God Is Love

22 Jan

The other day we talked about how the kingdom of God and its culture are misunderstood. Today we will look at another topic that is also misunderstood and abused by those who do not want to accept the culture of God or how his kingdom works.

In the last few years many people talk about how God is love and that he loves them and they do this in response to those true believers who call upon the unrepentant sinners of the world to give up their sin and accept Jesus as their savior.  They say that God loves them as they are and that they do not have to change. Then they charge believers with hating them and committing hate crimes.

The misunderstanding is not on the part of the believer but those who use God is love as an excuse to remain in their sins and ignore biblical teaching. Yes God is love but one can love without accepting the other person’s sin or the practice of sin. Humans can love a prostitute but they do not have to love prostitution nor accept it in order to love the person who practices that profession. If one requires a prostitute to give up their sinful ways in order for the latter to come into the former’s house and presence then that request is not a request of hate nor an indication that the prostitute is not loved by that person. It just means that the person making the request has rules that need to be followed.

People look at God’s action in the OT and label him as cruel, immoral, hate-filled and many other negative adjectives but they are only looking at God through rose-colored glasses. They look at the punishment not the attitude behind the punishment. The Bible teaches us that if we spare the rod we spoil the child so if God spared his rod of discipline how spoiled would humans become?

We have an answer to that question if we look carefully at the verses in Genesis 6 where it says that all the people did do was think and do evil. What kind of world would that be to live in when so many people hate the current age with its limited sin and evil? it is far worse. So if God spared the rod, we would not be living in an attractive age.

Then the Bible tells us that God prunes his followers. he does not do that because he loves to bring pain and suffering to his creation. He does it in order to make them better, stronger people. People who can withstand the attacks of evil and be able to make it to heaven to live with him. Love prunes sin from God’s creation because there is an ultimate wonderful objective waiting those who can endure making the sacrifices of giving up their sin.

Yes God loves the homosexual but that love does not mean the homosexual gets to remain in their sin pursuing their own lusts. Love freedom but not freedom to sin or break the rules. Love is not anarchy and that is what life would be if there were no rules set down by love. Love sets rules, it instructs people on right and wrong, morality and immorality. Love teaches the truth not personal bias or preferences. Love also disciplines because love knows that if it let the rule breakers go anarchy, sin and evil will reign making life unbearable to and for all.

Acting out of love and requiring people to give up their sin for a better life is not a hate crime or being hate-filled. It is an act of compassion because a person wants a loved one, a friend a stranger to make it to heaven where paradise awaits. How sad would paradise be if sinners got to go heaven and corrupt God’s home.

To understand God is love, we need to see the complete picture. We need to open our minds fully to the truth and realization that Go di snot acting like some monster but is acting out of love for his creation. He loves his creation so much that he ended blood animal sacrifices and offered his son as a final replacement just so his creation can have an easier time of making it to paradise. The requirement is so simple–repent of one’s sins and follow his culture and its rules. Yet so many people cannot take that simple step because they are blinded by the hate they accuse believers of possessing and influenced by evil who truly hates them.

Evil hates so much that he took the trouble to create false religions and have its leaders bring a false meaning to the word love just so unsuspecting people can be led to hell. Unbelievers too often confuse God with evil and then make the mistake that his love is hatred. This mistake leads them to a false conclusion and sadly it ruins their lives. Yet they will blame God anyways even if God did nothing wrong.

Yes God is love but that love requires one thing from people–repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their savior. True Love does not accept evil because then True Love would become corrupted and not be truly love anymore and we have far too much corrupted love in this world already. Yes both God and Jesus love the sinner but they do not love the sin and have made rules to keep that sin from polluting the lives of those they love.

It is up to the person loved by both God and Jesus to decide if they love God and Jesus enough to give up their sin for them. The homosexual, the alternative believer, the sinner demand that love be on their terms yet that is not love but selfishness, pride, and arrogance. That attitude corrupts the homosexual, the alternative believer, the sinner even further as it shows that they cannot love God or Jesus as much as those two love humans. They cannot even give up their sin for them.

Yes God is love but we cannot stop at a superficial definition or motive when that term is used. We need to fully understand what love is before we use those words.Then when we do we need to fully comprehend the whole picture so we understand exactly what we are saying and how those words apply.

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