Sweet & Sour

02 Feb

We are going to do a limited series from the book Sweet & Sour: Stories from the Missionary Soul published by OMF International published in 2001.

#1. From Decaying Teeth to Confident Service pg. 96

Where does dentistry fit into this kingdom business? A particular example will help explain this: A seminary alumna for years took housework as a reason to avoid making full use of her training. But the real reason was embarrassment over her broken front teeth.

Now that they were replaced with ‘close to perfect’ teeth, she is leading the women’s ministry in one of the big churches in Malang. This dental ministry, manned by qualified dentists (an experienced Finnish dentist with a Filipino aide!), asks only minimal fees from Christian workers whose earnings are below the poverty line. More people regained their confidence to stand before men, during their ministry because decayed teeth are restored and vacant gum spaces are filled.

#2. A Personal Glimpse of Earthquake Victims pg. 91

In my quiet time that morning of September 22, God spoke to me through Psalms 71:20-21:


Though you have made me see troubled, though bitter, you will restore my life again, from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. You will increase my honor and comfort me once again.

I realized that I was receiving instructions from our God, on what I must do for him, during a crisis. At 1:47 a.m. Taiwan was hit by an earthquake. it was felt from the northernmost part of the island in the city of Keelung to the southernmost city of Pingtung where the intensity was 3. The hardest hit was Taichung County (four cities, seven towns) at intensity 7.3 and the epicenter, Nantou County. There were thousands of aftershocks over a period of two weeks. The death toll rose to 2,180, injured 8,713, trapped, 206 and missing, 23. Hundreds of children and youth lost their parents. Thousands of buildings collapsed.

Victims and residents of high-rise buildings set up camps near schools, parks and military camps and slept outdoors. Victims were housed temporarily in government buildings. Individual Christians as well as churches from Southern and northern Taiwan rushed to the devastated areas to help and give relief to the victims. Many OMF-ers were involved in the rescue and relief operations.

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