I Try To Be Fair

and post all comments unedited on this website but some go too far and there is just no way they can be put up on the board. As an example here is the latest comment from Haworth-roberts

Are you really a Christian? I rather doubt it.

I put it here to show that those who oppose Christian beliefs cannot treat others with the same freedom, respect, tolerance, open-mindedness, and so on that they demand from believers. i have yet to meet any evolutionist who does not go to the insult, the personal attack, the rude, the false accusation when their ideas are opposed. Doesn’t matter if the opposition is rational or not, when the evolutionist sees that their ideas are not accepted, they resort to abuse, bullying and other dishonest measures to get their way.

I also left the link active so you can see first hand what they do as they attack the person only and ignore the facts, rational discourse and logical interaction to demean, disrespect, belittle their opponents.. It is sad to see take place but it is a fact of life.

Evolutionists are also too quick to play the liar card and when they do this they show a lack of everything decent.

Just so you know, if you read the terms of service at that discussion forum, you will see multiple violations committed  by Haworth-roberts in his haste to attack another human being who simply disagrees with his views. The following is the description of the forum where the above was posted

Creationist bloggers can be infuriating. If one has infuriated you by persisting in nonsense even when corrected, or refusing to reply to your criiticsm, you may feel driven to recording the fact. If so, you may register your disapproval here and hope a response is forthcoming.

That line in bold is funny as how can secular scientists correct anyone when they do not hold the truth themselves nor do they bother to find the real truth but opt for the best explanation which can be overturned at any time by a more prominent scientist or bigger unbelieving bully?

Creationists have the truth if the follow the Holy Spirit to it but one thing is for sure, evolutionists, of any variety, do not have it no matter how much science they throw at a person. The bible does not instruct anyone to follow science to the truth, especially the secular version. It instructs us to follow the Holy Spirit and that is what we do even when evolutionists make such abusive remarks as quoted initially above.

What has also been funny is Haworth-roberts dismissal of actual history and actual evidence simply because it showed his accepted established scientific thought to be in error. You cannot get honest, rational, logical discussion from evolutionists.

6 thoughts on “I Try To Be Fair

  1. *** are mine and – are haworth-robert’s comments

    -So which are you Tee – a liar and a hypocrite, or simply insane (my sympathies if it is the latter)?

    ***How can one discuss when the person attacked is already declared incapable and incompetent and anything they say will be automatically ignored because of the hatred and bias of the one making the insane accusation? Seems that it is imposible to have a real discussion when the mind of the attacker is made up and not willing to consider their opponent credible, rational, sane or even logical.

    – Like I said before you sir are a BIGOT.
    ***There is no such thing as bigotry when you are having a discussion about origins. There is a thing called right and wrong but not bigotry. It is not bigotry to inform evolutionists that they are in error. It is called correcting them but since evolutionists distort everything these simple facts of life are lost in this issue.

    -And you have shown towards me the SAME behaviour you claim to despise ie calling me ‘irrational’ and a ‘bully’ simply because I dispute your claimed ‘facts’ (including lies about the Bible itself and implied lies about the meaning of the word ‘extinction’)
    ****This is another problem with evolutionists, they cannot grasp the fact that their definitions of certain words are simply not correct. Since you are the one going to different websites and people and giving them very biased opinions of my words, then continuing to come to my website and spout of insults, derogatory remarks and other negative terms I think I have hit th enail on the head.

    I have been to different discussion forums as you post here and I have yet to mention you or your point of view. I think those words fit your behavior correctly as you do not treat me as I have treated you.

    -and then SHOWED how they were false and nonsensical (unlike you as you have failed utterly on both such counts and all you have is bluster and whinging about how beastly your critics have been to you).
    ***The doing the whining is you. I have posted your comments presented my rebuttals and let it go at that. It seems you have a problem with the truth and are upset to find out you are backing the wrong horse.

  2. **I have removed the link in this post by Haworth-robert simply because I am not going to allow this forum to be used as his personal tool to bash and attack me. One link is enough to get to his rude and intolerant remarks at the other website.

    On a side note, I registered at that discussion forum but have not been approved yet so I cannot address the problems he is raising on that website.


    ***I have explained why and since this is my site I do have the final say on what appears on its pages.

    Look forward to you posting something meaningful at the BCSE. But I am not holding my breath.

    ***I doubt it as I have not received final approval yet

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