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26 Jan

before we move. it seems that our truck won’t arrive until 8 p.m. tonight so I have some time to fill before then. Here are a few comments on different topics

#1. The Church Needs To Remember-

The Protestant State church in Western Germany, the second largest denomination in the country with more than 700 parishes, has overwhelmingly voted to allow same-sex marriage and register them as official unions.

Rheinische Evangelische Kirche, which claims to represent 2.6 million members, said in a press release posted on its website that the denomination has voted “with a very large majority” to recognize the “equality of homosexual and heterosexual couples.”

That it is NOT in charge of God’s word- God is. It is up to the church to humbly obey God and the Bible not rewrite it to fit modern culture.

#2. We Dealt With This Topic

So the spiritual principles found in Leviticus 19 still applies to us today. We as Christians are to be in the world, but not of the world. Just as a boat is fine when it is in the water, but sinks when it becomes “of” the water, so a Christian is to live in the world but not become a part of the world. This includes various identifying ‘marks’ of the world that go beyond mere physical imprints on the body.

Some will try to argue that a Christian’s tattoo can serve as a witnessing tool or help bridge some kind of gap between them and non-Christians. Such thinking is admirable, but actually it is the promotion of the pragmatism philosophy, which says if something seems to “work”, then it must be right and moral. Using that philosophy, the adherents to the Children of God cult could argue that their “flirty fishing” is moral because their supposed aim is to make new Christians.

In our What Is Love issue. Tattoos are not the unforgivable sin but that fact does not mean that we go out and get tattoos because we want one. “God will not understand” He wants people to obey his word not find excuses to do what they want, and those excuses included ‘we are doing it for a Christian or evangelistic purpose”.

We are to obey God, for obedience pleases him. We are not to find end runs around his commands and instructions.

#3. Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow rose to fame as a college football star, but he is not shying away from warning others about turning high profile athletes and sports into idols.

“We choose to idolize certain things, and love certain things,” Tebow said while speaking at a benefit for the Cancer Wellness Foundation of Central Alabama. “I’m not saying it’s wrong to love sports, I love them as much as anybody. But do we choose to really see what matters?”

In another article Blake Shelton laments the idea that Mr. Tebow’s faith is keeping him out of the NFL. You can read his thoughts here:

It is not his faith that is keeping Mr. Tebow out of the NFL, there are many football players who are Christian. It is his attitude. He has had many opportunities to play offered to him but because they were not the quarterback position, he has turned them all down. Instead of being humble and accepting those opportunities, he has held firm that he only wants to be quarterback. That doesn’t sound like a team player nor does it sound like the correct Christian attitude.

His speeches do not help his cause either and he needs to be more careful of the words he uses for people do listen and make decisions just on those words alone. I am not a fan of players who only openly thank God when things go right for them, scoring a touchdown, or making a big play. To me that misrepresents God and how we are to live our Christian lives.More will be said on this at a later date.

#4. I Think This Is Funny

You have to click on the link to get to the photo but it describes Mrs. Palin to a ‘T’.

#5. I Am Not Political

The joke seems to me the perfect combination of the “Two Corinthians” set up and a punch line that alludes to the First Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians. It is from a comment on an earlier post about “Two Corinthians.” I thought it deserved to be memed. What do you think?

so I do not make jokes about the political candidates and rarely talk about politics. I do not believe that not voting is being unpatriotic, a person who doe snot vote is telling the nation that no candidate is good enough to get his support.  In this year’s political campaign, I do not see any candidate who is qualified to hold such high office.

I will not make fun of any of them because they will say weird things because I know they do not mean what they say and are only pandering to the people they want to vote for them.Christians should review the candidates and if none are qualified to lead a nation then the Christian should not vote for any of them. Do not be bullied into voting for the wrong person or be pressured by patriotic rhetoric because placing the wrong person into office is worse than not voting.

#6. I Just Love It

You Can’t Be Pro-Life and Support the Mass-Deportation of Immigrants

And yes I am being very sarcastic here.  People who use scripture to preach their personal preferences just do not get it. There are so many different ways to help immigrants than inviting them into your own home or nation. There are many reasons why you do not place them in your own home and yet false teachers like the owner of formerly fundie just do not see these reasons. Their eyes are blinded by the situation and they cannot see real solutions. They think their ideas are the only way to go and bash others when they do not act accordingly.

I am also not a fan of supporting illegal immigration or immigrants. But that too is a topic for another day.

#7. Spanking Is Not Sin

The reason why five Romanian Pentecostal children were seized from their parents in November by Norwegian child services is because authorities used the fact that parents disciplined their children with spankings to charge them with child abuse, an activist close to the situation says.

Lawyer Peter Costea, the president of the Alliance for Romania’s Families who has been in frequent communication with the family and its lawyers and has access to court records, told The Christian Post on Monday that court documents indicate that the five children of Ruth and Marius Bodnariu were taken from their parents’ custody on Nov. 16, 2015, because the children told investigators that their parents spanked them as a disciplinary measure.

It is another option when applying discipline to disobedient children and students. I do not care what any anti-corporate punishment person says. Having seen first-hand what happens when you remove corporate punishment from being a viable option for correction, there is nothing those people can say to change my mind. Spanking has to be done correctly of course but it is also not the only punishment available. We need to make sure the discipline of our children and students is fair, just, and correct for the crime committed.

This is why I am against zero tolerance. It is not fair, it is not just and it does not allow for mercy. People who are anti-corporate punishment fail to see why corporate discipline exists and falsely label it as abuse, or some other negative act. If done incorrectly then yes corporate punishment can be abuse, etc., but to throw the baby out with the bath water is both lazy and unjust. We do not toss out disciplinary options juts because a few people misuse them. We teach them how to discipline correctly and work on their issues that lead someone to misuse disciplinary actions.

We don’t just outlaw everything for then we will have nothing to use to discipline our children or students.




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