08 Jan

Many people want to see evidence for ancient miracles before they will consider believing but that sentiment is far too unrealistic. If they are looking for physical evidence for the feeding of the multitudes or healing the sick, or even raising someone from the dead then they are out of luck as all those people are long dead and cannot testify as to what took place in their lives.

If they are looking for physical evidence for the parting of the Red Sea, well water does not leave much evidence for when it is separated.  Then we must factor in the passing of time and the amount of life that has taken place between the events of the bible and today’s modern world and how those actions destroy or disturb any physical evidence and realize that to demand physical evidence as proof of a biblical event is just an excuse to protect the unbeliever’s decision to not believe.

If anyone wants physical evidence of ancient miracles then they need to look at all the true miracles of God that have taken place over the past two thousand years and those miracles we see take place today when people are healed by prayer and those who have the gift of healing. Miracles have not died out but leave a continuing trail of evidence to support the bible and its events.

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