Mind Control Methods of Cults by Johnson C. Phillip

24 Feb

Gospel is the message of freedom, but the gospel preached by the Cults is the bait of slavery. By virtue of its origin in God, the Christian message is a message of freedom. There is no attempt at forcing or coercing people. But by virtue of their origin in man or in doctrines of demons, the Cults cannot preach anything except ultimate slavery.

All Cults are large prisons where freedom of independent thinking is absent, Imprisoning such large groups for all their lives is not easy, and thus the Cults use very sophisticated and well-proved methods for mind-control. The basic aim behind all this is to thoroughly brainwashing people. Once the brainwashing is complete, the new recruit loses his discernment partially or even totally. The first and most important step in religious enslavement is complete, and the rest of the affair becomes rather easy.

The brainwashed and discernment- deprived people are them manipulated throughout their lives through lectures, peer-pressure, and auto-suggestion or self- hypnotism. These techniques work very well for the rest of the victim’s life, who is actually not much more than a Zombie.

1. Love And Flattery: God created man to be a social being. Every person needs a cluster of strong relationships, uncritical acceptance, sympathy, and willing ears to listen to his pains, frustrations, and yearnings. Biblically speaking, one’s family is the primary institution from which all these needs are to be met.

2. Isolation And Insulation: Most converts won by the Cults already have a sea of beliefs embedded in their minds. Thus knowingly or unknowingly they tend to evaluate every doctrine and philosophy imposed upon them. Cults isolate and insulate their victims so as to suppress reasoning and critical evaluation.

3. Indoctrination: While the Christian faith demands faith, this faith is neither a blind one, nor a closed one. It is based upon historical events, and the Bible itself encourages believers to examine everything. The believers at Berea were labeled as better than other because they than others because they examined all apostolic teaching daily in the light of scriptures.

4. Fear And Insecurity: Fear is a powerful force, paralyzing even the mightiest. Thus the almighty God made us free from fear when we were being taken away to everlasting death. Instead living in terror all life about our destiny, God gives us a destiny to begin with, removing all fear about future security. God wants people to love and obey Him out of love, and not out of fear, but the Cults turn this order upside down.

5. Peer Pressure: In a previous point we mention man’s inherent need for love, acceptance, and belonging to a group. Everyone unconsciously searches for such a peer-group, and becomes greatly attached to it on discovering it. However , the attachment with the peer -group most often turns into a dependence. Like drug-dependence, this person reaches a stage where he cannot live independently of the group. Peer-dependence often becomes so chronic that people are terrified at the mere thought of r ejection by the group. At this stage the group can manipulate this person in any way it wants merely by using a judicious combination of approval and disapproval.

6. Repetition And Reinforcement: Once a person passes through the first five stages, he is totally conditioned to blindly serve the group. He is safe for the group like a vaccinated person who now needs only periodical booster doses, and these come through repetitive teaching and preaching. The actual frequency of such teaching varies from Cult to Cult.

While the previously mentioned methods are quite powerful for brainwashing and mind-manipulation, some Cults are not satisfied with that level of control. These extremist Cults take mind-control to unbelievable extremes. The number of such groups has been increasing as witnessed by mass suicides of cultists in groups ranging from ten to thousands all over the world.


Since none of us today is safe from the reach of the never Cults, it is necessary for our sake and also for the sake of our children to study the bizarre mind-control methodologies of these abnormally extreme Cults.

1. Control Over Food: Many of the smaller and more bizarre Cults encourage potential recruits to go and stay with the cult. Often the food and accommodation is free.

2. Confessions And Control: Every person has some deep and intimate secrets which are not meant for sharing with others. Some of these might be trivial while others can easily control, manipulate, and even blackmail this person by discovering such secrets and sins in front of priests and counselors.

3. Sleep Deprivation And Fatigue: Every person needs periods of rest, relaxation, and sleep to keep him physically active and mentally alert. Since Cultic slave-makers need people in lethargic and mentally confused state, they often deprive people of rest, relaxation, sleep, and even food.

4. Outright Drugging: Today a large number of mind-controlling drugs are known that can tame even a Samson. Many Cult leaders are quite knowledgeable in the use of these chemicals. Others leaders have access to people who can supply such information. Many mind-control drugs easily available today are colourless and tasteless and only small quantities are sufficient to control people. thus such medicines can be mixed with food or water-supply of the Cult communes without any fear of detection.

5. Elitism and Exclusivism: While all false Cults exhibit an attitude of elitism and exclusivism, the newer and extreme Cults overdo it.

Conclusion: Not all cults mentioned in his book are extremists of this type. Yet their numbers have been increasing dramatically in the past few decades. Since most of them have only a small number of adherents, they cannot easily be spotted by others. yet the mass suicide of over 900 Jim Jones followers, the mass suicide of the intellectual Heaven’s Gate adherents, and the murderous attempts of the Aum Leader in Japan, and similar sects mushrooming all over is a cause of worry for all Cult-watchers.

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