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06 Feb

Last week or the week before we shared that my wife and I are facing an immigration deadline. We asked that people help us meet this need via purchasing our magazine or books. We do not like donations and since few people have responded to our posting of that need we have sold our fridge but sadly that only brought in 1/15th of what we need at this time.

Knowing that not everyone wants our magazine or books we have now decided to put up our DVD collection for sale. These are not music DVDs but Biblical Archaeology Society lectures (complete sets and they will be sold as sets) as well as some Associates for Biblical research lectures and other organizations. Our problem is logistics as we live in the Philippines and it will take some effort to make sure the DVDs arrive safely in their new home.

We cannot make any guarantees but will do our best to make sure that the DVDs are packaged correctly and that they are sent securely. I used the DVDs when i was furthering my education and they have, for the most part, only been listened to once but now they are dead weight. We would like to sell these items so we can meet our immigration deadline and fees.

Our list:

I. Biblical Archaeology Society:

Just Dug Up – 3

Jesus & – 3

The Bible in Context – 3

Beyond the Bible – 3

Biblical Sites Unearthed – 3

Bible Controversies & enigmas- 2

How Archaeology Illuminates the Bible – 2

Discovering Genesis – 2

Digging Into the Gospels – 2

Illuminating the Word – 2

Digging Deeper – 2

Jerusalem of Jesus – 2

Bible Stories – 3

Jesus & the Second Temple – 3

New Answers to Old Questions – 4

Text Detectives – 2

Texts & Contexts – 4

Dead Sea Scrolls , the Bible & Covenant- 10

Lost Christianities – 7

Sifting History – 5

God, The Bible & Suffering/ God’s Image in the Prophetic Books – 2

Locating the Herodian Temple/ Where Jesus walked/ 1177 BC The Year Civilization Collapsed – 3

II.Associates for Biblical Research

The 2nd Great Battle for Jericho/The Fall of Jericho/ The Jesus Tomb Unmasked – 3

Sessions 1-5 Nov. 2009 presented at Immanuel Leidy’s Church — Bryant Wood, Scott Lanser, Gordon Franz, Gary Byers, henry Smith – 5

Session 1-5  presented at Immanuel Leidy’s Church – Bryant Wood & Gary Byers – 4

III. Answers In Genesis

The Bible Explains the Dinosaurs/ Only One Race/ Where Did God Come From/ The Six Days of creation/ Why Won’t They Listen/ The Key to Reclaiming Culture-6

Dr. Georgia Purdom 1– Intelligent Design/The Code of Life/Hope & Despair – 3

Dr. Georgia Purdom 2– Creation, Evolution & creation/ Wonder of the cell/ All Creatures Great & Small- 3

Creation & Cosmology/ In the Beginning Was Information/Astronomy & the Bible/ The Mammoth/ Junk DNA – 5

IV. B.A.S.E.

Search for the Ark/ Search for Noah’s Ark/ Search for Mt. Sinai – 3

V. Biblical Collector’s Series

Biblical OT Mysteries/Bible Prophecies/ Biblical Women – 3

VI. Misc. Sets

Secrets of the Bible Code/Biblical Disasters – 2

N.T.. Greek Vocabulary – 2

O.T. Hebrew Vocabulary – 2

Heaven Word – Stories for Teachers & Preachers – 2

Uncovering the Truth About Jesus/The Biological Evidence for Creation/ Digging Deeper – 3

How Shall We Then Live/ John Stott The Bible 7 the Christian Life – 3

Reformation BookShelf – 3 (This has a large library of free books included in its other works)

VI. From Video to CD

Dead Sea Scrolls/ The Great Sphinx/The Minoans/ Mysteries of the Bible – 2

Biblical Archaeology:From The Ground Down/Archaeology of Jerusalem – 2

Lectures- archaeologists, egyptologists, bible scholars

K.A. Kitchen/J. Sanders/J. Hoffmeier/ B. Ehrman – 2

Hendel/Stager/Collins/ P. Davies – 3

Machinist/Sanders/Rutledge/Strange – 2

Edwards/ Frenmer-Kensky/ Schiffman – 2

Wachmann/Wright/Birhan – 2

Coogan/freedman/Rohrbaugh – 2

Anderson/Monson/Harrison/Pearson – 2

The numbers beside each item tells you how many DVDS/CDs are in each set (and we will not break up sets). To make things easier each set costs $5 per DVD/CD +$15 for shipping. if you think this is high, check out the prices on Ebay and the BAS website to see how expensive they really are.

We thank you for helping in this matter. Contact us at for more details or if you have any questions


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