A Good Film

29 Dec

On our exodus 2 page (  we say the following

A few years ago I got wind of a new documentary being filmed about the Exodus. I was told that it had been in production for about 7 years and many top scholars would be involved but no release date had been set.

After some searching of their website, it turned out that the film was not based upon archaeological evidence or anything new that may have been turned up. It was based upon Ron Wyatt material and a book by the Caldwells (the worst book ever written).

In other words there was nothing scholarly about this movie or even factual.

Over the years since I first came into contact with the filmmakers and their project, they have done a lot of revision to their work and gave a limited release to their documentary. I was finally able to view the completed work and must say that it is vastly different from the initial information I had seen and it is quite good.

The handling of the material and the interviews was very professional, and thorough. I am impressed by the final result.  If you get a chance take the time to see it for it will help you resolve any doubts about the biblical Exodus. There were pieces of evidence in this work that even I was not aware of, which is something since my exposure to this topic is quite extensive.


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