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29 Jan

The following link has an article similarities among the rocks found on earth and other planets in this solar system

They then claim:

Everything we see today, from Mercury on out to the inner Oort Cloud, was a product of a series of collisions that accumulated into moons, asteroids, and planets. And perhaps one of the most violent blows came when a planet roughly the size of Mars smashed into a fledging planet called Earth. At the end of the cataclysmic event, two bodies were left standing: Earth itself, and a fragmentary, molten piece of the two  planets that coalesced into the Moon.

Their evidence:

The proof is in the oxygen isotopes: that is, the Moon share the same oxygen isotopes in the same ratios as Earth, and preliminary results of tungsten isotopes shows about the same thing. In other words, the Earth and the Moon are made of the same materials. In the “glancing blow” model, the Moon would primarily have contained material from Theia with some admixture from Earth.

Having identical chemical compounds, structure, or even geological similarities is NOT evidence for a chaotic origin of the solar system or that the planets and moons were developed by colliding with each other.  Aside from the obvious argument that the researchers cannot observe this phenomenon in action, which means that this idea is pure speculation, being identical is just not evidence for collisions.

The fact that the moon and earth may have identical geological and chemical formations and construction can and does point to a single creator who made the planets and moons out of the same material and gave them identical properties. This is why we think when we have faith in God. It is to avoid such false teaching. Our faith and thinking powers are not to be used to embrace false teaching but to help us see the folly in what is presented by unbelievers, people who have rejected God and his word, and continue to use them to follow the Holy Spirit to the truth.

Having faith in God and the bible does not mean we do not think, it means we use our ability to think to spare us from being deceived. Another example:

But recent analysis of material taken from the Apollo 12, 15, and 17 missions tells a different tale: that of a violent head-on collision, one that left the Earth forever scarred with the fragments of Theia, and that left the Moon with the same ratios of material.

Where is this evidence for this mysterious planet that sacrificed so much so that our earth and moon could come into being and be perfectly situated to support life? The identical rocks and properties do not provide any evidence for this planet or that it even existed and since, again we have to point to the obvious, the researchers cannot observe anywhere in the universe this supposed chaos and collision activity, they are making it all up because they want an explanation and not the truth.

Until the researchers can produce real and verifiable evidence that this planet actually existed and that collisions actually took place to form the planets, etc., then they are just blowing smoke and lying to the world. They are also demonstrating that they will believe, do and say anything about our origins as long as our origins do not include God. This ideology is repeated over and over by unbelievers and it shows the believer that they are not of God, not following God and do not believe God.

The believer, instead of being cowed into silence by a researcher’s academic and experiential credentials, needs to stop looking at the scientist’s degrees, etc., and look on the fact that they do not believe God thus they do not have the Spirit of Truth guiding them to what is our true origins. We stop listening to these people and return to listening to God.

There was no chaotic universe bringing about order and perfection through collisions, etc., for those ideas are not possessed by chaos, as we read its definition–

complete disorder and confusion (Oxford Dictionary)

At no time has any scientist brought order and perfection from any form of chaotic experiment or event.

But analysis of salt-heavy lunar rocks and soil show it to be virtually identical to the floor of the ocean. As you can see from the map below, the Apollo rocks all came from vastly disparate parts of the Moon, but the ratios in each region remain the same.

When we look at identical twins we know that they came from the same source. We can study their genes, we can study eggs and sperm, we can make real and actual tests to confirm that they were from the same parents and born at roughly the same time. Birthing twins is also observed by millions of doctors, nurses and midwives, not to mention police officers and firemen, and so on, We know how twins came to be.

BUT no such evidence, observation, experimentation, tests, and other factors exist for the birthing of the earth and moon via a chaotic universe and collision. Being identical means coming from the same source, usually, it is not evidence for collision and chaos. Everything about the earth and moon, and other heavenly bodies, being made via collision is made up and a product of someone’s over-active imagination.

True faith shows us this as it is not blinded by the accumulation of university degrees, scientific experimentation and years of experience. True faith has the truth and it is not swayed by the faulty thinking of those who do not believe and do not follow God.

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