Delusion At Its Best

10 Jan

As I was about to close my work for the day I happened to read his first post, or the first post on the page the link to the British website went to, and I guess I should say something about his words.

THIS young earth creationist is even prepared to lie about the BIBLE – and, when I expose his repeated lying and reality denial, then demands that the conversation be ended (after falsely accusing me of making ‘false accusations’).

I think David Tee will end up in any hell that exists if he does not repent of lying lying lying.

I haven’t lied about the bible nor misrepresented it in any way. How he comes to that conclusion is a mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes. he has also not exposed anything yet except hi sown refusal to accept the truth. But as you read his words then compare then with the actual conversation in this website’s comment section you will see that he is not playing with a full deck.

The administrator of that website has told me that they have had to deal with the results of Haworth-Robert’s confrontations before and they are not fully approving of his abusive methodology or his delusional state of mind.

don’t think it will be unfair to say
that we sometimes get a bit of backlash
from some of Ashley’s confrontations
elsewhere and when this happens I try
to steer the ensuing discussions to the
“conversations with creationists”

Taken from a personal e-mail.If you want discussion then be respectful, tolerant, and honest but do not go to your safe places and make all sorts of accusations you cannot back up and when the evidence is stacked against you. Then do not lie about your opponents either. You just make enemies that way.

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