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02 Feb

#1. This is good news for creationists:

Why are these findings noteworthy? Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins, a geneticist with a Ph.D. from Clemson University, says they are significant because “the language systems in the genome continue to reveal nothing but unimaginable complexity”—something he sees as a “complete contradiction to evolutionary predictions.”

There is more in that article. But this just proves the old saying there has never been a scientific or archaeological discovery that has proven the Bible false. This scientific discovery continues in that tradition

#2. Good news for Noah’s flood believers:

New scientific findings seem to support the Bible’s account. A report published recently in the journal “Nature” proposes that water actually originated deep inside of the Earth. The report is based on research conducted by an international team of a dozen scientists.

“The ultimate origin of water in the Earth’s hydrosphere is in the deep Earth—the mantle,” the scientists wrote in their report.

We really do not need to question God. he was there, he knows what took place and where all the water is. Faith is better than secular science.

The rest of the story:

The researchers based their findings on diamonds discovered in Brazil that originated deep inside the mantle of the Earth. They found a water-rich mineral—ringwoodite—inside the diamonds, leading them to believe that copious amounts of water may exist deep below Earth’s surface.

“The presence of hydrous ringwoodite in a diamond from transition-zone depths supports the view that high fluid activity, notably that of water, has a key role in the genesis of ultradeep diamonds,” the scientists explained in their nine-page report.

Graham Pearson, a Canadian geochemist who led the diamond study, said their findings suggest underground water is abundant.

“It’s actually the confirmation that there is a very, very large amount of water that’s trapped in a really distinct layer in the deep Earth,” he said, according to “Live Science.” “It translates into a very, very large mass of water, approaching the sort of mass of water that’s present in all the world’s ocean.”

Scientists stress that these findings are not conclusive and the subject remains controversial. However, the new evidence of plentiful underground water appear to confirm the Bible’s records.

Science has never supported evolution, the big bang or any alternative origins theory. When it comes right down to it, science confirms the Bible over and over.

#3. Egyptologists are rarely right

The wooden, 4,500-year-old boat was found near one of the pyramids’ Mastaba, or large tomb meant to house the dead.
Barta told the AFP that the boat’s proximity to the mastaba shows the “extraordinary social position of the owner of the tomb.” According to, the well-preserved boat dates back to 2550 B.C., with its wooden planks and wooden pegs still in good condition, as well as its ropes and plants used to bind the boat together.

It remains unclear who the boat and the tomb it was parked near belong to, although Barta says a bowl with the name “King Huni from the Third Dynasty” has been found inside the tomb.

“In fact, this is a highly unusual discovery since boats of such a size and construction were, during this period, reserved solely for top members of the society, who usually belonged to the royal family. This suggests the potential for additional discoveries during the next spring season,” Bárta said in a press release.


We will find remains from the past but how they are presented to the public is another story

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