29 Jan

In our ongoing series on dissecting the misunderstanding of biblical items, the issue of faith is an important one. I have not counted how many alternative believers have said the following, or something similar, to me over the years

Faith does not require that we stop thinking

This statement demonstrates the problem of the misunderstanding of faith very clearly. Before we get into the meat of this issue, we need to provide a very clear definition of the word ‘faith’

complete trust or confidence in someone or something (

This definition guides to see the error in the thinking of those who use statements quoted above. If these people who claim to be Christian yet adopt and accept secular teaching then they do not have complete trust or confidence in God or the Bible. They really do not have faith but actually distrust God and his word. They are saying that God got it wrong and those people who are deceived know better than he.

While we can think when we use faith, faith does not lead us to say God is wrong. Faith does not lead us to say the biblical authors could not understand how the world came to be really so they wrote what they wanted to write or God allowed them to lie. No, real faith tells us that God communicated exacted how our origins came to be and that his authors wrote down the correct word and understood very clearly what God was saying.

Then while we can think when we have complete trust in God, that faith does not lead us to ignore other passages of scripture nor leads us to disobey God’s commands and instructions. True faith does not lead us to listen to those who are deceived and under the power of evil and sin. True faith does not say that the unbelieving world, one who follows the father of lies has our origins, and other matters of life correct.

True faith leads us to the truth and that God’s word is correct no matter what the deceived, sinful world says. When these alternative believing people say secular science ha sit right, they are saying that secular science is immune from deception, immune from being led astray and immune from any other evil influence that will produce error in their thinking. This is blind faith in action, thinking that science can do what God cannot.

While true faith leads us to accept God at his word and believe what he tells us, it doe snot stop us from learning the truth about the world. The person who made the initial quoted comment went on to say that an asteroid, (meteor or comet, which ever word you want to use) killed the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. But true faith tells us that is impossible because 1. the earth is not that old and 2. there are other more rational and realistic reasons why dinosaurs are extinct.

As we read in Genesis 10 one of those realistic reasons–

Now Cush [d]became the father of Nimrod; he [e]became a mighty one on the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord; therefore it is said, “Like Nimrod a mighty hunter before the Lord.” (NASB)

Now we need to add here that while Nimrod is the only one mentioned in the Bible, that solitary comment does not mean that other men did not over-hunt the animals at that time.We do not know everything that took place during those early years after the flood.

I can call the asteroid theory irrational and unrealistic because all the scientist has is a crater to go on. There is no other evidence that an asteroid actually hit the earth and formed that crater or that it killed all the dinosaurs. Such thinking is read into the evidence of the existing hole in the ground not taken from it. True faith as described in the Bible leads us to the truth not to unverifiable theories and misleading speculations.

True faith does not lead us to listen to those who do not believe because we know that in the Gospel of John Jesus tells us that the unbelieving world does not have nor can receive the Spirit of Truth. So we must ask ‘how can one have faith and listen to those who do not have the truth?’ Faith allows us to think but that thinking means we do not blindly accept the thinking, theories, speculations, conjectures and hypothesis of those who do not have the truth and do not believe God.

Those people claiming to be Christian yet say evolution is true, or the dinosaurs were killed off by an asteroid millions of years ago, and so on DO NOT BELIEVE GOD. They believe secular science and its members over God thus they are not bringing the truth to God’s people. Saying that they have years of education, years of experience studying these matters doe snot mean that they are following the Spirit of Truth to the truth and such is not a criteria for knowing the truth.

True faith leads us to the truth, to obedience to God and his word and away from sinners and their lies. True faith opens our eyes and allows us to see the correct path to follow and who is or isn’t following that path. True faith allows us to see the difference between who is or isn’t telling the truth. True faith also allows us to see who is making excuses in order for them to follow secular science over God and his word.

True faith does not lead us to sin, lies or disobedience but leads us to the straight and narrow path to salvation and keeps us on it.  Do not fall for those initially quoted words and be led to lies and false teaching by those who claim to be Christian. They are being deceived and leading others to deception. Stay with the SPirit of Truth so that you can have true faith and grow in Christ and your faith.


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