyone except the intruder. I doubt the intruder will stop his activities when you say, ‘give me a minute while I unlock the safe, get my gun and search for some bullets.’ The people who demand such measures under the guise of home safety are just being unrealistic. If there are children in the home then strict rules and enforcement of their handling guns is needed.

You can’t keep children safe if you do not instruct them on the realities of weapons.

So to answer that question wherever it is safe and as long as children are given proper instruction on how to handle or treat a weapon. In other words, it is up to the gun owner to answer that question. He or she has a responsibility and they need to take that responsibility seriously and teach their children how to do the same.

Perhaps the biggest question it invites is this: What qualifies you to be a good guy with a gun who is ready to end a human life at a moment’s notice?

Who says that a gun owner will end someone’s life? That question is being overly dramatic and distorts the issue of gun ownership. Most gun owners are not looking to end a life but to own a weapon for other purposes. The world is not made up of city slickers who are in fear of their own lives so much that they need a weapon to protect themselves.

But then even in self-protection one does not need to end a life to save their own hide. Let’s keep things realistic.

Does a few hours or even a few days of training qualify you to be making life or death decisions in a split second while shopping in Walmart?

This question is distorting the issue and gives the impression that gun ownership is about killing those who threaten you. That is not the whole issue here but a misrepresentation of it because of the bias of that author. Just so that author knows, a few hours/days of driving lessons also seems to qualify people to make life or death decisions when they are on the road so lets not be hypocritical here and let’s not let bias and prejudice cloud the issue.

If it does, why do the military and law enforcement constantly train? Why not give our professional good guys a few hours of training on a Saturday, hand them a gun, and call it good?

Another distortion of the facts with these questions. The military trains it soldiers so that they will not miss or be afraid of using their guns when in combat. They are not training their men to be self-defense experts. No one has said, that we are aware of, that a few hours of training makes a person an expert on self-defense or how to use a gun wisely. All those hours do is make sure the person knows how to use the gun correctly. Further training is up to the gun owner if they want to be experts in all decision-making that comes with life threatening situations.

That still leaves a bigger question: Have you taken “kill or no kill” training?

Why is that necessary? Most gun ownership is not about killing but using the gun for hunting or marksmanship or other purposes. Killing is not the main motivation behind owning a gun. Going to the absurd and melodramatic does not help the issue or to clearly see how to regulate it. One thing is for sure personal opinions need to be kept away from the issue if we want to get it right.

Do you kill him while you have a clean shot?

Why is this even being asked? I remember the days when no one tried to kill anyone when they confronted a person threatening others. The intent was to disarm by wounding or other alternatives. Killing was the last option to consider. The problem today is that killing has become the only option and that needs to stop, especially if it is the police doing the shooting. In fear of one’s life is not justification enough to take another life.

How do you know he’s the shooter and not good-guy Jeff who is trying to save the day?

This is the problem when you shoot first and ask questions later. People are too quick to use the gun and they need to stop and make sure they are targeting the right person. A hasty, unknowing response is not the best action. Taking a few seconds to find out some facts before acting goes a long ways in avoiding traumatic results.

You only have a second to decide, so is Jeff a terrorist or one of the good guys? Should he live or die? What if you hesitate too long and he kills another person? What if you shoot too soon and find out that Jeff was the father of four kids and a super nice guy with a gun?

These questions are moot as most people who own guns are never in this situation. We live in a society now that no longer knows how to think for itself and that lack leads to severe issues BUT as we said this is a rarity and it is being used to distort the issue in favor of anti gun enthusiasts who want to force their ways on others.

And what about the cops? Let’s say they arrive at this active shooter scene, and they see you in aisle number 4 with your gun drawn. Do you expect them to just intrinsically know you’re a good guy with a gun? They only have a second to decide too– and now your life hangs in the balance.

Another appeal to the overly dramatic. Give the attitude of some of today’s policeman I would not want to get involved in any shooting simply because the police shoot first and ask questions later or they over react and make people more nervous allowing the latter to make more mistakes.The police are not like they once were and that fact should be on everyone’s mind when they think they are being cute or funny with their abnormal responses to police commands or directives.

But have you wrestled with these questions?

There is nothing to wrestle with here as all the questions go to the absurd or ridiculous situations which distort the issue of gun ownership. These questions are framed in such a manner that they are to get people to do what the anti-gun owner wants and not let freedom reign in the lives of people.

Now we know that everyone will not agree with our answers and at times we have been quite glib about some of the inquiries but that is the response these ridiculous questions demand. Gun ownership is not a sin not against God’s laws and it is left up to the people to decide if they want to own guns or not. God just expects that the gun owners follow his rules not their own or some other human’s subjective opinion.

Christian teaching applies to this issue and while we can point to Peter owning a sword and Jesus not telling him to give up his weapon, it is not the answer to this issue. Gun ownership is like car ownership, it is up to the individual if they want to own a car or not and it is up to the individual to own a gun or not. If a person owns a gun then he needs to be Christian about it and still follow those verses about turning the other cheek, etc., instead of using the gun to solve one’s personal problems.

One is not a denied being a Christian if they own weapons for the criteria for salvation is repenting and receiving forgiveness of one’s sin- not giving up their weapons. What also i snot Christian teaching is the idea that one group of people can force their views and beliefs upon others. There is no scripture granting anti-gun ownership people permission to force pro-gun ownership people into giving up their possessions. If you do not want to own a weapon then don’t but if you do that you still have no right to say others cannot own weapons.

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