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You may think that this is a strange or over-the-top title for discussing homosexual views but in reality, it is the LBGTQ’s attitude in a nutshell. Today we are going to look at one article which shows not only this attitude but also the LBGTQ community’s misunderstanding of God and his kingdom Our source for our quotes come from the following link:

#1. Top 5 Takeaways From the Gay Christian Network Conference

I for one do not like fads and the continual use of the word ‘takeaway’ drives me nuts. I would prefer the author to say ‘5 things I learned’ than to have them say the word ‘takeaway’. That last line was a personal pet peeve and not really the focus of why we quoted the title.

We have spoken on this issue before and have taught that there is no such thing as a homosexual, bi, transgender or even a lesbian or queer Christian. Such identification labels simply tell the world that the person describing themselves as one of the LBGTQ letters has not been redeemed nor made a new creature by the redemptive work of Christ.

It also tells the world that the LBGTQ identifying person ha snot shown love to God by giving up their sexual perversion in order to be redeemed and made new. They prefer to stay in their perverted state instead of making any sacrifice for God and Jesus.God sacrificed his son so we might have salvation and Jesus sacrificed himself for the same reason yet these people cannot sacrifice their sin in response to such love and generosity.

#2. As I looked back over the weekend, I realized why I loved it: it was all about community.

But what kind of community was it? It certainly wasn’t a Christian one for sin and support for sin abounded in this conference. It seems that the participants ‘loved’ what went on and ‘loved’ the people, which meant that they did not follow what 1 Cor. 13 says: “love…Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth;” (KJV) They accepted and had people remain in their sin, deceiving them into thinking that it is okay to be a LBGTQ person and that God loves them as they are. If you read our God is love post a couple of weeks ago, you will know how that idea is abused and misunderstood.

What kind of community was this? One that is not of God but of some human’s own making because they do not want to hear the truth about their sexual preference.

#3. We Can Make Our Own Community

While this is true and they have the freedom to do so, it does not make their community correct, full of truth, or of God. Then while people who are rejected by family and friends can go there for support and ‘love’ it doesn’t mean that they will be set free from their sin, given real spiritual help or any real advice on how to deal with their problems.

Love does not keep people trap in their sins.

#4. We Need A Safe Community

Why would they deserve or get a safe community when everyone else is under the teaching of Christ that we will be hated because other humans hate Christ. Everyone else who truthfully follows Christ faces persecution, why should this group of people be any different. If they are true followers of Christ then these people need to face their troubles and take their lumps just like everyone else. Why should they be given a special pass on persecution?

No one is stopping them from being themselves. The only thing stopping them is the idea that they cannot do the time for their ‘crime’. In other words, they do not want to pay the cost for their beliefs. In reality, no one is safe if they follow Jesus correctly.

#5. Community Is All About Inclusion

That is a misguided thought for where do they draw the line? Will they accept murderers, rapists, pedophiles? Most likely they will not so their community is as discriminating as any other.They will only include those they want to be part of their community. The other misunderstanding that comes with that quoted comment is that it is including sin which means that they do not have a ‘safe’ community because sin destroys.

God is all-inclusive except for one thing–sin. These people think that they are greater than God because they include sin in their group and think they are doing a wonderful act. Of course, they do not consider their labels and preferences as sin but then they are not in charge of what is actually sin. God is but these people think that they know better than he and relabel or repackage their sin in order to delude themselves into thinking that they are Christian and accepted by God.

Not recognizing sin ans sin does not make their sin go away. It is still there practicing its evil and having its way with the people by distorting, deceiving and deluding. Paradise cannot be paradise when it is as corrupted and sinful as earth.

#6. And, We Have A Choice

Yes they have a choice but it is not the one that they desire in that section. They have the choice to give up their sin, their practice and pursuit of evil and follow Christ and his ways but they refuse to accept that choice. They also forget that everyone else has a choice to and that everyone else does not have to choose to accept their sinful identifications and sexual alternatives.. They forget that others get to choose to live in areas where these people are not welcome and are not encouraged to teach their children or have influence over them.

For some reason these people think only they have the right to choose and that everyone else must be forced to accept their alternative lifestyle and welcome them with open arms. Choice is not limited to those who want to be selfish and think only of themselves. These people do not have the right nor the freedom to force others to accept and live with their alternative lifestyles.

Their choice is–  if they want to see heaven and live with God then they need to repent of all their sins, including their LBGTQ preferences and accept Jesus as their Savior. They need to not be selfish and sacrifice their personal lusts in order to be redeemed and made a new creature.

#7. All Are Created In God’s Image

While everyone is made in the image of God, this biblical revelation is misunderstood and misused to justify all sorts of sin. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are not homosexual. They are not queer, they are not transgender and they are not Bi or lesbian so those who choose those alternative preferences do so in spite of who the Trinity is. The Trinity is holy and have set the rules for what is right, normal, good and moral and those rules exclude the LBGTQ preferences.

People misunderstand the word ‘image’ and apply it to all sorts of sins that they want to practice.But God hates sin and punishes it so if these people want to consider themselves in the image of God then they need to start excluding sin from their presence, stop supporting and encouraging sin and since part of the image of God is honesty they must be honest about their sexual preferences and acknowledge that those practices are sinful and not accepted by God.

Yes God loves them but he does not change his rules to accept those who refuse to repent and give up their sins. If they remain in their sins then they go to hell just like the unrepentant murderer, rapist and pedophile, liar, thief, adulterer and so on.

The writer of that article missed the biggest takeaway from that conference. Those people are not of god but seeking ways to be selfish and sinful while claiming to be Christian. Their testimony to the world is anything but Christian as it misrepresents God, Jesus and the Bible and their message to us. That takeaway includes how deluded that group of people really are as they misunderstand God, the Bible, the Christian life; as well as sin, love and Christ’s redemptive work.

There is no such thing as a Christian LBGTQ for the Bible tells us that we are freed from our sins not kept in them by God.

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