Speaking of The Bible

05 Feb

Here is a link to a list of different translations that have been made throughout the centuries. They include a few details and a paragraph description of the work in question.

While there may be many good versions out there, we prefer the following 3: NASB, KJV and the NIV but not the 2011 upgrade.One of our problems with the different versions comes from the dumbing down of the content of the Bible. You will see a column called ‘grade level’ which shows the intelligence level of a given translation. We do not agree with dumbing down in any topic especially the content of the Bible.

If someone doesn’t understand a passage then we teach them what it means. We do not become lazy and dumb everyone down.

Another problem we have with many translations or versions is when there is only 1 person doing all the work. It is too difficult to keep personal bias out of the content when one person does all of the translating.

You may agree or disagree with us. That is up to you and we are sure you have your own personal favorites but make sure you are truly getting the word of god so you will not be led astray into false teaching.


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