YEC David Tee – Liar, Insane, or Both?

This is the issue I really want to address over at that British discussion forum. You can reach it at the following link

This is why I rarely discuss anything with unbelievers anymore. They do not participate in rational, respectful, logical dialogue but always resort to name claiming, insults and false accusations whenever they see the believer is going to remain in God’s side and a believer in the Bible.I do respond to unbelievers and their comments but my patience with them. Now to address those two hurtful words:

#1. Insane—  I wonder if Haworth-Roberts is qualified to make such a declaration about another person. I wonder what degrees he holds that makes him an expert on insanity and who is or isn’t crazy? He seems to think that if you disagree with his point of view or reject the lie of evolution you must be out of your mind.Yet it is most logical, rational and sane to side with the Supreme Being who has the power to create all things than it is to side with those who do not possess such power and who do not have the answers to our origins.

#2. Liar— Haworth-Robert really cannot call anyone who disagrees with him a liar. Since his secular version of science is structured not to find the truth, not to find answers but to come up with the best explanation at this time, and one that will be changed later by more subjective humans, there is no way that any member of secular science can call those who disagree with them liars. They do not hold the truth and do not follow the Holy Spirit to the truth thus all they are using to declare believers to be liars is a bunch of falsehoods, and faulty explanations that have no hope of being true.

To call someone a liar, one must have the truth and Haworth-Robert does not possess that, nor does any evolutionist. They also must prove that they have the truth without cheating, conniving, misdirecting, and further lying and the evolutionist cannot do that.

Science is not the ultimate authority no matter how often an unbeliever declares it is. It is too limited to be an authority over anything and lacks omniscience, and other divine qualities that would enable it to be an authority. Secular science cannot say the Bible is in error or lying nor can its members declare that those who believe Genesis over evolution are liars. Those two factions just do not have the information to make such declarations. They also do not have the verifications to make those accusations either.

No the title accusations made by Haworth-Roberts are in error and are based in hatred, a refusal to be tolerant of others and a failure to acknowledge that he is wrong.

I may go through his posts there and comment further, it all depends upon my schedule this week. Haworth-Robert is free to copy and paste these comments at that forum but he is not welcome to comment here any more. When a person rejects actual history and special pleading when it proves his beloved science to be wrong, then he has lost credibility and cannot be taken seriously anymore.