A Story You Should Know About

17 Jan

I still read Korean newspapers even though I am no longer in that country and here is an article that everyone should read:

We just try our best and hope that God will take care of the rest,” Park said in an interview. “Some cases are extremely difficult or just beyond treatment.”

Breathing difficulties are common among preemies due to immature lungs. To help them get extra oxygen, a 2-millimeter breathing tube may need to be inserted. If the baby is too tiny for the tube, another option is a special respiratory machine that applies mild air pressure 900 times per minute to keep a patient’s airways continuously open.

Another problem such babies face is the high risk of infection, for which they may be too small to take the necessary medications.

For example, a baby who weighs 500 grams cannot handle more than 30-40 cubic centimeters of antibiotics and food a day because the baby has underdeveloped kidneys and insufficient blood (just 50 cubic centimeters), Park said.

“So we try to find the best balance of everything within the possible amount,” he said.

“Such baby is also at high risk of water loss through the skin because the baby’s vulnerable skin is like that of a burn patient. To minimize the loss of water and other fluids injected into the body, we keep the humidity very high in the incubator.”

Even minor changes in their bodies could bring about major health consequences, such as cerebral palsy, deafness, mental retardation and even death. So NICU doctors and nurses always stay vigilant.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines preterm birth as that of a baby before the 37th week of the mother’s pregnancy. Based on the gestational age, premature babies can be divided into three categories: “moderate to late preterm” for those between 32 and 37 weeks of gestation, “very preterm” for those between 28 and 32 weeks of gestation and “extremely preterm” for those under 28 weeks. Normally, babies are born after 40 weeks of gestation and weigh around 3.5 kilograms.

Read the rest when you get the time, it is worth the few moments.

Christians need to be the leaders not the followers in care of people. Whether it be preemies or other illnesses or even justice and fairness. We let the world know the right way to go, the world doesn’t tell us no matter what area of life. We serve God and he has the right methods, the right medication, the right knowledge so we stop listening to the unbelieving world who doesn’t and show them how it is done right.

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